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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

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Rechallenge! Parte Uno.
Friday. 7.27.12 9:11 am
This one, I'm going to do in bits and pieces. I'm thinking 10 sets of ten. Is this agreeable? So, here is Part One.

Ready, Fight!

1. I seem to be prone to headaches. That's not fun.
2. Fizzy water is amazing.
3. So is Whisky.
4. My hangovers seem to manifest as intestinal distress. No headaches, just a gnawing hunger for grease.
5. I am totally going to be working at GE soon.
6. I fixed up my brother's old PSP, so now I am looking for games.
7. I skipped 7 and realized when I was on 8. I can't count. :(
8. My cat likes squash, but hasn't figured out how to do the happy squash dance.
9. Baking rocks. I tried that fancy new base + flavor frosting mix, I don't know how I feel about it. We'll see after I try the cake, I guess.
10. Mitsuwa is still by far an awesome grocery shop.

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Mas! And not Mas.
Wednesday. 7.18.12 6:40 pm
It has been a while.

I have engaged in two culinary experiments, a root beer cheesecake (like creme de menthe, but with Root liqueur instead), and a ginger(snap) sort of cheesecake (with gingersnap granola, gingersnap crust, and chocolate coated ginger). The former was delicious, the latter... something is not that great. I think it is the granola. The chocolate coated ginger makes for AWESOME.

The next culinary experiment is an m&m cheesecake, at the request of Dave. I'm not sure how that will be pulled off.

I ordered a new purse, so now I can carry my crap.

There was a terrible storm, we didn't lose power.

My head itches.

I don't know where my cat is, and I could use some excitement.

I ate too many french toast sticks. I didn't think six would be that many, but it was. Oh, but it was. T.T

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Tuesday. 6.12.12 2:57 pm
So I went to see if I posted about my hoodie I bought many years ago. I did. I haven't had it five years yet, and it's time for a new one. I guess maybe I've gotten $60 out of it.

I ended up finding an entry about my $5 yellow bike, and how "perfectly safe" it is for me.

bananaface left a comment saying they were jealous of my safety-bike.

I don't know if I mentioned, but about a year ago, I was riding my safe-bike down a hill, hit a pothole/bump, and supermanned over the handlebars, splitting my chin open.

Dave was not pleased. He went home to get my brother so we could go get it stitched up, and my brother told me later that the way Dave came in, he thought that I was pretty messed up, not just a busted chin/palm abrasions. My nickname in the ER was "chin", because I walked in with a bandage: "I need some stitches."

A year later, you can't tell that I busted up my chin. You can still tell that I fell down the stairs when I was 13, and leapt from a chair when I was 2.

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Woohoo! Not a Drunkard!
Tuesday. 5.8.12 5:30 pm
And to celebrate, I'm gonna go take my fancy new whiskey stones and pour myself a nice glass o' Fireball.

Apparently it was some mishap on the insurance company's end that they don't want to own up to: "well, it was there, and we don't know how!".


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Happy Birthday!
Monday. 5.7.12 11:38 am
What's the best way to celebrate a birthday?

With a DUI and license suspension that aren't yours and don't show up anywhere except for insurance.


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Asian horror movies
Thursday. 5.3.12 12:16 pm
So, the problem with having Netflix and being in crappy moods is that I end up watching Asian horror/thriller/suspense movies all day long.

Currently it's Visible Secrets, and it's not very good. :/

I should really go cut the grass, dust the house, and shred those papers that I need to shred. I still have to bake Dave his cheesecake, and I have my own to bake as well. His is going to be root beer flavored, mine will be ginger. I should make some ginger liqueur for mine.

I don't really want to do any of those things.

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