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Battle of the Titans!

Dilated and I are at the Nutangers mercy. We are prepared to deal with the challenges you lay before us. All of you at Nutang will compose a list of challenges that Dilated and I must face and do. Example: Eat a grasshopper, dance at walmart, wear your underwear over your pants for a day, and other such things. The list must not contain things which could potentially cause us harm, such as jumping off a three story building or punching a cop in the face. Also, the list must not contain challenges that require purchasing items or challenges that are obscene (If you wouldn't want your child to see or do this, then don't make US do it). The list cut off will be at 20 challenges. Each challenge will be documented in visual form (pictures) or whatever other means possible to prove such moments. The first to complete all the challenges wins. The rules may be altered by Dilated and I upon our agreement. May the best Nutanger win.

This battle is for 200 points!

Battle is over!

Link to this battle:


Intervusos de Warriosos

 elessar257 says:

Dude, y'all need to WAIT and quit votin'! There's challenges to be done!

 Dilated says:

No comment.

Talk Smack in the Official Battle Thread

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