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aboutz ME

Age. 28
Gender. Male
Ethnicity. filipino
Location Pacifica, CA
School. Other
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rizzeading room..

Thursday. 5.25.06 2:54 pm

first fever in years.

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2 and a half years
Wednesday. 5.17.06 1:04 am
since my last blog.

one of the OG members of NuTang.

dont even remember why i left.

but im back

YO WSUP! im 16 now!


but im back! ill msg you guys sometime soon. damn. hope we can catch up. i still remember a lot about some of you guys.

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stupid css
Tuesday. 11.18.03 12:10 am
im stressing over these stupid style sheets..ugh..ill start a layout..eventually..well havent blogged in a while..ive been good..sick right now..im not that active anymore..hmm..i think im gonna go ahead and try and write for the nfl column

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Wednesday. 10.29.03 1:02 am
i need to kno how to center mee backround..haha..anyway..im tired ill edit tomorrow..bye guys



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mann....im bored
Monday. 10.27.03 11:17 pm
click it...the pic is big

haha thats dope huh?

anyway otms?na ...

well i gotta get craken on my layout..ugh..its gon be dope..i hope..anyway recap?sure

today?finally returned to school...itchy as hell from my hives..haha..first period?nothing , aced the makeup quiz..haha..2nd?boring as hell..i got a b in that class..3rd?morris is pissed agen..oh wel...i got another damn b..lucas is gay..im in advanced...whoopie doo prolly got an a...and i think in 1st period lewis its prolly an a or b...lunch was ok...kicked it..with...belle n ed, jerr, josh, and matt...hella HOT today..whew,..then in harik i was HELLA bored..haha...jerr got another detention for not paying attention..oh well..she needs to try harder.. uh,..frisbie we played a hockey scrimmage..i got one assist ahah..uh,..after school..kicked it with meg, ed n belle, aissele, josh, matt and i ferget..ahah..then went costco..saw MEG..ate and headed to the HAUNTED HOUSE meeting at SA..we made posters and tombstones..i think rachel made it, it sed arthur, died of trying to fit in a box..lol...i made one of chris...its said...."a loving and caring person lies here...and he's still breathing"lol..damn i just discovered a cut on my wrist..or like low forearm..eww...its all red...uhm..after when i got home did work,...while talkin to may..lol..looky at the pic there...then i showered..ate and now im talkin online..gonna go work on a ORIGINAL..layout...later



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man im gettin sick of xanga
Monday. 10.27.03 12:18 am
here we go...nothing today...stupid hives..HEATWAVE IN SOUTH FRISKO..and im sweaty and ITCHY..ugh...im in no mood to blog..i need to fix my page up...the banner is OK..i guess...it reflects me..uhmm...tomorrow HOY...its the st augustine haunted house meeting..its mandatory..so anyone go there? i doubt ...haha...oh well..
otms?[haha by the way..i use that bekuz of this site..motm]alright

quote - "expect the unexpected" you can find what your looking for in the strangest places..

song - because i love you - DnH..which im lookin for...[music codes]

spotlight! - adrian carandang and jon jon..haha...they tryna hustle some cd's to me..haha..

later GUYSH..



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