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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
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Oh Princess, princess.
Saturday. 9.23.06 5:38 pm
So I go into my room today, to pick up my book and something else.

On my way out, I almost slip on some liquid in the doorway.

I mention it, go to clean it up, and her highness says "yeah... there's something in the doorway... I don't know what it is..."

What the fuck.

You know it's there, and you haven't bothered to clean it up?????

Stupid girl.

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For nuTang.
Friday. 9.22.06 11:37 pm
It seems that many of you are under the impression that I'm asking for advice?

I'm really not.

I'm posting, because it's my way of venting, and while I appreciate advice lobbed my way, I'm not asking for it.

Stop getting snitty when I don't do what I say I'm going to or whatever.

A blog is just that, a web log/journal. I write my thoughts here.


It may be posted in the form of a question, but I tend to be the sort of person that questions myself. Then I lob balls back and forth between myself until I reach some sort of decision.

This blog is good for that.

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Friday. 9.22.06 12:20 pm
I do believe that I'm going move.

I'm tired of my roomie whining.

She finds she can have her way with the bed, she's friendly and all giggles.

She finds she can't have her way with her giant-ass THING in the corner, she's a bitch.

Her current whining is "Well I paid 60 dollars for it and don't want to move it."

When you buy something that damn large, and plan on using it in a dorm room, it's only right that you ask the other person living in the room if they don't mind you taking up a huge fucking chunk of the floor.

I don't have time for this.

I'm going to move, my studies are suffering.

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Do I believe it?
Tuesday. 9.19.06 4:21 pm
She's talked to me.

I think we have an idea, where the window remains relatively open, she can have her bed down, and the fridge and microwave are at the end of my bed.

I'll see how it works.

I'm kinda sad, I don't get to be uberbitch anymore. :/

Though I really don't see how she "was uncomfortable talking to me" if she could ask me proofread her paper, explain her homework grading to her, and talk about random touchy issues like politics and religion without any foul words being thrown.

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Yay stupidity.
Tuesday. 9.19.06 12:48 am
I'm at dave's, loafing on the sofacouch thing.

I didn't care to stay in soup, but dave is sleeping, and i don't want to possibly wake him up. He's got a test tomorrow, and he needs to sleep it up and not be disturbed by me and my roomie-and-ra-induced drama.

I think I'll loaf on the sofa-couch, and then worry about my back in the morning.

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Whore on a powertrip.
Monday. 9.18.06 7:48 pm
She says she can give me a JR for being disrespectful?

I don't see it.

It says that I have to show her my ID if she asks for it, but that's about it. I see one mention of the word "disrespect" throughout the whole document.

I see "disregard" twice. Both times in relation to fire alarms.

I'm not in elementary school, she's not my teacher.

Haha, I win even more, because as far as the definition of "university official" is concerned... It ain't listed!

Stupid whore. Or in the words of Ian, with some of my words thrown in, she's a power hungry cockjuggling thundercunt.

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