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One would be in less danger
From the wiles of a stranger
If one's own kin and kith
Were more fun to be with.

Ogden Nash
It Wasn't Me
Wednesday. 8.23.06 3:18 pm
They say that you can tell a person's character by the company he or she keeps.

A couple of my friends have just been issued a court summons for peeing in public.

At another friend's house, we sit on stolen café chairs.

In yet another house, I tripped over what used to be the 'C' in Coles before it was pried off the side of the building.

Oh dear.


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TheDailyDish little-b

interesting things have been happening to you.
» siti84 on 2006-08-23 02:35:51

siti84: Correction: my friends. Not me. Nope, not me. *Shifty eyes*
» theZEBRA on 2006-08-23 02:39:10

aww...don't go into denial now....i didn't think zebras were the lying kind..... hehe
» Qian ( on 2006-08-23 04:54:25

I'm not sure if I really agree with the first sentance... too many things factor into who one aligns themself with, it could just be for personal or political gain. Anyway, its easy to judge someone for the company they keep, but it'd be for the best if we don't judge at all and instead got to know that person. So, I don't believe you're the C for Coles stealing type.
» Dilated on 2006-08-23 07:54:37

At my condo, we have a cart from a shopping mall. these things just tend to follow people back! Come visit one day!!
» aj ( on 2006-08-23 09:23:02

we\'ve got this dog collar we stole off a dog tied to a lampost, a road sign with a mate\'s name on it, and menus we steal from restaurants. mmn. p.s. - i can barely read the word verification box lah, jamie.
» bUttsH4k3r ( on 2006-08-23 01:27:18

I think that you have a rather interesting character then. :)

My husband has a stop sign from the corner of his campus. It is autographed by all his buddies

» little-b on 2006-08-23 05:43:26

That's what you get for associating yourself with pirates.
» dave on 2006-08-24 01:05:31

Qian: Are you trying to say something here? :p

Dilated: You're right. I just hang out with them for the free meals.

aj: Hahaha, every weekend, Coles has to send a truck over to pick up all the wayward carts! :D
And I will go terrorise you when I'm home!

bUttsh4k3r: Sorry la, uncle. ;) There was a clearer one before, but the spambots got through that. I want a road sign with my name on it. *hint hint*

little-b: That's a great idea for a uni souvenir. Y'know, there are heaps of sculptures just lying around my campus. Hmmm...

dave: Don't forget the Hamburglar. We wear the same team colours.
» theZEBRA on 2006-08-24 02:25:54

How the hell did they get caught taking a piss in public?! What the hell was the time? I ask because uhhh... I'm experienced... BAH! It's not my fault we missed the bus and I was busting for the toilet.. :)
» Alynna ( on 2006-08-25 06:42:21

I'm sorry Jamie, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to think differently of you now.
» Laynie ( on 2006-08-28 09:03:59



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