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First is, Cash Flow Opptions, then ...
Tuesday. 11.25.08 5:11 pm
updated 11-23-10 .

Resolve Problems using WiN-abled methods and solutions for honesty and integrity

PiCs & Videos are added to this page by request or,

Go HeRe

what should i fix, first ?

What link did you use to get here ?

U should qualify ?

Add the Videos ?

Can i invest ?

Check comments for added thoughts & updates concerning the FIRST issue(s)
i.e. Design + bells & whistles are secondary issues

Full details & unique tweaks are only provided to those who qualify
uDoTonE >> a WoN OnE WeB - WoW!

iF U don't like iT or don't see what U hoped 4, let me know and i may even feature iT!

i.e. U may help change anything about this page & the uDoTonE network(s)
... U ask,

" HoW to make iT fair 4 ALL legit & honest people " ?

>> jump to helpful article below <<
(( iF not available - ask 4 iT! ))

i'll be glad to share with U the BesT Stuff i've found so far. BuT, maybe you've found better stuff. iF so, i'll be glad to join under U and /or help U profit from sharing with me the better stuff U have found.

Basic Cash Flow Choices:

investment opptions like HYIP, forex, build & tweak, promote, ...

Then also, Flat rate, CPM, PPC, affiliate plans, and so on. All have advantages and restrictions (understandably). And all have pros & cons. Its obvious most of us would prefer flat rate per day, per week, per month, etc. -- i'd say thats my first choice, too.

OR, a worthy investment into a highly reliable & trustworthy site or program ... btw: iF iT inspires you,   be sure to give iT at least a mention!

So, U are welcome to ...

Recommend a Good site or service for ... (ask 4 list)

Or, a highly reliable investment as described

YeP, everyone loves to be a tweaker or advisor, i've coined the nic of,

" tweak masters "

for the more advanced tweakers.

Yep, thats something thats truly not too clever, ... but its simple and to the point as i and others all wish we could be!

So, whaT do you think uDoTonE is mostly   about ?

resolving un-wanted robots, cheats, hindrances, automation which hurts our economies, and much, much more ... you are welcome to include your own issues you feel uDoTonE should also work to fix

Using win-win-win (win-abled) methods + flex opptions, i can fix nearly any idea or application to make iT better for EverYone.

However, basic product and application ideas are simple, while the real WorK is all about developmental issues & solutions concerning a multitude of endless, Details !

Especially when trying to develop every aspect to satisfy everyone concerned, i.e. the win-abled or win-win-win business models.

But, iTs truly a shame, FEAR usually holds most of us back! from releasing details for potentially incredible stuff!

there are better solutions for 1000's of other issues & problems, so are there NoW better solutions to remedy intellectual property theft ???
including business strategy theft, too !???

iF not, there should be, and soon, ... will be

AnD, wouldn't the solution greatly help reduce, or even eliminate spam !?

wanna sell Me ?

is iT possible to UniTe every topic ?

i think i know how, do you ?

  • Intellectual Property Theft Solutions:

    opptions other than traditional patent & copyright methods
    MUST eXisT!

    iF iT does NoT eXist, iT will   eXist once enough demand has emerged.

    i will be glad to help develop iT or buy iT, promote iT, propagate iT, build iT, obtain iT thru reasonable trading, etc.

    TiPs: insurance opptions?, equity investing?, bonds? + many other issues, so, who has the answer ? who'd like to help or SELL ME ?

  • Cash Flow Opptions:

    i will buy iT, build iT, trade for iT, via, ... income producing, gurus with secrets (trust), notes forsale, unique cash flows, + many other issues, so, who has the answer ? who'd like to help or SELL ME ?

  • WhaT would U like me to fix, first ?
  • WhaT should qualify U ?

    Unique or NoT ? (vote), the article ( info ) of interest is posted here:

    Paris Hilton: Love Her Or Despise Her?

    Submitted By: DeWayne Strickland | Word Count: 472 | Views: 152

    Read our Terms of Service before reprinting this article. The submitter specified above has claimed the rights to this article.

    DeWayne Strickland

    Who has the internet in a shark feeding frenzy for scandalous tapes? You may ask yourself, "is it Pamela Lee Anderson?" No, it is Paris Hilton or should I say "Paris the Heiress."

    This party-hopping socialite definately has made a name for herself. From the online sex tapes, to the "House of Wax" she has become the queen of the internet. How long will it last? How long can we handle it?

    Many seem to find her life amusing and her tv show the "Simple Life" raised a few eyebrows. Imagine having Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie coming to your house? It would be nice to see them doing dishes, laundry, and being maids.

    The only thing that seems to give Paris Hilton the attention online are those sex tapes. I don't see an acting career for her or a television career. She might have a modeling career for anorexic girls that are rich.

    Have you watched House of Wax? If you have, then you know she cannot act. She is attractive, but incredibly anorexic. I am sure there were people in the movie theatre, secretly cheering in their hearts, when a metal pole went through her head. I know why the killer did not aim at the body, because he would have missed it! It is hard to hit a target that is not there! Someone give her a ham sandwich!

    Love her or despise her? This rich young woman does have a strong following and the tabloids eat up her antics. It may be hard to believe, but there are many die hard Paris Hilton fans that love her. I may never understand it, but it is good to know with enough money, you can build your own Egypt!

    Imagine receiving a $3 Million dollar engagement ring and a new $12,000,000 dollar house! Her fiance is very generous and has left a good example for humanity. Now, if he will get her to eat some more food! Give her a ham sandwich!

    I think in the horror movie The Fog, she would have had a fighting chance as a anorexic leper, on the boat that was consumed with fire. Here again, she would have been a victim and it might keep some of her loyal fans entertained.

