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Age. 30
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. AzN
Location , Australia
School. Other
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sHouT BoX
now that’s an instrument
by thaitanic
i want to learn. i’d like to parade around renaissance festivals playing it.
tin whistle?!
by renaye
i have that too! never get the chance to learn!
I have been learning to play the
by Zanzibar
tin whistle
i*ve been watching
by dannixfresh
You, Handmaid*s Tale, and Terrace House. I*m guilty of also watching Vanderpump Rules lol.
by thaitanic
i’m so curious how it ends; i have no idea where they are headed.

by LostSoul13
They*re ending on their own terms, though. Instead of drawing it out too long and then getting canceled.
by thaitanic
i can’t get enough of that show. so sad it’s ending.
I just watched The Good Place again
by Unicornasaurus
The new season is great
anyone binging any shows lately
by thaitanic
or taking up any new hobbies is anyone here
by bauhaus
Hello people!

by renaye
love destiny is awesome.

by ThisCharmingMan
how are ya now?

by LostSoul13
I had some left over sushi from dinner last night and chocolate cake
mini corn dogs
by thaitanic
oatmeal cream pie

by randomjunk
I just ate a fried egg on toast.
Sunday. 2.27.05 5:56 am
still feeling quite shitty i move on with life in a very boring manner, but so waht? who gives a fuck? still being pissed at the same old person JIMMY, everyone has decided taht hes a dickless son of a whore..... sigh ... how sad... and today was quite sad not only for me but for a coupla friends too ... they both got dumped... but its life... what has been done in life cannot be undone... maybe that means i will still feel shit for the rest of my life cos of what happend... only way to end it is death? still considering that... should i? of course u'd say no... but why not? what is there left for me to live for and having to put up with this done up thing unable of being undone again? if im to blame neone for this...it'll be jimmy... screw him... moving along now....... life is quite fragile.... things can happen very unexpectedly, who knows if i'll be run over by a car tomoz? that'll be nice..... why am i so emotional these days?!......... im eating all the things i dont like to eat, like choco and icecream...... is this really a good way of avoiding depression? ive tried crying.... obviously didnt do nething for me......... but oh weos... as i said... no one gives a damn......... if i had a choice, i'd rather be an angel....an invisible one, then i could help ppl but remain anonymous...... but then i wouldnt ever meet u? what would life be like then? better? or not as good? weo for a fact i know i wouldnt be depressed cos i wouldnt come across that dickless son of a whore......... but how about the others that i do care about now a days?..... life is torture for me.... what should i do... plz someone can u gimme advice?

ATTENTION: in search for a guardian angel, who is willing to always stay by me and stop that bitch getting near me ><



bo cac, man... y be so down for lah
**sigh** deeper sigh**,,,,,,mel....y be so sad for huh???? huh????if u want sum1 to bash jimmi just as k brendan full on....he'll do it for u....then at least u'll be happi agn lah....then ever1 else can be happi agn as well.... so cheer up lah.
» m.PEGg ( on 2005-02-28 04:02:36



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