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Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Monday. 9.11.06 12:54 am
Dave IMs me with a "guess what"

I guessed:
chicken butt
work getting done

Hopefully it's Rattata, so we can set him free where we set Rattatette free.

Then they can have Rattakids.

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Another notch in my neek belt.
Sunday. 9.10.06 1:12 pm
Neek = Nerd+geek.

I went to a LAN party yesterday.

I'd never been to one, because I never was really into LAN gaming/FPSes.

It was incredibly fun, and I actually managed to score a few kills. Very surprising.

I was more surprised that Fuhrer didn't shit a brick running them. That was quite awesome.

Though apparently I'm a sadist, because I was having fun and actually doing things with my touchpad, instead of a mouse. I think they thought that if I had a mouse, I might have actually done some damage.

Oh well.

Some girl let me borrow her mouse. Dave said that after I'd left, the girl wanted her mouse back, and then tried to call me a thief, because I wasn't there or something, and I'd supposedly taken her mouse.

I mean... sheesh. Why the fuck would I steal a mouse? I can afford one, you know.

I just don't have them, because I primarily use my touchpad, and I gave mine to my brother because the one he got with his computer sucked ass.

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Sunday. 9.10.06 11:55 am
It's September.

Walmart, in their massive evilness, has started preparing for Hallowe'en, the best holiday ever. Better than Xmas, even. Why? Free candy rocks, and the after sales always have the most awesome accessories!

Speaking of which, I just remembered my awesome black/purple striped tights and matching arm-warmer thingies...

My hair is black/purple, so now I need to go make myself a lovely outfit of outfittyness.

Perhaps I'll buy a short-ish skirt. Black and purple rock.


Back to the title.

Since it's the beginning of September, and The Great Evil has started it's Hallowe'en stocking... that means... POPCORN BALLS IN 2-3 WEEKS!

::does the popcornball dance::

Popcorn balls are the best halloween food ever. I mean ever.

I couldn't eat them for a few years, because of stupid braces... :/

They'd started putting them on without telling me, so I had to donate a box and a half of popcorn balls to charity... :/ Oh well.

Ooh, it's candy-apple season too.....

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Yay, The Gap.
Saturday. 9.9.06 12:42 pm
So. I think I posted a few posts ago about going to the campus Outlet sale, where everything was a supposed 40-60% off.

I found a nifty Gap shirt.

It was 13 dollars.

Being the spendthrift person I am, I refused to pay such money for a shirt.

I went to The Gap yesterday.

I bought 6 shirts.

For 46.66.

The most expensive shirt was 8.49.

Take that, VT outlet sale!

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Drug of choice
Thursday. 9.7.06 12:41 pm
In the past 24 hours, I've had 1.44 grams of aleve.

My jaw still hurts.

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Ibuprofen? Feh.
Wednesday. 9.6.06 8:36 pm
So, she prescribed 400mg of ibuprofen.

Which, along with acetominophen, does nothing.

At all.

I told her I'd taken 800mg of ibuprofen at once and had no effect...

Which is true.

Then I told her about the 8 tylenol in two hours... She liked that.

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