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Contesty Things!
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Thursday. 4.12.12 2:06 pm
Today, I was again, feeling blah (almost wrote black, thanks Santorum), but also hungry. We didn't do grocery shopping this week, since we were travelling Sunday.

So there is not much in the house, aside from standard stockpiles for 2+ people.

I remembered I had a new box o' butter, some flour, and some maple syrup, so I set out to make maple shortbread. I did some research and the general consensus was 1 sugar, 2 butter, 3 flour, which is close to my original estimation of 1 sugar, 2 butter, 4 flour. The "proper" mix netted me 12 shortbreads.

So I mixed it, I baked it, I waited (not long enough), and ended up with somewhat-successful shortbreads.

They could be a bit more maple-y, and I should have left them in the oven for at least another five minutes. I ate too many and now I'm nauseated. :(

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Monday. 4.9.12 3:54 pm
I usually realise things, way too late.

The people who gave you shit when you were younger, mean nothing.
The people who give you shit all the time, shouldn't mean anything, but it's always the ones who want to claim "love"/"blood"/"can get away with it because of relationship" who are the worst assholes. The worst.

I really should go clean the house.

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Useless excitement post!
Saturday. 3.24.12 12:15 am
My face is clean!

I found my face soap for sale again!

When it's back in stock, I'm gonna buy three of them!

Exclamation point!


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Thursday. 2.16.12 4:22 pm
I was bored and feeling blah. I have/had a can of melon soda in the fridge from November/December, and I haven't wanted to drink it.

I decided to make a soda-cake. Usually it's where you take 1 can of coke and a box of cake mix and make a cake.

I went with 8 oz melon soda, baking mix, cinnamon, almond, and vanilla. I started it at 10 mins bake time.

We'll see how this monstrosity turns out...

5 mins bake time: something smells... bad. I hope it's just the oven that needs cleaning. Or maybe one of the beasts farted. But it's almost like a mildewy wet dishrag.

10 mins bake time: they smell more cinnamony, and better when I open the oven. I gave them another five minutes since they didn't quite look done.

15 mins: I'm calling them done. A stick stuck in them comes out clean, and it's not like there's anything to go bad and make me sick. They don't smell very good, but they have a nice color.

Cooling: They smell pretty nice now.

Eating: It is similar to a dry, slightly spiced, biscuit. Not that I was expecting otherwise. If I tweaked the soda/spices, it might work out pretty well. If I added some simple icing (confectioner's sugar, milk, maybe some butter), this might actually be very tasty.

Five hours later: They're not bad at all. You can taste the melon soda, and all of the other things. I will make these again with sprite.

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Can't be black
Wednesday. 2.15.12 3:34 pm
So I keep seeing those darn commercials for that Popeye's wicked chicken. I want to try it.

Stopped by the local Popeye's, and they were out. HOW IS A CHICKEN SHACK OUT OF CHICKEN.

They also had a sign making it look like you could only get the $4.99 box w/ drink, and not the $3.99 box w/o drink, which is what I would have gotten.

Oh well.

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Sunday. 2.12.12 10:58 pm
We took a trip to a snow-resort mountain over the weekend. I didn't go snowboarding, because I had been feeling insufficient. I'm glad I didn't, the weather was junk.

I went out shopping, and when I came back, I met Steve.

I caught her with a bowl. I thought maybe she was rabid or half dead, since she was out in the open and slow-moving.

It dawned on me well after I'd named her that she had no mouseballs, and was more a Stella than a Steve, but I didn't change her name. I decided it was best to set her free inside before we left, since it was snowy out and the ground was likely frozen. She hid in the couch.

It snowed heftily and was cold. We got into the hot tub, outside, in the snow. I think some of my hair froze.

Dave punctured a tire getting out of the driveway, since the driveway didn't get plowed and the plow-guy never came back. We put down branches for traction, and he managed to get a hefty .25" one in his tire.

Then we couldn't get up the road, so we had to get a running start to slide up.

Eventually we made it out and home.

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