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Im willing to break myself...
Tuesday, August 23, 2005
To shake this hell from everything I touch..."
I love that song..anyways... :) My mom and I are talking I guess... since my last entry is password blocked, you dont really know what is going on. Let's just say we got into a fight and I said something in there that Im not willing to have the whole world look at.. So anyways.. Im tired. I was going to start packing a little bit today, but I didnt! Im going to wash my clothes tomorrow, and pack them as much as I can. Thrusday Im going shopping to finish up when I need to get...Friday, more packing and getting everything ...done. I have to wash my blankets and stuff. Just the ones Im bringing with me. The rest, I probably wont wash..lol.. Im just lazy like that. Im going to miss my bed, but hopefully..my bed at school will be a little bit comfy. I really have to work on this paper, but Im more focused at night, so I think Im going to do it then. I have to pack a buncha little decorating stuff so I can decorate my side of the room when I get there. We returned all the stuff today from dell, so maybe Ill do the computer tonight or tomorrow.. Hopefully Ill have it by next week. *yawn* So ...I think Im going to go take a shower and maybe just look through my room for stuff I wanna take with me. Byessss my loves

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Monday. 8.22.05 10:11 pm
-:Bold All That Apply To You:-

I have been to Canada.

I have seen Gothika.

I am wearing Nail Polish.

I was born in March.

I hate school.

I am gemini.

I like black.

I share a room with someone.

I have a cell phone.

I play basketball.

I love to dance.

I like to sing.

My hairbrush is purple.

I love Ashton Kutcher.

I love chocolate.

I like popcorn.

I am a good singer.

I have braces.

I love to go to the movies.

I have a pool.

I have a hot tub.

I believe in love at first sight.

I like Britney Spears.

I like to shop.

I love lipgloss.

I love Dory from Finding Nemo.

I love my life.

I have a boyfriend.

I have a crush.

I am in love.

I love summer.

I graduate in the year 2007.

I love cookies N cream ice cream.

I love cupcakes.

I go to a camp every summer.

I named my cell phone.

I love make-up.

I love eyeliner.

My hair is its natural color.

I love going to the beach.

I am a book worm.

I like school.

I am going to go to college.

I am addicted to aim.

I watch Amazing Race.

My room is yellow.

I have a sister(s).

I have a brother(s).

I wanna go to Antartica.

I love penguins.

My favorite color is pink.

I like skirts better than shorts.

I am in middle school.

I am in high school.

I have my own car.

I have my learners permit.

I love talking on the phone.

I like the name Melvin.

I don't like Ashlee Simpson.

I like ashlee simpson

I like roses.

I get bored easily.

I love watching TV.

I like nail polish.

I like playing sims.

I like to work out

I own binoculars.

My room looks like a tornado hit it.

When I was little I used to collect beanie babies.

When I was little I used to collect acorns.

I like the song "Hey Ya."

I don’t believe in chain letters.

I like to rake leaves in the Fall.

I am a winter baby.

I wish I was older then I am now.

I eat squid.

I have a boyfriend/girlfriend.

I wear make up all the time.

I want a golf cart.

I like to play soccer.

I like to build igloos in the snow.

I like Sugarcult.

I want a convertible.

I like to write poems.

I eat popcorn at the movies.

I go to the movies at least 2 times a week.

I have a dog.

I go camping.

I dress up at Halloween.

I wanna be a teacher.

I like the color gray.

Social Studies, History, or World Cultures is my least favorite subject.

I am a cheerleader.

I like carebears.

I sleep to 12 in the summer and on weekends.

I like Cameron Diaz.

I have seen the movie "8 Crazy Nights" at least 3 times.

My moms name is Patricia.


I hate to read.

I love to skateboard.

I like to surf.

I rent movies all the time.

I like surveys.

My favorite day of the week is Friday.

I have blonde hair.

I am a brunette.

I am boy CrAzY.

I like horses.

I have a hermit crab.

