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The Little Corner Scanlation
Welcome to The Little Corner Scanlation
A very very small little corner that scanlates manga!
Remember to support the authors and purchase a copy!
Little Corner
Hey there!
You've reached The Little Corner! We are a small manga scanlation group aiming to scanlate epic manga for the fans :) Thank you for visiting and hope to see you soon again!

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Sunday. 9.16.12 1:29 am

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Just a Follow Up :)
Tuesday. 6.5.12 2:21 pm
We're not dead.

We're just preparing to battle our finals and get into our desired Universities.

This is a little shameless... but we would like to be able to buy our own raws to scanlate... Some of the manga we're scanlating have no raws online OR have horrible quality raws online OR have raws in the wrong order online. If possible, please donate. Any amount of donation is fine. Your name will be mentioned in a thank you page in our releases as well as a page on the site :)

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Koutetsu no Hanappashira c3
Wednesday. 5.2.12 1:25 am

I'm uploading it onto Minus for online viewing right now.

We NEED translators and proofreaders! Chinese and Japanese please!

Enjoy! This was a lengthy chapter.... in terms of bubbles and dialogues I mean.

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Mitsume ga Tooru c02
Saturday. 4.7.12 7:06 pm
Stop uploading our manga on manga aggregator sites and taking off this page. What's the point. Do you guys want watermarks on our scanlations? ._. Okay.

12 hours of constant typesetting. *eyebags*

Get the upload from our active page.

Today's release features the page:

A comprehensive tutorial on how to download and view manga on our website is up. Check it out if you have any questions.

Btw, this chapter should finish up episode one of the anime if anyone has seen it.

That's all.

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How To... Read Our Manga
Saturday. 4.7.12 5:17 pm
This tutorial is made specifically for reading The Little Corner's scanlation projects.


Downloading Manga

There are two ways of downloading our releases (sometimes only one way), and that is to either click on Releases to get to our mediafire folder containing all the releases, or to click on the individual chapters to download and read online that specific chapter.

For some oneshots, Download will bring you to Mediafire, and Online will bring you to Minus.

If you click Releases, you will be directed to a page that contains all the releases for download, similar to this:

Click Download for whatever chapter you want to download.

Click Download to get the file.

If you click individual chapters, you will be redirected to a page that allows you to read the chapter online as well as downloading it.

Click Download all as zip to get the chapter.

To read our manga afterwards, simply use a manga viewing client and read from the zipped folder. Some of our zipped files were zipped using Mac OSX and contain resources files which may mess up your ability to read the chapter if viewed using the manga viewer opening the zipped file. If that is the case, simply contact us and we'll rezip the file. :)

BTW, For Windows users, we recommend CDisplayEx to view the manga and 7zip to unzip/unrar files.

For Mac OSX users, we recommend Simple Comic to view the manga and UnRarX for unraring manga files (unzipping can be done locally :D)

Reading Online

Some of our projects have online viewing options, simply click on the link for Online, if available, and you will be redirected to Minus page that allows viewing online.

You may click the arrows on the page to flip pages or you may use the arrow pad on your keyboard to navigate.
Up arrow: Moves the page up.
Down arrow: Moves the page down.
Right arrow: Next page.
Left arrow: Go back one page.

Reading manga is right to left.

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New Layout!
Saturday. 3.24.12 6:05 pm
Edit// Major changes will be happening to the site. I may switch from MediaFire to Minus + Online viewing option. Hopefully, this will defer people from using other online viewing sites and allowing them to profit from scanlation. :( MangaToshokan, y yu closed down?!

Our last layout has been with us ever since we moved to NuTang! The day has come for us to say good bye to that pretty old layout to this new pretty one.

:) No release in this update.

Question: Will someone please provide us with Mitsume ga Tooru raws?

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