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Hello :]
Tuesday. 1.1.19 9:57 am
Happy new year.

I don’t want to talk about my New Years resolutions, because they are always the same.

Instead, I want to welcome the new year. I want to welcome happiness and joy into my life. I welcome pain, as long as it teaches me something new and makes me stronger. I welcome authentic and lasting friendships/relationships. I welcome good health, good eating habits, and conscious decisions to make my arteries less clogged. What I do not welcome, is self hatred, putting myself down, and people who continually let me down.

2019, I hope the best for you. Maybe you be filled with love, happiness, wonderful lessons, and the best health I have ever been in. Thank you 2018, you were amazing.

To the next chapter in life,
Happy new year Nutang.

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Tuesday. 12.25.18 4:08 am
Last blog, I had some goals that I wanted to work on. Just wanted to update all of you, who may or may not want an update lol.

Goal #1 - Pay off credit card debt. I am in the process still, but I only have $400 left to pay on the first credit card I have been putting lots of moneys toward paying off. I am pretty proud of myself, as I will have it paid off with 0% interest very soon! After the holidays of course, lol. After that though, I have a couple more to pay off...booo.

Goal #2 - Get a second job. Guess what guys? I got one! I am starting as a travel nurse. Meaning, I will have contracts with different hospitals, and work for them for about 3 months at a time. I am excited, as I get to float to different hospitals and see how this all works out. First, I am starting at the county jail. I know it sounds scary, but I have experience with prisoners from my old nursing job. I am a little excited actually, to see how it works in a jail, vs taking care of inmates in the hospital. I'll let you guys know how it goes!

Goal #3 Lose weight. Guys, it's the holidays. I have done the opposite lol. But i don't want to worry about it. I'm going back on the ketogenic diet next month during the new year! Am I ready? Hmm...not quite...but I am so ready to feel healthy again.

Goal #4 Learn to love myself. This is the biggest struggle I have, all the time. I think I am getting better at it? Maybe not? Maybe with age? I don't know. But I think I need to work on some self-care. That is one new years resolution.

So...2.5/4 goals accomplished. I'm pretty proud of myself lol.

zanzibar asked if I could blog about Seth in a separate post. There are update to this whole ordeal, but I am finally over him :). I'll still post a blog about everything that happened, and basically what I learned from it! Thanks Zanzi, for being interested in my mediocre love life lol.

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