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*~ Live without regrets
*~ Dispose of your rubbish carefully
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*~ Be kind to your family, respect ur parents
*~ Enjoy song & dance
*~ Swear till your hearts' content
*~ Love who you are and be satisfied
*~ Eat when u r hungry
*~ Money is not the most important thing
*~ Have faith in something you feel strongly about
*~ Respect all religions
*~ Don't take life so seriously
*~ Give hugs
*~ Have manners! Be polite
*~ Cherish ur group of friends
*~ Don't talk shit, get to the pt
*~ Be passionate about your job
*~ Invest in a good eye cream
*~ Don't waste food
*~ Respect elders
*~ Don't be afraid to have a say!
*~ Love animals

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Karen Cheng - This lady must love perth
as much as I do!! Great read, web designer

Ayu - Another nutang bud, luv her
site designs! Sweet person..

Bitch- a "bitch" NOT! Cool Nutang girl!

KOban - NUtang boy who likes ff like me!, from sg too.

ShaShaBoo - she mah home girl..hehe
nutanger too!!

Vera - Frm Atlanta, US, alwiz has
something interesting to say!

JulAngel - Friend from 1st yr uni at Murdoch, Honkie at heart but living in Perth.

- another nutanger...very cool blog, she knows how to write!

Aussie Poida - A work friend, also from Perth. A live journal junkie/nintendo person
Count me in
Cooking is HOT!
Wednesday. 9.3.08 6:30 PM
I have really developed a passion for cooking in the past 6 months. I spend most of my free time at home now...so why not make it productive. Save money and thinking up of new recipes to cook. Somehow I find it is quite a euphoric feeling when I am successful at a recipe and other people love the food. Knowing it will be gone in a couple of minutes is so satisfying. That's what drives me and it is becoming my love...

Honestly when I cook, I like to feel everything with my hands. Let the textures flow over my palms, to feel the hot and coolness of the ingredients. I kinda become engrossed sometimes, and take herbs and smell them and rub it or tear it so it releases beautiful aromas.

I guess I have become more 'matured' in my manner and attitude towards cooking. I am no longer timid and scared of what I may produce as a result. Just go with the flow...who cares about measurements. Add how much I feel and I am becoming a better chef because of it. If only I could enrol into a proper cooking class to advance my skills better. To become more 'intuned' with my taste sense and to be more adventurous in using unusual and strange ingredients.

I have also taken the building of my new kitchen seriously. I want it to be a place where exotic foods and simple delicious meals are created. I can't wait...I'm getting hot for small appliances (and not that kind!)

However, Fernando is liking my cooking a bit too much! And has yet to prepare a delicious meal while I put up my feet :) This Friday's lunch at work we have to bring in an international dish to share. Should be interesting...can't wait!! So I can make something that others can enjoy.

I LOVE cooking. I got the talent from my dad, who is the cook in my family. My mom is pretty much useless in the kitchen, but then again, she's the one who by far makes the most money so she's excused. I don't like following recipes all that much unless I'm baking something, and even then after baking something a few times, I get more bold and start improvising, most of the time to good results. In another life, I might have been more inclined to be a professional chef (if I had what it takes to handle the stresses running a Michelin-starred kitchen), but I'm quite content being the guy at home who doesn't have to worry about what to do for dinner all the time because I can make anything out of anything. Plus, who doesn't like saving money from not eating out all the time?
» ranor on 2008-09-03 11:44:29

i like cooking but i don't like to do the washing. i like baking from scratch. i feel more 'professional' when the baking really turns out to be good.

hmm... yum ...
» renaye on 2008-09-03 10:44:31

i love cooking and baking!
Hi Von, I have started cooking after I got married last Sept and I'm loving every minute of it! I know exactly how you feel :)

» Mrs Ergül ( on 2008-11-12 04:12:07

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