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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

My Mii QR Code
February SUCKS. (1-9, each box, each row!)
Sunday. 2.5.12 12:21 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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More winning!
Sunday. 12.11.11 1:29 pm
I'm excited for the candle I won (not the one below, but by the same company), but I also managed to win unmentionables... from a company that doesn't sell my size. Ah well.

So today's contest entry? Winning $50 to Gamestop. Not sure what I'd buy. Maybe a game for my 3DS.

Also, $100 to kmart. Or sears. Or land's end. Where ever I decide to use it.

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Friday. 12.9.11 9:26 am
So I'm totally entering contests all over the internets. I'm currently attempting to win a Diamond Candle.

Here's hoping... >.>

(This post totally a contest-entry type of post. Regular content will resume irregularly.)

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My weekend.
Monday. 11.7.11 11:07 am

Dave wakes me up at 6:30a Friday, there's a leak somewhere because he turned on the shower and nothing happened. Also, hear the "running water" sound. I was greeted by a soaked carpet (not quite awake), a flooded mini-kitchen (awake enough to start cursing), and a gushing water heater (what-in-the-everloving-name-of-fucking-hell-is-this?! awake).

Water went clear across the house, in the garage, and even through the thick carpet. Thankfully, I'd put up a shelf a week or two earlier, so things like my box of GTO manga did not get flooded. At least we were able to get it all solved on Friday.

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Thursday. 10.27.11 3:04 pm
I don't like my oats mushy or wet. That's the worst.

I could imagine there being a gummy, soggy oats room in hell. I'd probably have to visit it once or twice a week.

Maybe I should stick to my horrible for me super-instant oats that I can make as dry as I like, and not have this gummy microwaved business going on.

Better oats, I'm looking at you. =.= Could have been soo much better if it didn't need microwaving.

I bought some chocolate chipotle flavored coffee... it's quite nice.

I have yet to make a post from my fancytablet, perhaps I will make the next post as such.

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Travel! (or, a Novel: Why I can't move North)
Friday. 10.21.11 8:23 am
Being one to post about my excursions after they have occurred, I shall now regale the internets of my trips this past week.

First we hauled ass to the Va. state fair. We'd planned to go Saturday, but didn't make it until 3-ish hours before close on Sunday, because Dave had important business to attend to. (Of course my mom and her craziness flipped out. Sorry Dave has work? What do you want me to do, tell him not to do it?)

We get to the fair, eat everything. I bought some liquid nitrogen-made ice cream and a chimney cake. I bought some other things, but those were the big ones. The cake reminded me of cinnamon roll pastry, just wrapped around a stick.

Eventually I got sick and had to run back to the fairgrounds, because at the end of the night, the port-a-potties were Nasty. I'm not even going to go into how gross they were. The guy directing traffic was being a jerk, and letting all of the traffic go, but making us 50-odd pedestrians wait. I tried to give him a "let us go or I will shit on your shoe!" look, it wasn't helpful.

We lounged around my mom's for a day, and had to flee for DC early. Why is it .5L of water costs $3 in a hotel? Dave sent me out with $2 to find a vending machine to get him some water. I called my mom to let her know we'd made it, and she tells me to go to the front desk and just ask for some damn water. Eventually I went to ask where a vending machine was, and they gave me two cold bottles of water, no charge. How about that.

I walked and walked, got lost, passed the OWS protesters, and didn't really buy anything. Maybe I was in the wrong area? There were shops everywhere, but mostly they were food shops and little boutiques. The Radio Shack (god forbid) didn't even have a component drawer! What in the hell. One day I passed a group of people doing calisthenics on the steps of a national church. I went to Whole Foods and Safeway, because I'm weird and like going to grocery stores when I'm out of town. I managed to street pass someone from Saudi Arabia. That was snazzy, but he had no puzzle pieces for me. :(

I ended up in Chinatown (on purpose), it was lackluster. There was a bomb squad truck outside of the Verizon Center, but they were just milling about. We went to a pho restaurant, where I did not order pho, because it is soup, and we know how I feel about soup. For dinner we hit up an Indian restaurant, where for once they didn't ask how spicy I wanted my food (it's Indian spicy, you know!), and when they brought it out, it was actually quite hot (unlike this Indian spicy everyone tries to warn me about).

Some homeless people tried to get some change for me, but I don't give people change unless it's in my pocket. If I have to open my purse, they can't have it. Besides, they probably make more in change than I do ever. Jerks. I was going to offer some leftover lunch, but after lunch they'd all ran away. Whatever.

After DC was NYC. We stopped in NJ to have lunch with Dave's mom. It was tasty.
We missed our hotel several times, because driving in NYC isn't fun. :(

We had a nice hotel, from the 38th floor there was a nice view of the WTC and memorial, and from our room window, we had a straight shot view of the Statue of Liberty.

Of course I set out walking, because being in an area full of stuff, how can you not walk? I happened upon the true OWS protesters, and there were news-trucks everywhere. I scurried away. There was a street nut truck, but I didn't want to break a 20 for some nuts.

I figured if I had time while Dave was in meetings, I'd continue walking the next day. There was a shop I'd been wanting to go to for pens, Muji. They opened at 11am, so I killed time going to other places. I decided to buy some shirts, since the one I was wearing had a hole and a stain that I hadn't noticed when I packed it. Eventually I ended up at an awesome shop with awesome shirts for cheap. I bought 5. Then I bought street nuts. Holy crap. They were delicious.

(This will end, eventually)

After Dave is done with his meeting, we set out for NJ. We went to Chili's for dinner. Generally we try to avoid chains while travelling, but we don't have a Chili's. You want mediocre steak in Roanoke? Great. We've got plenty. Want one of those cowboy/southwest/etc burgers with the fried onion and bacon and BBQ sauce? We've got even more of those. Everything in Roanoke is really a 's sort of restaurant or some place we don't feel welcome... bah.

I was set to meet up with a friend who was going through the area on Saturday, and we had a trip to Mitsuwa planned as well. Clearly I invited my friend to Mitsuwa, and it was AWESOME. He ate everything and bought many cakes. Dave's friends were impressed, considering they think they are the ultimate eaters. The cakes were tasty. Except that one. That wasn't so tasty. :( I bought some ice cream to keep in my freezer bag.

We went with Dave's mom and her beau to a Cuban restaurant. We were getting ready to go to this restaurant, and there was a turkey in the cul-de-sac. I flipped out, because holy crap, a wild turkey in the cul-de-sac? That's unheard of! It was a very large, NJ-sized (everything is bigger in NJ, except the people) turkey, and it was just hanging out, drinking from a puddle, having a swell time being a turkey.

The restaurant was good, but I don't care for Dave's mom's beau. He said quite a few things that rubbed me the wrong way. Oh well, such is life. I ordered maduros and a salad and sangria, the maduros were awesome, the salad was good, and the sangria was strong. I slept in the car ride home.

Sunday we left for Va. I packed my freezer-bag as well as I could. My ice cream melted. :(

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