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Wednesday. 9.6.06 3:22 pm
Went to Schiffert.

An addition for the list suggested it Shingles. :/

She said she thinks it's just my TMJ acting up, and it should pass.

If in a week it hasn't, I should come back, she says.

A week?

Oh well. I'll be s tick by then. :/

even the spoon is too big, so I can't eat my ice cream.

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Tuesday. 9.5.06 5:18 pm
I think.

It may be.

A pinched nerve.

I pinch right chin: Ow.

I pinch left chin: Meh.

I hope it's not anything major.

I don't want to have surgery.

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Tuesday. 9.5.06 2:05 pm

With my jaw being in pain.

I've heard/read:

- Cavity/tooth abcess
- Tonsils
- Sleeping the wrong way
- Something I ate
- Sinuses
- Mono???
- and more! For only five easy payments of $29.95 (plus s&h)

I've thought:

- Sleeping the wrong way
- Sinuses
- Meningitis (?!)
- Measles or mumps, whichever it is you see people with the rags around their jaws.
- Something I ate
- Lack of exercise
- Being too cold when I sleep
- Strep
- Lack of sleep?
- Grinding my teeth when I'm asleep
- Not wearing my retainer
- A cyst
- An infection (non-dental)
- Some mysterious rogue cancer that affects black females that are 21 years and four months
- Cholesterol complications
- Ear infection
- Pinched nerve (I think it's this one)
- Cheap earrings.
- Pulled muscle (?! How the hell?)

Damnit, this stupid jaw is making me a damn hypochondriac. I'm going to end up like(as if) Colin in that book "The Secret Garden" ... :/

I can't properly yawn, and the left side looks slightly swollen when I look into my mouth, and it feels warmer than the right side. :/ It started four days ago, as a "meh, my throat hurts just a tad on the left side", then it moved to my jaw, and has gotten worse.

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Oh dear. (I remembered!)
Tuesday. 9.5.06 12:57 pm
So I went to Deet's.

Got some Genmaicha.



There was a real point to this entry, but I forgot what it was. :/

Ok, I remember.

I notice that waay too many people use the word like as an interjection. "Like" is supposed to be interchangeable with "as if", so I am going to begin replacing all instances of "like" with "as if" when I speak. That way people will realize that they are being incredibly ridiculous, as well as sound ridiculously vapid. :p

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Tuesday. 9.5.06 9:36 am
So there's an outlet sale.

Same outlet sale as always.

With nothing above a size M.

When I'm an L. :/

Damn teeny tiny people.

Though I'm sure if I got off my ass, I could be teenytiny.

I saw a shirt, a nice Gap shirt, and it was 12.99.

Where's the 40-60% discount?

I normally pay 12.99 for my Gap shirts, anyway!


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Tuesday. 9.5.06 8:44 am
My jaw hurts.

Worse than yesterday.

Worse than the day before that.

Worse than the day before that, even. :/

I don't know what it could be, the only thing I noticed was that my throat was a tad sore beforehand.

I haven't slept on it wrong, eaten anything angry, or what. I don't know. :////

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