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here we go again....
Monday, August 22, 2005
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Oh my....word
Monday, August 22, 2005
I was reading some journals on here...and omg...I never realized how much a bitch this one girl is. Holy shit! I was reading this stuff and Im like, woah...girl, you need to stop being a bitch. I said it to myself of course... I dont know who put her up on the "Im all that" pedstal but someone needs to take her down... Believe me..she isnt all that. I dunno! I dont really know the girl..haha so I cant say much, and I only know by what her journal is.. but my goodness. The things that she says to people.. that makes me sad. There is no way that she should have a right to say those things.. I mean, Ive said my fair share of nasty things....but this girl, should be smacked for what she has said! Oh well.. :) Im a bitch...but like when it comes to this girl, Im like the nicest fucking person around!!!
So anyways...what a day! I had to wake up at 4:30 and take my dad to work up in Ithaca... It was my sister and I driving back, so now I know how to get in and out of there. :) I like it up there, Id really like to go to college up there, but I dunno! So ..I came home..and went to bed. I woke up at 10..to my mom saying that I have to get Heath at work b/c she is tired and sick..sooo I had to get Benny Boy to take me over to get her and pick her up! You know how I need a comp? WELL the accounts arent working right now, so I might have to order it tomorrow, but they said that we can return the stuff easily and just get a system..so that's cool! I got my credit card.. heck yes! I have a 500 dollar spending limit though..which is probably a good thing..but I got it! I just have to wait 7 to 10 days for a pin number before I use it..which sucks! So anyways... Im leaving saturday..so Im getting stuff around. Hopefully I can go shopping with Tabby love tomorrow or wednesday...then Im going up to buy some stuff up there... Tabby wants to go clothes shopping and Im not even allowed to look at clothes..haha how sad is that? Probably b/c I spend all my money on clothes.. :) Oh well..anyways...Im off b/c dad is home...so its time for dinner.. Peace my loves!

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Sunday, August 21, 2005
Any guy...that has made out with a drunk girl, you know who you are.. :-P!

~* Something Corporate: Drunk Girl *~

I kissed a drunk girl
I kissed a drunk girl, yes I did
Kissed a drunk girl on the lips
I let my guard down
how could I have been so dumb
Her eyes were open
I know I am not the one
I know I am not the one
I know I am not the one

I kissed a drunk girl
Why do I do these things I do to myself
I kissed a drunk girl
I'm sure I could've been anybody else

I went to her house
and everybody there was gone
her little cousin just passed out on the lawn
We walked to my car
She mouthed "Is everything ok?"
We leaned in slowly
So now I can say

I kissed a drunk girl
Why do I do these things I do to myself
I kissed a drunk girl
I'm sure I could've been anybody else
anybody else

I pulled away
cuz you see I didn't think it would be
right I said let's save this
for some other night
She said "No, no, no I know
That everything is gonna be just fine"
How could I do this when I want her to be all mine.

I kissed a drunk girl
Why do I do these things I do to myself
I kissed a drunk girl
I'm sure I could've been anybody else
anybody else

I know you don't care about me
I'm sure when all is said and done
and I go home feeling lonely
You will have had your fun
do you even remember?

I kissed a drunk girl
Why do I do these things I do to myself
I kissed a drunk girl
and now I'm sure
and now I'm sure
I could've been anybody else
anybody else
anybody else
I could have been
anybody else

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uh ohs!
Sunday, August 21, 2005
Okay sooo my uncle's tower doesnt work..so Im buying a new computer and returning everything that I just got...which..it's 744 dollars, so Im not complaining! Heather and I are doing everything tomorrow, and hopefully, Ill get it before school starts.. But I probably wont, so Im going to have to come home on the weekend and get it if it comes.. AND If it doesnt come on the weekend, Im telling Heather we are taking the damn car and we are going to come back and get it when it comes during the week. She can stick that in her pipe and smoke it.. Yay! I get a pretty new dell! I hope my credit card comes soon! I need to get my books and shit..well Im out ..peave loves

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