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Crazy like a bedbug!
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Such ridiculousness. (Edited twice)
Thursday. 9.14.06 9:25 am
Here is my reply to the previously posted e-mail.


I really don't see the need for a meeting. We still have yet to actually
sit down about rearranging the room, and a meeting seems to be overkill at
this point. The most that has been said has been said in quick

Additionally, I have let Liz know that there are things in the room that I
would like to stay a certain way, such as the window remaining as unblocked
as possible (If I'm not mistaken, university policy requires that they not
blocked), and nothing else (other than the fridge, microwave, and my
wastebasket) at the end of my bed (I worry about falling enough as it is).
As I said, we haven't really sat down and talked about it, but I've made
these things known when she mentions that she wants to rearrange the room.

At the same time, I can understand her wanting to unloft her bed. However,
at the beginning of the semester, while I was working Get Connected, I left
her a note stating that I wanted to discuss the room setup. I was hoping to
have an unlofted bed, and was going to express this, but also be willing to
compromise. She chose to disregard said note, and rearranged the room
without my input or asking if I had any problems with the setup. I figured
if that's how she wanted the room, I wouldn't complain, though I didn't
appreciate it being done.

I had placed my things to the side of the room I wanted to claim, and she
moved them (including some personal things in drawers). While I didn't
expect her to not move in, I also feel that she
could, and should have been courteous enough to have not moved my things
(while also heeding aforementioned note).

She has mentioned that she gets warm easily, and I have mentioned that I get
cold easily. This is also part of why I left the original note during
move-in to ask her if we could work on rearranging the room, as I expected
this would be the case.

As an RA, I'm sure you are aware of the test weeks that occur during the
semester. I'm also sure that as a returning VT student, you might notice
that after the first volley of tests, things get a bit rough. Rearranging
the room at such a time (after almost 6 weeks) seems to be not only
inconsiderate to others in the building, but at the same time, a great
inconvenience to myself, as now is the time that all of my classes start
with massive amounts of work that doesn't really lighten up until the end of
the semester.

She's free to rearrange her things as she likes, but as I mentioned before,
I don't want the window blocked, nor do I want anything else placed at the
foot of my bed. I don't care to move my things, as they have been moved
once, and moving/rearranging them again would be both unnecessary and
time-consuming. Given the way that our room is constructed (with the window, power outlets, and closets being where they are), I doubt that
any other setup will work like the one we have now.


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Oh. My. God. How.. fucking... stupid.
Thursday. 9.14.06 6:53 am
This email's good enough to be posted here, and in the email chunk.

It's from my RA. Names and things have NOT been changed. I'm not giving a fuck.
Hi Jessica,

Liz came to talk to me today because she is concerned about the way in which
you all's room is set up. She asked if you, Liz, myself, and my supervisor all
have a formal discussion to come to some sort of agreement on the matter. I
know that you are probably really busy, however, I am sure that the situation
right now is not the most comfortable for either you or Liz. Please, please let
me know your availablity for next week so we can sort this all out as soon as

Thank you for taking the time to read and answer this e-mail. Hope you have
a great day!


Because she 1) can't talk to me about it, apparently, nor can she 2) deal with the fact that I don't want certain things happening in the room, and that means she can't move her bed.

A fucking "formal meeting" with my ditz of an RA and my .... of a roommate and the RAs supervisor is NOT fucking necessary.

Welp, at least I can bitch to them and stay firm on things.

Wait a minnit.

I thought that my roomie was the one whining about everyone and their damn drama.

If this isn't drama, I don't know what is.

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My roommate.... *Grumble*
Wednesday. 9.13.06 4:51 pm
I'm not happy.

Not. At. All.

My roomie wants to rearrange the room. She's tired of her bed being lofted.

Mind you, she wants to put things at the end of my bed, and in front of the window, when I've stated I don't care for either of those.

She's said to the people next door that I "wouldn't mind" our beds being in a Loft-floor L shape, when I'm 1) not moving my stuff at this point, and 2) It would block the window.

She gets cold easily, so she's going to be next to the fucking heater, and then she's going to open the window. I'm not going to have that.

She goes and talks to the RA (to get ideas, I guess), who, aside from being.... yeah., has decided to say that my room and the room next door are exactly the same.

They aren't.

In the room next door, the window is situated so that the beds in the L-loft barely cross it. The closets are on the other side of the room, which aids in the beds being in the corner away from the window.

Their desks are next to each other, which I don't like. I don't want my desk that close to hers.

I figure I"m going to tell her to suck it up and deal for the following reasons:

1) With the physical constraints I'm giving her, she's SOL. I don't mean Standards of Learning.

2) I refuse to move my things because she wants to rearrange the room. It may sound unreasonable, but keep reading.

3) She's said I "wouldn't mind" something, without even asking me.

4) I left a note during move-in to say that I wanted to help set up the room, and I'd like for her to wait so we could discuss it. I go by during my lunch break, and the room has been lofted, without asking me. Even after they'd done it, I wasn't asked if it was alright with me.

5) She also moved ALL of my things when she was rearranging the room the first time, disregarding my attempts to claim a particular side of the room.

6) If she can do that (4), then I'm giving my input, and it's not changing. The room is fine the way it is. Stop being lazy. I didn't want my bed lofted, but I'm not whining about it, now am I?

7) Any way she wants to do the room puts her bed right next to the heater. She's admitted she gets hot easily. I'm not repeating freshman year over a fucking window. NOT. FUCKING. HAPPENING.

8) She's had 4-6 weeks to decide that she didn't like the setup of the room. Now, during exams, getting ready for crunch time, she wants to dissasemble the room. No. I'm going to be ridiculously busy, I've got two tests in the next week, a test the week after, a project the same week, and all sorts of shit.

9) I may spend 75% of my time at Dave's, but I still pay 3k a semester for the room. I don't care that I'm not there most of the time, I pay for the room as well, and therefore I'm not going to let her fuck with it again. She's done it once already.

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Tuesday. 9.12.06 10:43 pm

Based upon varying happenings in my life, my Writings will now be used to display e-mails that baffle me.

The emails will mostly be from my RA, because she sends some real zingers.

Like the one about Icky toilet water.

That is all.

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Tuesday. 9.12.06 3:03 pm
Apple needs to work on grammar.

If they fix it:

"Get the latest iPod software updates.
iTunes 7 makes it one-click easy to update the software on your iPod. iTunes keeps your iPod up to date by notifying you when a new update is ready. The built-in summary page in iTunes shows you full stats for your iPod, and if you’re software’s out of date, you can click once to update it. You can even restore your iPod to its original settings with one click."

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Tuesday. 9.12.06 2:31 pm
My birthday is this Saturday.

And next saturday.

And the Saturday afterwards.

Why? Because my RA sent an email asking for our birthdays, and I don't particularly care to tell her.

So my Facebook profile will be constantly updated. :p

Damn apple, now I want a shuffle.

I might actually use it more than whitey...

Though...I wouldn't be able to use it as a flash drive.... Hrm. I mean, I *could*, but I'd have to carry the dock with me all the time... that's stupid.

Though, I also like the mobiblu dah1500i It's ridiculously cute.

But it's 10 dollars more, and won't fit so well in my lighter/change pocket. But it has an OLED display... as opposed to the shuffle... Hrm.

I figure a gig is more than enough to carry around what I'd actually listen to if I carried whitey as it was.

If I got it, I'd have to name him... Heinrich.

But then I'd be like black people with a shuffle. I mean, I'd have a full ipod, but I wouldn't feel so paranoid about taking it out past the car.

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