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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Friday. 9.1.06 12:18 pm
We put Rattata in a CD case with duct tape over the hole and holes punched in it.

He escaped. v.v

It was a cute little escape hole, though.

We'll catch him again...

Everyone I told about Rattata thunked their heads...

Apparently only I would name a mouse Rattata.

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Not Rattata... but..
Thursday. 8.31.06 8:15 pm
This is what he looks like.

I wish I had something better to put him in.

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More Mouse!
Thursday. 8.31.06 4:50 pm
I've decided that for the duration of it's captivity, the mouse will be named Rattata.

Yes, Rattata.

I should dodge the angry glares I'm getting. :/

Rattata likes pumpkin seeds.

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Thursday. 8.31.06 11:40 am

Dave had a mouse.

We'd found mouse presents two or so weeks ago.

Dave bought a mouse trap.

This morning, Dave sees mouse in the loo, scurrying about.

Such a cute little mouse, I went to watch it scurry.

It scurried.

And attacked me.

It runs over my foot, I pull my foot back so it doesn't nibble me, and squeak.

Mouse, who is now on the floor, leaps a foot into the air and keeps going.

Silly mouse.

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Oh, Condi...
Wednesday. 8.30.06 9:27 am
Such an interesting picture. It's from the 9-11 report... comic!

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Oh dear.
Tuesday. 8.29.06 11:05 am
Tayla on some quiz results: So, how'd you score? Me: Every night... :p

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