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Im home...
Sunday, August 21, 2005
And Im friggin tired... I guesssss there's a whole family drama going on and family is upset at us....and I dont wanna even..I dunno deal with it? Im just tired of there always being a fight...always being a problem... and like they say there isnt, but yet...there ALWAYS IS! My sister's bf is here..yeehaw.. Im tired..anyways, Im hookin up my uncle's comp...Ill write more later..PEACE

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Thursday. 8.18.05 1:23 pm
Im going to Ohio this weekend! Heck yes! Ive been waiting to go for weeks now..So long Gillett/Troy/Mosherville/Mansfield..and everyone else fuckas! HAHA! Im just really excited....I love being there! It's so much fun!! Im going for my grandma's and baby cousins birthday... It's going to be fun! HOT TUBS! I love those things..so Im stayin at my grandmas tonight and then Im on my way... :):) SOO! If you know my cell phone number...give me a holla! :) I love hearing from people..byes my loves, and I hope everyone has a great weekend! Peace

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Okay...it's the perfect time...
Wednesday, August 17, 2005
To write somemore....lol, I wasnt going till really late, but no one is really talking to me now b/c they are busy, like I am...soooo Im going to write. :) So anyways...I gots a problem...that seems to happening lately..Im just confused about a situation, and Im not sure whats going on... Haha! I hate being confused... it's like..someone doesnt talk to you...then they start talking to you like you are best pals.... It gets me confused..... But whatever, Im not going to complain b/c I like talking to this person! haha Im going to shut up right now... College...is coming! yay!!!! :):):) Im excited..but Im sad! Everyone is moving away.. and it's like what the hell is happening. We are growing up! I cant wait ta see Tom! Im really excited... b/c I havent seen him since the middle of July!! Im going to jump on him, and like..wrap my legs around him..punch him for not calling me...and all that great stuff! I miss him so much! He doesnt have AIM yet...he needs to get situated, stop fucking girls, and get on to talk to ME! hehe UGH! People with UNREALISTIC! dreams...piss me off..If someone wants to go to college...that they didnt make the grades for...OR cant even pay for...why even try for it? I dunno.. Im not going to pay 25,000 dollars to go to a college when I didnt even try to get scholarships...I mean, they are had to get when you take a year off of college.. oh well I guess... not my loans... haha! Im already in debt...isnt that hot? Atleast I dont have to pay them off to college is over with... Im going to transfer out next year...hopefully somewhere good.. I dunno, I have an idea..but...I wanna know whats going on...Im out..for now..byes my love

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I love...
Wednesday, August 17, 2005
music...I dunno where'd Id be without it...Im writing more..later my loves

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I started packing.....
Tuesday, August 16, 2005
For college...yeah, Im not going anywhere till the weekend after this, but I had a buncha bags, so I just put stuff in boxes and tubs... Haha Im excited now! I got out my comforter and stuff, and they gave me a bed skirt, and pillow shaw...I was like..WOAH! I love my comforter b/c its shinny and pink... Im going to take a picture of Iggy's and my room after we get settled in and have everything decorated. If anyone knows me at all..for me to be comfortable..EVERYTHING has to be decorated.. I love stuff... and I love having colorful stuff all around. Im really excited about this whole experience. HOPEFULLY! Ill get my credit card soon so I can get my books and stuff. I really really want to get them right now..as we speak! Im so excited.. :):):) I got stuff from my bank today...Im just waiting for my debit card and my checks. I hope they come before I leave... Ugh..I have to pee...but..oh well! I gotta take a shower, and I promised I get some new pics on myspace...so I have poses going through my head...I hope they all work... haha.. I love Something Corporate right now...I heart them muches!!! If you havent d/led them..I would..b/c they are fucking awesome... So anyways..Evan and I got into a little diddy last night about what I wrote.. :( Then about something he wrote...damn journals..they are more trouble than what they are worth...But..who else can I put down what I feel and ...I dunno! haha.. But..we're okay..I guess... I hope so...b/c I friggin cried last night.. [AgAiN.] Im so sick of crying....see I dunno... I guess Im just emotional lately b/c everyone is fucking leaving..its really sad! Lev left...Steph R. left... Tom left... Andrew left...it's all so sad... and like this week, and next week..everyone will be gone..except for like the kids going to MU! And then we leave saturday... well those who are moving in... Im excited, but....Ive definatly been crying.. Im going to miss everyone so much! Tom is coming back labor day weekend I guess... and it's sad that no one gets to see him, but Im definatly going to see him! I miss him so much..but it makes me mad that he hasnt called me...but he has called everyone else.. Makes me cry....I guess Evan is still coming up...Ill see him somehow, even if he just stops by and visits me...Ill just tell my mom someone came to see me..and we'll talk outside.. yes...talk...as much as Id like to do other things..haha just kidding! Ive had sex outside before though..no biggy...hahaha! :) Anyways... Im gonna go for now.. peace out my loves

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What A Day...
Monday, August 15, 2005
Its weird how people change... I used to be really best friends with this one girl, but...I think that's changed a lot. I dunno... Im just..tired and I cant stand thinking anymore..I feel like my head is going to explode... Anyways I have this bruise on my forehead, and I thought it was from mudding yesterday...but ...then I remember I hit my head off the stove... hahaha as funny as that sounds, its not..it hurt like a fucker..It still hurts.. :( No wonder why I have a headache...so anyways, like right after Ben and Kev dropped me off, they met up with these guys...who wanted to go muddin with them...I was like..wtf they were cute too I guess...Ben said they were my kinda of guy cute..haha! And I was like..ugh! you have to invite me next time..Im sucha whore...but thats okay.. I just like being around cute guys! Haha ....Im not that bad right? I dunno..I guess I feel bad for saying that now b/c Evan will read this..but yet, Im still keeping it in here... Im just..stupid like that. Im not sure whats going on in my head and heart... I really dont want to hurt him..but apart of me thinks that this wont work out..at all. So...whats a girl to do? Right? I dunno.. haha boys anyways... I cant live with..but ..I cant live without them...My mom thought I was going to be a lesbian...boy was she wrong! lol...sorry, I love the cock.. haha...I swear if like.. I dunno, Id gag... kissing a girl is one thing, but anything else..Id gag..... Why am I talking about having sex with a girl? BECAUSE! I got asked the question of whether or not Id have a threesome..lol.. Seems I always get asked that question..damn people these days.. Oh well.. Im going to shut up now... :) Bye my loves

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