    Will Paris Hilton hit the silver screen again with her second-rate entertainment? I don't know about you, but I hope not. I will make sure I have a barf bag on hand if she does! Thanks to Paris Hilton, every actor that lacks talent has hope.

    She can play a victim, as long as she does not talk and she leaves some thick clothes on, like maybe a snow suit!

    Maybe someday, Paris Hilton will be over in a third world country feeding the children with Brad Pitt. Dreams do come true!

    Copyright 2006 DeWayne Strickland

    Published At: Isnare.com Free Articles Directory - http://www.isnare.com/
    Permanent Link: http://www.isnare.com/?aid=104004&ca=Entertainment

    Will this help ?


    Is this one better

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    not sure i agree
    i'm really not sure those type solutions will reduce or eliminate spam.

    i think that task (solution) will never occur.
    » remi ( on 2009-01-22 05:30:39

    and what about sports ?
    so, ... i was told this blog would have some focal points about sports and related topics.
    i say, please add those sports related topics.
    who agrees with me ?

    » ekim swehttam ( on 2009-02-03 01:00:29

    what about investments, too
    yep, i forgot to also include

    " investment opptions " as another cash flow thingy to consider.

    if you have some good ones, recommend them and how they might be win-abled or could be win-abled.

    » ekim adminomcky ( on 2009-02-14 10:25:55

    hope it makes sense

    if its confusing, i totally understand and i'll try to
    explain better as i grow.

    » tntgal on 2009-02-18 05:35:38

    better than a hyip
    what if i review something for you thats better than a hyip ?
    » amardkcihc ( on 2009-02-19 08:31:44

    do stuff we hope is copied !(?)
    we try to fix stuff to make it better and better.
    And the general population eventually determines whats good and whats bad.

    tell me if i'm stupid :)
    » ( on 2009-02-26 06:51:33

    but, how do we get fair compensation ?
    if we don't get enough honest exposure, our thingy will never be able to influence enough of the population for a fair judgement.

    tell me i'm stupid --- learn me! (lol)
    » ekim adminomcky ( on 2009-02-26 06:55:22

    how to blog and get paid but honestly ...
    get paid to blog ... but without annoying others -- how can it be done.

    i think i can develop several ways, u 2 ?


    » mary ( on 2009-12-09 12:51:02

    combo to help feed the hungry ?
    what combo can be used to help feed the hungry ?
    » jen ( on 2010-09-03 06:47:15

    Bravo, remarkable idea
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    » Trey ( on 2010-09-03 09:52:47

    spammy stuff is not allowed
    so, what constitutes " spammy stuff " ??

    the previous comment is just " one " example.

    and how can it be avoided or resolved ?

    ... would anyone like to discuss it ?

    » kurt ( on 2010-09-03 05:39:30

    i'm confused
    i'm not understanding this site, can anyone help me ??
    » meagan ( on 2010-09-03 06:05:59

    can i get stuff reviewed ?
    what can i get reviewed ?
    » zeny ( on 2010-09-03 06:52:17

    how did it help ?
    so, how did the front page article help ?
    » aron ( on 2010-09-07 12:18:08

    videos please
    how do i see the videos ?
    » tim ( on 2010-09-15 01:17:37

    should i invest ?
    if so, what kind of opptions are the safest ?
    » meagan ( on 2010-11-23 01:27:13

    page rank means revenue or not ?
    so, what if i make a sub-board focused around " page rank " ?

    Read more: http://mstgal.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=208#ixzz1695YteIf
    » meagan ( on 2010-11-23 05:06:28

    methods to earn legit $
    u like this humor ?

    Italian Virgin

    Maria just got married and being a traditional Italian she was still a virgin and very inexperienced around men. So, on her wedding night, while staying at her mother's house, she was nervous. But her mother reassured her. Don't worry Maria,' says the mother. 'Tony's a good man. Go upstairs and he'll take care of you.'

    So up she went. When she got upstairs, Tony took off his shirt and exposed
    his hairy chest. Maria ran downstairs to her mother and says, 'Mama, Mama, Tony's got a big hairy chest.' 'Don't worry, Maria,' says his mother. 'All good men have hairy chests. Go upstairs. He'll take good care of you.'

    So up she went again. When she got up in the bedroom, Tony took off his
    pants exposing his hairy legs. Again Maria ran downstairs to her mother. 'Mama, Mama, Tony took off his pants and he's got hairy legs.'
    'Don't worry Maria. All good men have hairy legs. Tony's a good man. Go upstairs and he'll take good care of you.

    'So, up she went again. When she got up there, Tony took off his socks, and on his left foot he was missing the better part of three toes. When Maria saw this, she ran downstairs.

    'Mama, Mama, Tony's got a foot-and-a-half.'

    'Stay here and stir the pasta,' says the mother.

    'This is a job for Mama!'

    Read more: http://mstgal.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=206&page=1#1290626165#ixzz16F7rgdo4

    » meagan ( on 2010-11-24 05:56:11

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    » Robby ( on 2011-07-08 09:14:55

    non-spammy legit ways for income is the future
    many are joining forces to end the spammy methods for earning revenue. So, who will finally devise a plan suitable for "all legit" people and organizations ???
    » jerry ( on 2011-08-01 10:11:43

    1000's of worthy causes
    how to decide the worthy cause that needs your help and "the most" help ... and without spammy stuff ???
    » roberta ( on 2011-08-01 12:13:09

    whats the dealio
    this is very curious ... can anyone explain ?
    » terry d ( on 2011-10-03 04:05:05

    i invest
    who would like to sell me a website for $1000 to $1900 ??
    » victor ( on 2012-08-15 11:25:27

    invest or not
    what can we invest in
    » betty ( on 2013-09-19 01:29:50

    dont understand
    please explain
    » curious ( on 2014-12-31 10:35:53



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