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Who Am I ?!?
I am nerdier than 28% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Name: Wilson
Love Of My Love: Jacqueline aka Dearie..
Better Known As: Wilbie, Botak, 3-Balls
1st Smile into the World: 27th Jan 1985
Star I Represent: Aquarius
Affliations: St. Anthony's Pri School, Kranji Secondary School
Studying @: Singapore Polytechnic
Course: Business Admin (Marketing) 3rd Year

What I like
~Sports: Bball, Soccer, Pool
~Clubbing @ Black on a Friday
~Drinking during Chalets
~Listening to my mp3s
~Gathering with my AmenZ + Sec Sch buddies. Making HELL LOTSA noise!!
~Supper with AmenZ and Alvin Cheong Kai Rhan.. wahaha

Who My Buddies Are
~Primary School: Kenneth Peh!! haha.. one lame bugger whom we still keep regular contact with.
~Secondary School : AmenZ(Top 5) + the Rest of the Gang.
~Poly: The Crazy Boys of DBA1B/23, Special Thanks to Alvin, Gabriel, Wynn who've been around when i was down. Wahaha!! Lily, My Nutty Sista...Weipeng, a good friend..

Short Facts:
- Caffeine Drinker
- Microphone User
- Inspired Biker (On Da Way)
- Crazy 4 Wheel Driver
- In a way a Bballer

U smile I smile
Song of The Day: One More Try by A1

Could be your eyes, could be your smile.
Could be the way you freed my mind.

Your precious touch caressed my soul.
You gave me everything I need, and know I'll lost.
Lost forever.

Lost forever, and you said this is going nowhere, girl.
And you said I turned my back on.
You said I'll not the only one for you.

Please give me one more try for the sake of our love
Let's give it one more chance coz I can't give you up.
I can't live one more day without you in my arms
I could never find another like you.

Could be the lies, could be my pride.
Could be the days and nights so wild.

Could be the times I wasn't there.
And all the nights we didn't share, and now you've lost.
Lost forever
Abandon Ship!
Tuesday. 5.17.05 1:29pm
Well i've relocated... haha ask me for the add.. with recent events tt happened.. cant help but to seek my friends forgiveness in relocating.. i noe bery de ma fan.. But wad are friends for? LOL... C'mon... ask me ask me!

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yo SLUT!?!
Monday. 5.16.05 12:25pm
Well, i am dedicating this entry to "Ur worse nitemare la" from my dearie's blog.. hm.. for easy reference i'd just call u a slut.. Oh dun get me wrong, i aint affected by ur actions or indirectly causing angry.. Its because ur comments were far too childish and the way i read ur intentions were just vicious.. thus i'd call u a slut.. no gender discrimination or wadeva.. After reading this, u wanna have a "discussion" because u felt i am being wrong abt u? feel free to contact me.. no hostilities.. I am open for discussions.. dun do things in the dark.. u'll get ignored by society.. *think hard.. wad i am trying to tell u*
Let me clarify certain things.. my dearie nv asked for my help.. i am writing this entry on my own accord.. Well this is wad u call being in a r/s, u support and help one another willingly... Hm.. which leads me to another pt.. to u slut, have u ever been in love? or ever felt loved? From ur bf/gf? from ur family? from friends? because from ur abusive words.. it just depicts to me that ur a lunatic whose deprived of love.. which can be due to some reasons such as physical deformities, mental disorder or ur character's just real bad.. And again i am not saying the all physically or mentally handicapped are deprived from external love, but it does affect, the affects just ranges.. I certainly hope ur character is not real bad, otherwise i would narrow in on ur upbringing.. bad.. sad.. Poor parents.. they didnt noe their child was born out to be to .. evil? yeah.. tt's the word.. Seriously, after a logical person thinks thru it, ur really pitiful if ur char's just real mean..
I'm refraining from using too explicit words to describe u cos i am afraid it will just hurt ur ego so bad.. And the weird thing, ur encouraging ppl to "go and die".. Do u noe how a single life is precious? unless ur from China? and yet again i am not being bias to our asian counterparts.. but there are phrases tt the citizens in china.. their lives.. "ming jian".. too huge a population.. hit and run cases tt are nt solved? y... cos their population is far too huge to run down on a criminal.. Understandin my metaphor slut? I hoped ur not following any religion.. cos each religion talks or life is being precious and shld be treasured... unless ur talking abt satanism or maybe ur shallow .. Bottomline i guess ur pretty much too childhish.. seeking wad i think is pleasure on other ppl's misery.. As u advance in age, ur character will just make friends wary of u.. the real u.. U may have put on a smiling friendly front, but after some time, they'll see who u are..
My blessings to u, hope u are able to find another malicious partner to spend ur life with, and hope u understand life is a circle, dun believe in karma? its ok.. Do some mature thinking and u will be able to grasp the msg i am sending to u.. *whisper* grow up ya? Hope its a big enuff hint for ur shallow brain..

