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Tuesday. 11.25.08 11:25 pm
I dont like her, i never liked her and now she is like a fucking pain in the ass to me. on the morning that i feel so motivated to study, she hast to give me work which is not study related.

WHAT THE FUCK IS FUCKING WRONG WITH THIS BITCH? you live in the same house, you use the internet, no doubt not as often as my brother and I, so you don't want to pay for what you've used? I may not been doing the housework lately but have u heard me complain that I have too much work to do so I can't do the house work when I need to do it? I do it anyway no doubt i have to look after the house, study to maintain my scholarship and work at the same time? blooody bicth! you dont fucking bother to call when u dont need someone to fetch u back, we have to call u. have to put up with ur fucking temper when no one goes to fetch u cause u dont even tell us that we are supposed to fetch u. I have to go find u during my breaks because we are supposed to have breaks together but no, u go on your on and i have to fucking waste my time. just because my aunt loves u it doesnt fucking give u right to act as if u are the queen of the house. Of course I haven't taken into account the number of times my brother has to fetch you to and from work, the number of times you actually paid him and the number of times you claim that you pay him.

I haven't accounted for the fact that u are of another religion and race. I dont want to be racist here but isnt it too obvious that i never go into your room cause there is a typical stink in there. No matter how much perfume u put, it still will stink.

you know, what? the next time i count whatever bills, im gonna make u pay more. I don't care, im the one in charge of counting everything that needs to be split. Trust is what I have and I will manipulate it if I need to. If you wanna be a bitch, I will be one too and I will not stop to find your faults and get you out of here. I don't care if it means that I will need to pay more rent and utility bills. I'm sick and tired of having to do things twice because of someone who says "whatever" to everything and then becomes a hypocrite.

Life will be so much easier after you're gone.

wow... cool down...
understand how u feel, my bro housemate is someone like the "bitch" u r talking...

she even have the gut to tell my uncle that she doesnt like to walk out to the bathroom with towel on, so my uncle gave her the masterbedroom... @@"' and dont have to pay any electricity bills too..

and if ppl watch drama on her tv, she will purposely sit next to u, try to stop u from using the tv @@''
» jolenesiah on 2008-11-26 12:03:08

i'm surprise that ur uncle didn't say anything even though he's the owner of the house. if i were u... i would not even to be so kind hearted as to ask her whether to fetch her or not. first u declare if she needs transport, she opens her mouth if not don't even bother. let her make all those ruckus but u must not budge. but i know it's hard because of the complication of she reporting of ur 'misbehaviour' to ur aunt.

for the accounts, demand ur auntie to pay for her account. and when u split the accounts, tell ur uncle how much u and ur bro will be paying. full stop. don't even try to get the money from her. it is time for u to self let go of this responsibility even thought ur mum ur uncle gave u this stupid job.

don't entertain her complains and let them fall on deaf ears.

sorry to say this, i don't understand how could ur auntie let her partner stays with u guys. and how did ur uncle even agrees to this. when they split .... ur auntie is at the losing end. i have seen this like thousand of times....

and where's u uncle by the way?
» renaye on 2008-11-26 12:58:25

sorry to say this again. why is ur auntie in love with her by the way? if my bf is acting like that i would just dump him in some toxic waste.

kesian. u know my uncle 'kicked' my auntie out of his house because he wanted to her to be independence in a quite harsh way.
» renaye on 2008-11-26 02:56:19

I am glad I don't have roomies! I would'nt put up with it.
» Art4TheHomeless on 2008-11-26 02:38:36

RYN: cause that bitch acted "a GOODIE GOODIE"infront of my uncle and auntie... so they all mistaken the real fact... lol... so drama continue...

but thank god, my bro no longer needed to suffer as she needed to move to town now haha...
» jolenesiah on 2008-11-26 06:58:55

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