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Monday. 9.18.06 6:28 pm
My RA is such a fucking twat.

Pretty much she puts me down, and then says she doesn't do it.

Then she's all "I can give you a JR for disrespecting me"

I told her I treat people how I feel they're treating me.

So I went to see the supervisor, who agreed that she made me sound like the evil angry agressor person.

I'm not that agressive. However, I am NOT going to end up in a basement, exterminating cockroaches, sans my nifty red stapler. No.

I'm attempting to nip this in the bud before I burn down the building, but yet I'm the "bad guy."

At least supervisor dude agreed that my RA not only handled the situation incorrectly, but that she was not quite intelligent, as well as some other things.

He said that he couldn't take my side, which I don't want him to, I want him to be aware that I feel that both my RA and roomie were ganging up on me.

Because apparently my RA doesn't fucking know how to write a damn email.

What a stupid bitch.

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Monday. 9.18.06 2:56 pm
Here's what I planned out earlier to say to my RA:

When I don't feel that you are disregarding my feelings/side of the situation, and that you are talking down o me and being generally insulting, and Elizabeth learns that she needs to talk to me, instead of this "oh I mentioned it, she doesn't seem to agree so I'm going to whine" nonsense, as well as that she can't always have her way, I might consider having a meeting. There still wouldn't be a point, I've said what I need to say, and she just needs to suck it up.

If anything, I should be the one complaining, because I really had no say in the setup. I sucked it up, she can deal with it now. There's no need to talk about with you, especially since she can't seem to talk to me in the first place.

Obviously she does not understand the time/energy requirements of my major, if she did, she would not have told me that my reasons were a "copout". You can't say that to someone you don't know.

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My black side.
Monday. 9.18.06 12:58 pm
So. As everyone who knows me knows, it is VERY rare that I show my "black side."

It's bubblin' up, and on its way out.

I'm going to tell off my RA.

I don't have time for this bullshit.

My RA needs to know that until I feel that she is not disrepecting my feelings, as well as me as a resident, and until my roommate talks to me (and I don't mean the "i mentioned it in passing, but she seems to disagree so I'm going to whine about it" talk, either) there is going to be no meeting.

I'm then going to tell her that if anything, I should be the one complaining, because I had basically no say in the room setup. I come in, and it's arranged already. I sucked it up, she can suck it up that I neither have the time nor desire to change the room.

Fuck them both.

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Monday. 9.18.06 1:16 am
My RA requested a while ago to be my friend on facebook.

I never added her, because I didn't like her.

She's pulled her request.

I'm amused.

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Enough is Enough!
Monday. 9.18.06 12:18 am
I have had it with this motherfucking RA and her motherfucking idiocy!

She comes by.

She says that if she suggests a meeting, then it means there needs to be one.

My. Fucking. Ass.

She also says that my legitimate concerns are cop-outs.

No one tells me anything is a copout unless they are either my parents or a very close friend, of which she is neither.

As far as I'm concerned, I have no more respect for her as an RA, and she can go suck a diseased fat one.

I'm complaining to the head RA person tomorrow.

I'm tired of her talking down to me, and doing the whole "like, ooh I'm like, an RA so like I'm like, better than you".

Because she can be such a bitch, and blindly follow my roommate, I'm refusing the meeting.

Not like they can do anything about it anyway. What, are they going to give me a JR, because they don't know how to properly handle things?

When I go to the JR meeting, I'll let them know that both my RA and roomie were being inconsiderate and stupid.

They can't force me to move out, I'm not causing a problem.

I'm not the one with the problem.

*So* they can both go eat a flaming bag of hell, for all I care.

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Eavesdropping is mean...
Sunday. 9.17.06 4:20 pm
but always amusing.

My roomie is talking to someone.

She's mentioned that she never studies like everyone else... and blahblahblah.

Then she says she didn't do that well on a test, and is wanting to drop a class...

Wonder why.

No wonder why she's got time to sit and whine about the room.



I remember at the beginning of the semester, she said that her dad was gay. Came out when she was 12 or something, so she was "more mature" than everyone else because of it.

I'm not seeing it.

She's also very loud.

Very. Very. Loud. :/

I've noticed that, overall, she really doesn't seem to be all that considerate.

She'll play her music loudly, talk very loudly on the phone, invite people over to watch movies, and at no point does she ask "do you mind if I do (loud activity)?" I would say no, and perhaps go to the study, but damn if it's like she never thinks to ask if she's bothersome.


She's opened the window. Not taking into consideration that I might not want it open.

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