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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

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Sunday. 9.3.06 12:00 pm
I swear....

Somedays it's ok.

Others... Not at all.


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Facebook Purgatory.
Saturday. 9.2.06 6:45 pm
I'm an awful person.


I believe in Facebook Purgatory.

What's Facebook Purgatory, you ask?

Ok. You know how there are those people who follow the "Oh, I've met you once, and I don't know you, let's be friends on Facebook!" train of thought?

They use it as a "See who I've met," and not a "See who I know, have spent time with, and don't have anything particularly awful to say about."

I prefer to use Facebook for "Hey, I know you, I think you're cool, we have accounts on this site, let's be friends" purposes. This means that if I've met you once, and don't know you, or didn't pick up a good impression from the first time I met you, I'm probably not going to add you as a friend. Since I feel bad for "deny"ing people I don't properly know my friendship, they get to stay in Facebook Purgatory.

There are exceptions. I've never met maybe two or three of my "friends," but I've communicated with them enough to consider them friends.

Granted, Facebook doesn't tell the person who asks to be your friend if/when you deny them, so I figure the worst that could happen is that they think I hate them or something.

Oh well.

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Oh noes!
Saturday. 9.2.06 6:09 pm

Oh Noe # 1.

Rattata #2... Was Rattatette. I noticed she didn't have mousey balls of maleness.

We set her free, and she scampered away. now we want to catch Rattata, and perhaps any Rattakids about.

Oh Noe #2.


Went to see it.

Way better than whatever it was we went to see with pet0r.


There was a preview for some Tenacious D movie.

I thought it was a preview for a "Bill and Ted... 15 years later" sort of movie.

That would have been awesome.

Tenacious D?

Not so much, given I barely know who they are. Nor do I care.

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Guess who's back? (Not Slim Shady)
Saturday. 9.2.06 10:06 am
I woke up in the middle of the night with god-awful cramps.

I heard rustling, so I figured it was Rattata.

Later in the morning, when I actually wake up, I check the old, dirty (the "oh I must have been here before, I won't go back) trap.

It's Rattata!

We'll have to set him free today.

Dave's still asleep.

I want to give him a noogie or something.

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No mouse.
Friday. 9.1.06 5:50 pm
So. Wednesday, I tagged along to Dave's house-church-free-food-thing.

Being polite, I sat through the service-thing.


I haven't done anything religious in a very long time.

It scared me in that organized religion sort of way.

I liked the casuality of it all, that was nice.

But damn if it didn't scare me in that "NBC SAYS THESE ARE CLASSIC SIGNS OF A CULT AND



But all religious services give me the creepy cult-willies.

Now that I'm saying this, Pet0r is seeming a bit offended.


What the fuck ever.

I'm sure if I were offended... would he really give a shit?


I'm almost not sure if I care or not.

Sometimes he's completely offputting...

Sure, I can be annoying/airheaded/ditzy/etc at times.

But sheesh.

It's like Dean... revisited.

Now he's talking about people being condescending.


You know, I probably shouldn't have written the chunk above.

I'm kinda not caring.

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Keeping with the theme...
Friday. 9.1.06 3:13 pm
It's cute things!

This commercial for Gogo Tea with Aya Matsuura is sickeningly cute.

I mean... Make your dentist go to his dentist cute.

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