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Age. 31
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location , MD
School. Other
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November 2020

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I have a voice now!
Thursday, January 29, 2009
No I haven't register to vote and I don't plan on either. I am no longer afraid of other people say about me and I am no longer afraid to voice my thoughts. After recieving a hate note from a person in which I was trying tell the truth about what she was doing to one of my guy friends when I was around. For all I care, I am not afraid of what people say b/c I'm not afraid to have a voice. I rather have someone hate me for telling the truth rather than having someone like me and I can't voice my opinion or tell the truth. I learned this from Joel when he told me that he wanted to be straight forward honest than to start a web of lies. I thank Joel for telling me the truth even I am stubborn and didn't want to hear it. I admit that if I'm saying this, I am a total hypocrite b/c I can't handle the truth either. Oh well, I'm trying to turn over a new leaf and learning to accept the truth. I rather have friends who will let me voice my opinion than to just keep it to myself. I already don't have a voice at home so why can't I have a voice outside of my house. Sure, whatever I say is mean and hurtful but to be honest, it's my voice. The only way you can grow up is to stop worrying about what other people say and just let it be. That person wants to be bitchy, then let them be. They want to start drama, let them be. I don't understand why people need to start World War 3 with me trying to express my opinion/feelings and I'm bad at writing and plus I prefer to type. You people think that I'm talking smack behind your back but I'm not the only one. People aren't really as different as each other. Everyone bound to get smack talked behind their back myself included and don't think I don't know them. You think I never been through it before, but I have a lot and most of the people who trash talk about me are usually my friends. Yes, friends don't say smack behind your back but are you sure? You'll be surprised. Call me names or whatever you want but I'm no longer afraid to tell and express my feelings, thoughts and my opinion. Hate me for all I care...I prefer to get hated for trying to voice my opinions and thoughts rather to live a life filled with lies and no voice. Lying messes things up more than telling the truth. I know...that the mistake I made in both relationships. Another thing, in reality and not your imaginary world, things aren't always pretty, nice and/or plesant. You have to face what is coming. Overreacting shows you are immature. Your words no longer hurt me but it helps me see who you really are.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008
hi everybody! It's been a long time since I updated. I've been doing ok. I had some good and bad days but those are in the past. College is ok and fun. Let's see...Once again, my summer is ruined b/c I have to work and yes, I have a second job but the hours and days aren't as crazy as last year. I recently lost a friend I've known since middle school in a car accident. I finally got in touch with him about a year ago after we lost contact after freshman year of high school. I know it is terrible tragedy and I was shocked when I found out on Facebook from another friend. Don't worry...I'm alright and beginning to accept the fact that he is indeed gone. Unfortunally, my other friend doesn't get the fact that I'm moving on and putting all this behind me. I understand that she is concern about me but I don't like to be asked the same old question over and over! It is like she's asking me every 15 seconds! I'm trying to move on but she mentions it all the time even if u don't talk about it. Now I'm being accused by my other friends of mentioning it first. I really appreciate that she is trying to help me but please don't keep bringing it up when I'm trying to move on. I wasn't really a close friend of the decesed but I knew him. I am affected by this tragedy but it doesn't really have a "hard hit" on me. Dying is part of life, so is moving on...You're gonna have to accept the fact that nothing will bring him back.

Like the old saying goes: "The show must go on..."

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Monday, January 28, 2008
I am struggling in Russian right now. If anyone knows Russian, I probably need your help. I need help in talking and the Russian alphabet!

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u suck!
Friday, March 30, 2007
Yea keep looking! That's invasion of privacy! People need to learn to give people space and stop invading privacy! I'm glad I'm leaving b/c FRESHMEN SUCK!

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Monday, March 19, 2007
I don't know why I'm pissed! I just flipped out at this annoying freshman that was looking at my stuff. He has got to stop invading my privacy!

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2007 Volleyball Schedule
Friday, March 16, 2007
Volleyball - Boys and Coed
Northwest at Wheaton Coed 3:30 pm/Boys 5:15 pm

Volleyball - Boys and Coed
Wheaton at Einstein Coed 3:30 pm/Boys 5:15 pm

Volleyball - Boys and Coed
Wheaton at Richard Montgomery Coed 5:15 pm/Boys 7 pm

Volleyball - Boys and Coed
Rockville at Wheaton Coed 3:30 pm/Boys 5:15 pm

Volleyball - Boys and Coed
Wheaton at Magruder Coed 5:15 pm/Boys 7 pm

Volleyball - Boys and Coed
Wheaton at Wootton Coed 5:15 pm/Boys 7 pm

Volleyball - Boys and Coed
Gaithersburg at Wheaton Boys 5:15 pm/Coed 7 pm

Volleyball - Boys and Coed
Churchill at Wheaton Boys 3:30 pm/Coed 5:15 pm

Volleyball - Boys and Coed
Wheaton at Whitman Boys 5:15 pm/Coed 7 pm

Volleyball - Boys and Coed
Northwood at Wheaton Boys 3:30 pm/Coed 5:15 pm

Volleyball - Boys and Coed
Wheaton at B-CC Boys 5:15 pm/Coed 7 pm

Volleyball - Boys and Coed
Clarksburg at Wheaton Boys 5:15 pm/Coed 7 pm

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