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Hold On! My tots 1st..
Thursday. 5.12.05 12:37am
Well its been an intriguing journey.. My Hong Kong trip isnt just abt the massive shopping i did or the chunks of food i ate.. It's also abt living and spending quality time and total freedom for the 4 days there.. Of cos there were misunderstandings, of cos we threw tantrums.. but we got to noe more abt each other's habits and character.. And how we could tolerate each other's nonsense.. Not that i am good at tolerating, but i am learning.. Living with another person outside ur family can be quite.. Interesting.. I just feel really blessed that we've gone thru 4 days of living tgt, all in one piece.. and i really hope we would have a chance to go thru the future, hand in hand, tgt.... I Love U baby..

Ok ok, its poem time.. dun say i nv warn the weak hearted.. if mushy stuff arent ur forte.. dun read the poem.. and if u do.. dun come complaining to me its too mushy or wad.. yada yada blah blah... Peace..

(Sing to the rythem "ah mei ah mei ji shi bai jia zhuang, wo ji de kuai fa kuang.......) I dunno the title of the song but it has a cute rythem..
Oh Baby baby u let me in ur life
I feel like it is to nice
Oh Making me feel like a clown beside
Beside the angel in my eyes

Oh Hong Kong Hong Kong is a test of hearts
A test for both of us
Tempers flies in the rainy sky
I'd never say gd bye
Oh Baby Baby what can i say?
Thank u for a great 4 days..

=) Sorry if i have made u angry, disappointed or pek chek.. I really didnt mean it, either my intentions were gd or i was just plain childish to react in a better way.. Sorry if i made u felt we saw things differently.. we'll work things out right? miss u lots baby..

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HongKong here i CUM!
Thursday. 5.5.05 8:20pm
Tmr will be take off, flying off to HK for a 4D3N trip with dearie... aw so excitied about it.. haha.. gg to be doing a lot of shopping!! ok fine, so i dun suit the describtion of a shopaholic.. but i do get surges of inspiration to start shopping.. there are quite a no. of stuff i wanna buy in HK. Hope their cheap.. or at least substantially cheaper than things sold in sg. gg to get some alcohol at DFS upon returning back to sg.. hm. besides that i ald got a short list which includes stuff for my parents and friends whom ask me to keep a look out for their stuff..

Sightseeing and takings loads of pics will be a must.. Haha.. i nv see myself being so enthu abt taking pics.. Good influence from dearie i guess? hahaha.. FINE I AM VAIN! opps..

Today dearie showed me wad she was up to during the last few days.. She has been sowing 2 cute children figurines on a piece of special cloth.. She planned to frame it up and give it to me during the flight.. hoping to catch my happy expressions as she told me she cldnt finish it on time.. The present's actually my 2nd mth anniversary gift.. However dearie got quite pek chek with the salesgal cos the stupid frame cost 90 bucks.. dearie was pretty willing to tell me wad it was.. so there's there. i got to noe the story.. Went over to Cards N Such to get a cheaper frame.. phew.. save dearie 60 bucks man..
Be it a finished product or an incomplete one, i am very very happy and appreciates the effort and time taken to sow the things so beautifully.. i could never have such patience and creativity to present out such a wonderful present.. Thanks dear.. even thu i've see it in an incomplete state, it doesnt make me less happier to see it complete.. cos its the "xin yi" tt fills my heart with sweetness. Gosh i think i am gg to get bitten by ants! *winks + grinz*

Anyway, anyone reading this and wants me to get something back from HK or just trying ur luck to see if HK sells it cheaper, pls sms jac.. Dun expect a reply cos its expensive to do so.. WAHAHA.. must pay back one.. not free.. hahaha..

