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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

My Mii QR Code
Snakes on a What?
Sunday. 7.30.06 6:43 pm
Look over to the left, and vote!

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Boston Baked Beans!
Saturday. 7.29.06 7:55 pm
I love Boston Baked Beans...

But why are they a product of Canada?

I find it amusing when I run into people I know, I never make any effort past saying "hello", and then they look at me like "holy shit, its you"

So then I feel obligated to return the "yes, it's me" look.

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That fucking cousin.
Saturday. 7.29.06 3:39 pm
Every time he does something, my mom ends up being a bitch.

They've just seemed to realize that he's engaged (to a duck. Ranma, much? Poor Akane!)

So of course, that means she comes to me like it's hot news, when it's old hat. Older than jerome r long hat.

THen being her, she doesn't know how to STFU, and god forbid I get tired of it.

Because then I'm being disrespectful, and she can take me out just like she brought me in.

While I wouldn't give a shit if she kicked me out or killed me, I'm not keen on the idea of being unborn...... Ew.

Fucking cousin.

Fucking woman.

You know, because she ALWAYS compares me to him, and then goes on about this that and other.

But yet, "Oh I'm not comparing you to him"

What a load of fucking shit.

So then I mention, because you know she's going to bring it up, that ahiro(duck)-chan is my age, that blahblahblah. So she asks if I'm planning to elope.
I like canteloupe.

You know, here people are engaged, that she's going to fucking compare me to, and then bitch that oh my goodness I've got a boyfriend.

Because you know, at 21, I'm supposed to be doing nothing. Like I'm 12. Or 10, even.

And I always get volunteered to drive everyone around.


Can't I have some time to myself.

God forbid I go somewhere by myself.

God forbid I have *gasp* privacy or alone time.

Maybe I'll chop off my boobs and ass, and take some sort of drugs so I can be 10.

I want to take a trip.

To a Chinatown.

Maybe I'll hoarde money and go on spring break.

Now I don't feel like driving my brother and his friend around.

But I'm going to have to, because my mom told im he could get a video game.

And because the friend has no "m-o-t-h-e-r", I'm supposed to do whatever.

Yeah. He may be young, but I'm sure at this point in time, she's been gone for a while, and he's learned to deal.

I may as well not have a "m-o-t-h-e-r" as much as she bitches and is never around.

Like she's been much of a mother.


Fucking right.


This kia spectra commercial reminds me of that damn "Head on" commercial.

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I r0xX0rz even more!
Friday. 7.28.06 8:10 pm
Huzzah, the car sounds teh r0xX0rz.

I'd still like to replace the fuel filter, though. I'm not too fond of being squirted by fuel...

Other things...
Not fuel. >.<

The guy at AutoZone this morning was my cousin, in some odd shape or form.

My 2nd cousin's cousin? However that works out.

I'm related to way too many people around here. :/

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I am so r0xX0rz.
Friday. 7.28.06 1:02 pm
I changed the air filter in teh mummobile.

Now I need to learn how to change the rest of them.

The fuel filter is under the back seat... I don't know how I feel about that, but I'm sure it needs changing.

I'll find out where/how they all are, and then I'll replace them.

Except the oil filter. I'll learn how to change that next summer.

Now I'm going to change the spark plugs.

Man, I need to learn how to drive stick.

Then I'd be hot. With gratuitious Ts.

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Geico +1
Thursday. 7.27.06 5:01 pm
I haven't seen that damned gecko lately, thank heavens.

I have seen, however, little richard, charo, and some guy playing the piano. Who doesn't want to get hit in the rear.

I find these new commercials amusing.

Much better than that stupid gecko talking about pie fish chips mothers and being an overall annoyance.

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