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Age. 31
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. AzN
Location , Australia
School. Other
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sHouT BoX
by BelleoftheBlues
I can*t believe this is still here...

by randomjunk
I know, right? Glad you like it too!
by thaitanic
that song is a freakin’ jam. nice
"Someone Like Me" by Tommy Newport
by randomjunk
Looking for music recommendations.
by thaitanic
Every genre. Go!
i cant believe this is still here.
by PureRidiculous
I met my wife on this site. 2002ish. we had 2 kids and separated. very respectfully, no bad blood...i*m glad NuTang is a thing. I wouldn*t change it.

by randomjunk
TCM! Hi!

by ThisCharmingMan

by randomjunk
I think I figured it out. Removed a link to an old webcomic.

by LostSoul13
Oh, it seems to be working now. Weird.

by randomjunk
I don*t know what to do about it. :(
by LostSoul13
Whenever I try to click in it, it warns me it could be a phishing site, and to return to safety

by renaye
hey randomjunk. is there something wrong with ur blog? i can*t open.
now that’s an instrument
by thaitanic
i want to learn. i’d like to parade around renaissance festivals playing it.
tin whistle?!
by renaye
i have that too! never get the chance to learn!
Latest Mel
Saturday. 7.14.07 11:59 am
wow, 2 weeks of holidays.. are over already, it felt like only one week had past =P lol i shouldve gotten more work done this holidays.. though ive finished school work, i think i couldve done a lot of other stuff? haha oh well, never mind that... but its great to sleep in for once... usual school nights: sleep at 1 or 2am, wake up 5 30-6am >_< and now its just sleep till whenever i feel like waking up hahaha... so yes, im ready to kill term 3 =] though its a lot of stress to look forward to =[

+phone rinigs+
+reads caller id: Chris Lim+
+pick up phone+
me: hello?
chris: hellooo meel !
me: hi
chris: just one quick question mel
me: haha go on
chris: who do you reckon is hotter, me or john so?
me: what............. the.............. hell ?!?!?!?!?!??!?!? ummmmm
chris: what? this is so depressing ! you have to think about the answer?
me: yes well umm... i dont really remember his face
chris: omg i cant believe you have to think over this?
me: yes well.. i think you're hotter..... no wait... i think... nah but ummmmm
chris: OMG i dont believe this, im hurt! what the hell?
me: is he fatter? ah yes hes fatter.. ummm....ok you're hotter
me: yes?
chris: [rages] ok thanks mel, bye!
me: bye!

<- specially for jesz !

eurgh i need to !!!!!!!!!!

-love mel

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Wednesday. 10.3.07 2:53 pm
its already half way through the second week of holidays.. it felt like its only been two days... theres so much to get done but such little time >_<"

disliking the feeling of uncertainty... hope it will get better soon... lol damn the gullibleness, i cant even trust myself to trust people? man, im not even making sense, whatever bleh

less than two months.. then its all over.. good and bad lol

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Saturday. 6.2.07 4:54 am
wow, it has been a rough week. things will start to get better as i finish my last sacs and mid year exams. then it all starts again T_T semester 2 is going to be a b*t*h lol oh well, should really make the most of it, cos i'll never get the chance to study so seriously anymore, uni studying is less tedious, yr12 = aiming high, uni = aiming pass.. BIG DIFF ! ok.. off to study again.. gl all for exams !!

-love mel

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Saturday. 6.23.07 4:36 am
wow ,havent updated in AGES >_<" yes.. we had exams .. and stuff... lol... and i had my 18th =] which was rather nice ^_^ THANKS GUYS! hmms... atm... freeeezing..... cold..... FREEEZING... cold.... trying to bind 300 pages or so.. its kind of driving me INSANE here... anyway...

its the time where i dont know what i do again.. so many things happen... things i cant control... im ingesting it all slowly.. watching things neatly unfold in front of me...... mm, yr 12 is tedious.. but i wish it would never end... i dont want new friends lol.. im more than happy with the group i have at the moment =] so much have happened recently.. i dont knwo how to update my post rofl... it'd be too long to read >_< sorry guys!

-love mel

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another 3 months to go
Sunday. 8.5.07 4:28 pm
it has been 3 weeks or so into term 3. there is a lot more stress and a lot more work to be done. thats not really such a bad thing, there are times in life when you have to get serious.

friend from my ex's school called me last night. so he wants to cancel the phone plan we signed end of last year. it's been just as hard for him even though he works. he shouldnt even be paying any of the plan... well, half of the bill each month anyway. i should be paying the other half. but then eventually.. he needed the sim, and so i gave him the whole entire thing, so he ended up having to pay the full bill each month. thats reasonable i guess, i mean im not touching it at all after all. but hes needed it more than he thought he'd need it for. hes sick of paying excess fees and so on. fair enough to cancel the plan. it was 3 of our ideas. well, technically speaking, it was my ex's idea to begin with. but ok, im fine with paying up my 1/3 for cancellation fee. my friend is the one who came up with cancelling the plan, so of course he's fine with it. hes a really great friend.. doesnt expect me to pay up straight away. it will take me ages. its year 12. i can barely survive on my lunch money these days. i hate owing people money. the quickest way to pay peter back is if i dont spend any of my lunch money for a few months. its year 12, i cant afford to waste any time in getting a part time job even. there are times i dont even have the time to sleep, eat, or even get a drink or go to the toilet. damn. there are a few things ive wanted for ages now. i cant even buy them, because i never have the money. i guess this is a period of time i have to just go through? surely things will get better...

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what comes next?
Monday. 8.6.07 6:36 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Tuesday. 8.14.07 6:42 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Tuesday. 9.25.07 1:01 am
only just got home not long ago from the formal. it was good. but man, when i got home to undo my hair, which i was rather satisfied with =], i pulled a few clips the wrong direction and my head still hurts!

.. / -.. --- -. - / -.- -. --- .-- / .-- .... .- - / .. - / .. ... / .- -... --- ..- - / .... .. -- --..-- / - .... .- - / .-- .... . -. / .... . / .... --- .-.. -.. ... / -- . --..-- / .. / ..-. . . .-.. / ... . -.-. ..- .-. . .-.-.- / .. .----. ...- . / -. . ...- . .-. / .... .- -.. / ... ..- -.-. .... / .- / ..-. . . .-.. .. -. --. / -... . ..-. --- .-. . --..-- / -. --- - / . ...- . -. / ..-. .-. --- -- / -- -.-- / . -..- . ... .-.-.-

lol doesn't that look pretty? hmm, dad drove us to the formal place. me, my partner, my friend and her partner [also a friend of mine] when we got there, i said thankyou to dad. it wasnt a 'forced' thankyou either. from what i remember, the last time i said thankyou to dad was many years ago. i wonder if that meant anything to him. im not close with dad either. we dont even talk usually, because every time we talk, we end up arguing and fighting.

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