Hm. a recap of the recent events.. dearie got my mother birdnest for mother's day and her bday.. so totful.. hoho.. makes me guilty tt i didnt even buy anything for her. HAHAHA.. hm... Been gg to newton to eat recently.. dearie's in love with the lime juice *jealous!* and me, i'll just savour the kwang huat hokkien mee!! and the RoChore Tou Hua!! shuang ah.. eat so much.. darn.. belly pop out le.. ah fiak.. hahaha...
Tried 1 new drink at Acid Bar.. Alabama Slammer.. pretty nice with a taste of fruit punch in it.. tt day dearie didnt feel tt gd cos the alcohol was pretty strong.. think she cant take much liao.. gd also.. haha i shall see tt she doesnt touch more den 5% alcoholic drinks from now on.. hoho..
During our 2nd mth anniversary, we sorta celebrated in a grp. hahah meet up with ken lao da alvin daphne wernie bradley for dinner, after tt we join them for KTV session.. hhaha yesh tt's right.. KTV again.. hm.. i must complain.. tt alvin.. age must be catching up on him, was saying gg town area for ktv. so i drove there with dearie accompanying me, upon reaching.. tt dohdoh nv called and tell me venue's changed to clementi!!!!! bleahX... haha.. supper was at rui chun .. yummy.. but HK dim sum shld be better right? or at least i hope! hoho
I had a Meet-The-Parents session on monday! haha.. dearie's dad wanted to talk to me. guess is to noe me better be4 he feels safe that his daughter is gg for a trip with me.. Off i went.. a lil nervous but not shaken.. "Hi auntie Hi Uncle" haha i was invited to sit down and off goes with our conversation.. it wasnt so much of interrogating but more of conversing.. Joined the WHOLE family for dinner.. haha a lil paiseh thu.. dearie's mother ordered a lot of things to eat man.. yummy! starting to like tom yam soup le.. after dinner and a short walk, we went off for a rendevous.. TCC @ Clarke Quay is a great place to slack.. they have beanie bags!!!

Ah just ytd, meet dearie for dinner.. brought her to the east coast Boon Tong Kee for dinner.. phew, dearie liked the food there. i am so pleased with myself, intro-ing nice food to baby.. hahaha took a walk ard at east coast.. headed to Breko after tt.. DUDES!! if u wanna get drunk or have booze while watching soccer.. go to BREKO ! 2 heineken for 10 bucks.. cheap compared to other places..

Okiez.. darn excitied for HK ald.. hahah i shall go work on my shopping list! onward wilson!! PS: Ru guo you xu yao wo yi ding hui yong.. Dun keep reminding me!! u guys noe whu u are.. haha

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f@t le!
Thursday. 4.28.05 2:37am
Back by popular demand! woHo!
Been watching a couple of movies recently.. Guesss Who is a great movie.. Black gal bring White boy home.. haha do the math.. it equals chaos.. Talking abt chaos.. One thing occurred in me right now.. Ongoing for a few wks.. i am growing SIDE WAYS!!!! !@#@!##$#... ate a great deal recently.. Mum's been asking me to cut down on my belly, saying it looks freaking ugly. Which i agree.. i am in the worse shape my entire life.. no biceps.. no triceps.. no abs.. no leg muscles.. oh darn.. but luckily dearie finds it cute to have a belly.. makes me feel better.. HoHo..

Past few days was eventful, kinda cool.. Just tt been stringent on how i spend cos i nd cash for the HK trip.. Anyone wants me to get stuff for them? Drop ur name sex and money into my mail box.. dun nd to tell me wad u wan cos i will just kapo the cash. LOL... by the way i eat now, hard to.. Fish n Co..! hoho.. had my fav teriyaki salmon and dear had her black pepper stingray.. the stringray is not bad.. tried it for the 1st time.. quite fresh.. YumMy..

Hm.. sorta found a job to pull thru after the trip.. back to my itp company to work as "sai-gang" boi again.. she ask me to call her again once i am done with the trip.. Hm.. oh.. i appealed, asking for an early enlistment.. now on waiting list.. lala.. hope it gets approved...
The day be4 tt i went drinking with dearie at fisherman.. cool.. had a jug.. which kinda made dearie head pain.. she slpt in da car for a while.. think we both didnt have enuff slp thus the alcohol affected us a bit..

MD pass his tp le.. now waiting for Ah Fat to pass his, den he can drive his cabstar.. WAHAHA..Had a good time driving.. 3 cars full of buddies, of cos mine is with my love one.. went to fishermen..(yesh i noe, again).. den to the airport. hoho.. heard form ah fat the and rest sitting md's car, it was hell.. WAHAHA.. md was spared the detail thu.. darn.. wished i knew exactly wad happen. Wonder when will i get the chance to exp md's driving.. buahaha..

