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Tuesday. 11.18.08 10:58 am
There is nothing like receiving marks for my previous economics test to make me unhappy. Is it me and my big mouth that I make it seem like I know a lot about economics in class? I was just trying to not fall asleep while you teach so I participate in your teachings to make time pass faster. IT DOESN’T MEAN THAT YOU CAN MARK MY BLOODY PAPER IN A STRICTER MANNER! I am absolutely assuming this point but it does seem that she is marking my paper more strictly! Bloody hell! I hate studying my ass off and not getting the marks that I aim for. I did take economics before but Canadian and UK syllibus are two different things. Things covered in one aren't covered in the other and vice-versa although there are the similarities.

There is so little people I can just send a text to and receive a reply that I want. She's busy, very busy, I feel guilty everytime I lend her ears. Another makes me feel worst when he opens his mouth, feels absolutely wrong if you ask me, and lastly people who make me feel even worst by doing their thing. Shouldn't have let this happen. Really shouldn't.

I'm sleeping early, waking up early tomorrow to do laundry and study. Don't have as much time as the others since I'm working so I have to start pushing limits while not stressing myself out.

I know I've been over implying that I don't have much time since I'm working.. Not that I like being this way.. Sucks!

oh man! wht a ass lecturer! i hate those who does that! its like they think its right to pay back in that form! fuck man! that's so un cool!

all the best for the finals. i know u can do better than that. does she mark ur finals as well or it will be sent over to UK or somethin?
» AlexisNg on 2008-11-18 11:18:57

oh..mayb? i thought for external programs, usually the lecturers in the college acts like a right hand man for the coordinator over UK. as for me , im doin an australian program , so all our stuff will be sent to aus for markin n even those marked by the lecturer here will be moderated.

well ,. whtever it is , give ur very best in the finals!
» AlexisNg on 2008-11-18 10:33:09

yea! *fingers crossed* hope it will be moderated by Lancaster !
» AlexisNg on 2008-11-21 06:08:31

Hey there.. love the username. =) I'm prone to spelling errors as well...
» baskinthemoonlight on 2008-11-23 01:21:07

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