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Lady Gaga
So I listened to Artpop on Spotify. The majority of the songs were meh. Well, there's this group on The Sing-Off that made this mashup of some of Gaga's songs.

It's stuck in my head now.
Useful Things
A Special Moment
Thursday. 8.26.04 4:26 pm
Upon playing DDR I think of PPS and think . . .


I mean, I know PPS stands for Prostita Points System, but since the Prostitas seriously suck and are *%[email protected]# I now know that we use dead Prostitas as currency . . . or am I just thinking too much. This must scare you because I've been a member since December 29 and I just thought of this

Well, I know I'm probably wrong or something . . .

I just sneezed; bless me.

Well, I'm not getting that darned cell phone today because my ma had to call the place to cancel the account. Yeah and now she's lazy to get a cell. I think I'm getting this cool one. Yup . . . well I don't know what the service thing is though. Yes, I'm very smart and my descriptions are intricate.


Ok. Today sucked.

Life sucks . . .


then you die.

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Sunday. 8.22.04 12:01 pm
I decided to save The Great Gatsby for tomorrow or whenever. Today I'll read half of the book from the library. Tomorrow I'll read the other half and half of th Great Gatsby. Indeed. I'm going to survive through this Hell. Well, next year the summer project is supposedly easier with 4 or 5 books. I guess we have an essay then? Well, I would rather do 2 essays and read two books. I so rock at essays =). Yes. No, I guess we can't choose our teachers. Oh well. EDIT_______________________________________________________________________ While I was looking for the fan listings yesterday, I foudn one for OUCH GUM!!! Remember that?! That used to be the coolest thing. I remember I used to get my parents to buy me that and Chiclets. Now look. Chiclets are not as small. Never forget Ouch gum ...sigh.OOooo, I remember that I still have one of the container things. EDIT_______________________________________________________________________ Hmm. I was reading The Story Teller and I'm wondering "Why am I reading all of these books about people writing books?" Seriously. I mean I guess it's nice to experience what someone may have experienced even though most of it may be fiction, but what makes me into them? I think it might just be my environment. Last week my mom made me go to the library. It was quiet. I mean lat year I read Oedipus Rex and Julius Caesar with no problem at that library. I went and read The Story Teller; I didn't understand anything. I just started reading it today and I'm thinking, "Was I stupid then?" Hmm . . . It's weird. I also felt like crappers last week so I guess that's what made me lose concetration. I guess I lose concentration easily? Well, I shouldn't forget that I was still a part of NuTang Survivor and my computer started acting up and I was definitely feeling like crappers. Well . . . I guess every year I change places I feel confortable reading in. I don't know. This entry didn't make sense.

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Eve has a sister..
Saturday. 5.29.04 10:14 pm
Well, we went to the baby shower and Eve has a baby sister. Well, we went to Tito Junicar's place. It was interesting. I hung out with Reza the whole time. About an hour later, that crazy girl from 2 years ago was there. The crazy girl was like a psycho 2 years ago because she would try to strangle me....now she's better and more civi-ci-ci-lized; she acts like a normal person-- yea! Well, you know how NY is the messed up state and how the 4th graders are doing poorly? Well, the girl is now learning about the American Revolution. Damn do I feel stupid! I mean, I didn't learn about American history until 7th grade! We were taught about Long Island....but Social Studies was mainly about geography the whole way until 7th grade! I really feel stupid because Steph's sister is in kindergarten and she's reading Harry Potter. Wow, NY state is really pushing the elementary kids a lot....I guess since they did worse for the state tests that's why they're pushing them Anyway, we played this game where we hid this blue handball. When it was my turn, they couldn't find it. It turned out I gave about 10 hints. lol. I was pointing to where it was .... yea... When it was Eve's turn tohide it, I had to elave. We went directly to Greenfields. It's a restaurant. It was good, but I was full before we went there...

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Wednesday. 4.21.04 8:56 pm
Yes, weplayed Sardines again-- OUTSIDE! How fun is that? Well that my (friend/enemy) is what I actually know! I mean ACTUALLY KNOW! Ok well before that, I was playing Spit (cards not actually spitting with saliva) with Annie Hearl and I am really rusty. I ended up winning but I think she let me in a way. It was a good yet long game! Ok, well then we decided to go out. Well, first John asked us if we wanted to do a lesson or just paly a game, and obviously we said game. Well, we played the game and it was first a made up game that was like capture the flag and man hunt. Some people wanted to play man hunt and some wanted capture the flag. We played it and it was boring. So I was on John (his son), some 11 or 10th grader i 4got, joe, james, and patrik's team while everyone else was the other team. So they counted and we ran to hide. About three minutes later, we see Joe running and he says "They're coming!" and Gavin comes out like he's gonna pounce on him lmao. It was soo funny. Then he forgets to tag me but tags everyone else. I end up pretending I'm tagged so then I run to the front and see everyone there ... then I jog to the concrete ... and we played a different game-- Sardines! Well Sardines is basically one or two people hide and everyone else find them. If you find the person, you can't tell anybody else and you have to be quiet about it. Then you hide with them. The last person to find everyone is "it". "It" meaning loser ... no I'm j/k just the person unable to find everyone else in a darkened place ... (It's nicer isn't it). Well, the first time Amelia and Lauren hid behind the recycle bins in the big parking lot part near the entrance of the church (not to the side but all the way across the parking lot and they're far away) and the second time Kaity and Justing hid behind some bushes near the exit sign. Ok well, I'm taking a break until 9:10 and then I gotta do NYSSMA stuff for an hour or atleast 50 minutes. Afterwards I'm studying for Social Studies for about half an hour or 45 minutes. If I'm still awake or somewhat I'll then finish my science lab. I guess the three hours of playing Final Fantasy V wasn't a good choice ... well I gotta beat the game some time! Drinking Sarsi and hopefully the caffeine will keep me awake! ha! Alex called me an insomniac yesterday; I had 10 hours of sleep last night to today! She called me an insomniac for a wrong reason! I jus thad 5 hours of sleep the day before! Besides, insomniacs get "NO" sleep ... right? Well ofcourse I'm right! After all, I DO know how to spell the word "truly" unlike my English teacher who marked it wrong on ym essay and said it was "truEly". lol well....yeah ....(Sarsi is like the Pepsi of the Philippines) Oh I forgot to mention, Socky (my older dog)was exhausted and fainted in the front lawn. He's becoming a little blind so we have to guide him and he began to panic and was walking in circles. He got exhausted and fainted.(said my mom) My mom found him and gave him water immediately and carried him. He's alive. Thank you Lord! I really love him and I hope he doesn't give up the will to live. I really want him to live. The only thing is that I can't clean his eyes and he'll bite me if I try. So I pet him and he likes when I do that .... but my brother however, doesn't even care. He's a stupid person that's why. Don't tell me I'm mean because I know the difference between stupidity and ignorance. He is just being stupid. Ignorance is when you're illiterate. Stupidity is when you're illiterate and don't want to be literate. So he's stupid! ok? ok! So, I'm constantly telling my mom to tell him to clean his eyes and she doesn't....I really feel bad for Socky and want to do all I can... Well Eloi's still here...and young...

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