And darn it.. really been getting pissed off at those F****** drivers.. playing punk and being a road bullie.. particularly those mercs drivers.. kena a few liao.. one really made me damn tu lan.. he was speeding damn fast, thus from behind he keep flashing his headlites for me to give way.. "Har? wtf? i siam to give way to u?" buzz of man, as i tot to myself.. so i slow down and diao him on the BKE.. SONG BO? finally he was able to cut me.. haha my turn! highbeam him all the way till he exited to PIE tuas.. if only i wasnt rushing to pick up dearie.. i would have followed U and flash u.. Had katong laksa tt day at ..KATONG..duh? hoho.. those ti co peks.. gave dearie so many hums! i got a few nia.. damn it.. dearie dun eat em so i had a great time savouring them..

Monday.. BD.. FINALLY i am out of sp for gd.. just need to go back one more time to accept my dip... finish up everything and handed in to susan chiam.. Darn, i am gg to miss the teachers tt motivated me.. not those tt particularly sucked and whom i think had no brains for EQ.. Ahh.. and tt nite.. played online pool with dearie.. haha si bei ge yan.. both of us were old hands at it but felt like newbies at our white ball keep flushing down the pots and the black ball entering be4 it was its turn.. grrr...

Tuesday.. damn it.. late for the 1st time meeting dearie.. which resulted it a very bad arguement and misunderstanding.. At least its all settled now.. sing kbox did the trick i think? haha sang to dearie.. sang with dearie.. it was fun.. really.. even thu the air con was just way too cold for our liking..

TODAY WE WENT EAST COAST!! haha cycling! hm.. its been long since i cycled.. butt kinda hurt man.. 2 hrs my arse buay tahan liao.. grrr... had a great time taking pics.. cycling.. chatting with dearie.. some guy allowed me to take pics with his dog.. name's tango.. hahah sounds familiar? wuuu.. no prize for guessing it thu.. went parkway today, had their mini wok.. something memorable was.. i ate tao suan.. okok, its a small thing but i didnt like eating it.. Dearie hong me to eat .. hahah dun shivers! hm.. its ok, nice actually but just the sandy feeling i must get used to it.. dearie got herself a new shoe.. looks nice.. of cos lah. i choose de mah.. wahaha.. right now playing online pool with dearie.. back to the game!

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Recent Events
Wednesday. 4.19.05 1:50 am
Had a great wkend.. marvellous i would say.. hahaha details will be kept close to the heart.. Just had a tot.. I dun get hindered by the past, qn marks will pop out and weirdness will be felt, but in the end of the day.. i am Wilson, past dun bother me.. the future inspires me.. CheERs!

There's a recent hype on the casino event.. ppl speculating whether it would be approved.. ITs so obvious it will have the "go-ahead".. C'mon man.. ppl are complaining there are lack of jobs which will lead to other needs not being satisfied.. This casino thingy will inject a lot a new jobs for both local and foreign talents, but there will be no doubt a significant amount of jobs available for the locals..
Ok fine.. u wanna take social ethics into place.. ask urself this qn if ur one of em.. No Money No Nothing.. Guess most will noe the importance of money and the security of money that will provide for ppl.. U wanna say this casino has bring the SIN into singapore.. Realistically speaking.. the SIN has always been in Singapore. If there are gamblers in Singapore, there are bound to have illegal gambling, if not.. online gambling.. I am pretty sure most ppl have bet on 4D or ToTo at least once in their life.. Consider tt a SIN? If i rmb correctly, sg pools do donate some of their receipt to charity.. WHY dun the critics say sg pools have contributed to charity in an in direct way.. and with those ToTo draws coming a millions at a time, they have made very lucky ppl rich overnite, making these ppl lives better.. It hasnt happen to me but knowing someone else lives are made better makes me a lil envious of cos..
So as i was saying...Why not have a casino to satisfy a substantial amt of gamblers to go legal and inject LIFE into Singapore.. The pros and cons were weigh out in the news.. So.. since its being approved, let give useful comments to make these 2 IRs world class. Make it BIG yet Good and satisfying on a SOCIAL level.. Read an article, this guy talks abt making the IRs the best there is, i couldnt help agreeing with him more.. Rules can be implemented to keep the IRs clean.. If ur a problem gambler, either from proof (credit cards bills etc) or a hint from the way ur playuing (basically asking to be on credits, Out U Go! Banned! South Australia has this policy whereby the family members can ban their family from enterring into a casino.. Sg can review such rules and implement it into their system.. I guess Sg gov ald noes how the casino should run.. Sit down and think.. with the IRs built, Sg will have a better economy, i aint gg to do the math.. but wad i say i think its pretty true..
I support the IRs proj! Its exciting how Sg is growing and maturing.. Heheh.. Who noes.. One day, a rocket may be launch from Sg grds.. i am just awaiting the advancement!.. Onward Singapore!!!

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