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The connection between sex and dignity
Friday, November 5, 2010
I have been reading here and there, and to be frank I'm quite saddened with the mentality of some people. A disclaimer here would be if you are not open-minded and if you think a woman got rape just because she wears a short skirt should be blamed, then I STRONGLY advise you to stop continue reading when you reach the full stop HERE.

I was scanning a book entitled Half the Sky something something in a bookstore recently and I'm shocked to read one of the encounters of a prominent female who fights for human rights in her community was gang raped. Not because she was wearing a mini skirt, but because she was ordered to be raped by 10 men by the community leaders. Why? Because the girl's brother was kidnapped and raped by some heterosexual guys in the village. To cover up the issue, these kidnappers accused the brother for raping a girl in the part of their village. And so the brother was brought to the community leaders for judgment. She was there to take her brother home and sort things out. But the community leaders wanted to cover the case too, and so they punished the girl for the brother's accused crime by sentencing her to be raped. By doing so, the community leaders were certain that she will kill herself to cleanse the family's image. Well, it seems this is the way for girls in Pakistan to clear their names and clean their family's image. But this girl didn't commit suicide, because her parents prevented her from doing so. And so she brought up this case to the police and a lot of things happened, which also involved the former president threatening her for giving a 'false' image of the country to the world.

And then ... I was shocked to read that female politicians in Kenya who are running for elections will be heavily guarded to prevent gangsters kidnapping and raping her. Because raping will make the female candidates to drop their candidacy since this kind of matter humiliates the candidate.

As I went through each page of the book, I can't help questioning how society can be cruel in my head. I can't help thinking who the bastards were to discriminate female in such ways. The conclusion I had was so appalling: If you want to break a woman in every way, you rape her. And I keep on thinking to myself what is so big deal about virginity? So what if a female loses her virginity? Why did our stupid ascendants placed were so crazy about virginity? Ok. Say whatever you want about my previous question. But I'm questioning how can society so cruel to a female. Why prosecute a human being just because she is a female? How can a society be build by passing down the teachings/ thinking that women are slaves? Are women some kind of object to accessorize the men?

And how can a society sentence RAPE as punishment? What kind of values is that? What is wrong with women? What is wrong being a female?

My last question is don't men fear of karma for making women suffering like hell? Thank god, I can live without a man.


The question is:
what's wrong with those people who use rape as a method to show their power to intimate and oppress the victims.

It has nothing to do with virginity but is a method to show power. Men can get raped too by other men (eg: in prison)
» ( on 2010-11-05 11:04:33

RYC: thanks for the comment above. yea it's true that my rant has no relation to virginity. as u said, it's about power. it's about showing off how much power a person has. it's about using rape as a method to oppress the victim. and what is wrong with those people. i totally agree with u.
» renaye on 2010-11-05 12:57:50

This is a very important topic. I think most people don't have any idea what it is like to be a woman in some of these places. Rape for many women seems worse than death. I know if someone tried to rape me I would probably end up getting killed because I would fight so much. Men can be raped, but unless they're in prison, most men never think or worry about being raped, while women have to worry about it every time they walk home alone late at night. Many times women from other countries just let their fellow women be oppressed, because they don't want to "disrespect the culture" of another society. But people should treat each other with a bare minimum of decency and other people should stand up for them when they're being treated so abominably.
» Zanzibar on 2010-11-05 02:05:04

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