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Truewindrune: Version Sunset
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Googling Nutang (II)
Friday. 1.26.07 1:02 am
With the word "Nutang", here are the top 10 Nutang blogs. XD

1. crochetmama.nutang.com
2. dave.nutang.com
3. stlcardsgal86.nutang.com
4. frostbitten.nutang.com
5. the-muffin-man.nutang.com
6. kkama67.nutang.com
7. panda-lord.nutang.com
8. jmc.nutang.com
9. razzly.nutang.com
10. nutang.nutang.com (should this be included? XD)

Razzly, Kuri and Katrina!! You have a lot to catch-up! Lol. XD

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Some Update
Friday, January 26, 2007
I. Bleach

Ahahaha. I absolutely love Hirako Shinji (Bleach)! XD His voice and accent never cease to amuse me. XD And the hair! Ahahaha! What kind of hair is that?! XD While his manga version didn't make any impact on me, but in the anime, he's really amazing. <3 I'm also looking forward to see the other Shinigamis in school uniforms. XD Hope they appear in episode 113!

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II. Nodame Cantabile Anime

Hmm... I think I'll skip this one. (but I really want to know what happened after the drama. ^^) I watched the first episode though and the animation doesn't seem to impress me. Especially the opening and ending sequence! D: Not to mention I had high hopes for this anime since the drama production was great!

Aside from the turn-off OP and ED sequences, I have to get use to the art. D: I must admit it follows the manga-style a lot. But for somebody who never read the manga, it really takes a lot of time getting used to.

And most of all, there's no Tamaki Hiroshi and Eita!! D: D: D: LOL. XD

III. Wacom Tablet

In the end, I'm getting Graphire 4 4x5 (because I got a PS2. Imma big kid. XD). What's annoying me is that I've ordered it from PC Express two weeks ago, and they still haven't received the tablet yet! All they had to do is move the item from their Shaw Branch. What's taking them so long? >_< The sales guy even told me that it might even take next week! They're also charging me P5,300 for it.

(@lil_kuma: Datacore doesn't sell their 4x5 at 4,500 anymore. *cries* They raised the prices, when I inquired how much their Intuous 3 will be if I ordered from their. Apparently, they called the distributor and followed the new SRP. Wrong move. ;__;)

=/ I really wanted to start using it to see if I can make vector arts or so. It's hard for me to create a base right into photoshop without drawing it first. =/ And a lot of graphic design job offers want the vector type. DX


After having Crunchy Calamares and Spicy Spareribs for lunch. I am now happy. *dismisses rant mood* XDXD (random)

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Tuesday. 11.7.06 9:01 am
Truewindrune will be on hiatus until the mid of December. If you need to notify me about something, please email me or PM me in the forum. I'll respond within three days at most. =D

The thesis is my last hurdle before I graduate. I hope I can go through it smoothly. Wish me luck! =D I hope I won't come back to the forum to find it deserted. XD lol. And I hope you'll pardon for not reading all of your blog entries and commenting on them lately. =D

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SEO? What?
Tuesday, October 31, 2006
I've been encountering this word for quite a while now. Especially after frequenting Yugatech Blog for broadband and wifi updates in the country.

Lol. As it turns out, it actually stands for "Search Engine Optimization". People hold SEO contests all over the world to find which website comes out first in the top three search engines (google, yahoo and msn... particularly google though). And they get cash prizes for that. +__+ There's a certain keyword that will be run in the search engine to get the results. Oftentimes, it's just gibberish like GNATUN NOITCIDDA.

Interesting. XD Okay, maybe only to site owners who likes to google her site now and then. Hahaha. XD But don't you get curious on how google does its rankings? Like how you google "Nutang" and the first Nutang blog to come out (aside from the main site) is Crochetmama's, followed by Razzly's and then Souji's. OMW! Razzly!! XD And you're even barely a week here. XD *Go Go Razzly!*


Ah! I haven't thank the nice people who welcomed me to Nutang and commented in my entries. :D Thanks to:

  • little-b
  • Silver-Dot
  • Katrina <3<3<3
  • Ryan444123
  • Kirei
  • Kuri <3<3<3
  • Peachy7646
  • Samejima
  • Sylphie <3<3<3
  • Razzly <3<3<3
  • Dave
  • Killua <3<3<3

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  • Bento #14: Snack Bento
    10/27/06 7:06 AM
    *____* Yummy Snack Bento!!! XDXDXD

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Left, Top Compartment: Crunch Mini-chocolates, Polvoron, Earl Grey Tea Bag

    Left, Bottom Compartment: Seedless Grapes =9

    Right Compartment: Veggie Thin Crackers, Pesto Bread-Cheese Melt

    Am I a glutton? XD All that for snack? Lol. Don't worry, I shared them. XD

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    Bento Lunch #13
    10/26/06 6:52 AM

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Top Tier: Dragon Fruit shaped as flowers, Mango Jelly

    Bottom Tier: Rice, topped with Tuna & Cheese Omelette, Chicken Tocino, Banana Fritter, Breaded Chicken Strips

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    Close-up of the Dragon Fruit-flower

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