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Friday, July 4, 2008
I have been having meals with some friends over the past few days and weeks and these meetings really brightened me up other than having free meals (not all was free since I also paid but majority is). I was elated to finally meet friends that share a similar brainwave as me even though I know I'm a mercurial person in terms of subjects. I was happy to be finally told "It's ok not to be yourself." Before I met this friend of mine, I was kinda doing some evaluation of myself. I was repeatedly told by Worm worm that I do not have a focus... and no focus ... means... the process of me being a millionaire will be delayed or something like that?? It's now fuzzy to recall what he said but basically he always told me that: "Meow! That's because you got no focus!" is all printed in my mind. Whenever I listen to someone telling me to concentrate on one thing especially relating to the things that I like to do, the things I want to try to explore, I really feel being put in the cage. It's like you telling a kid it is extremely wrong to colour the clouds red, prisoning the kids creativity and freedom. And don't you, some of you I know, dare to tell me off "I didn't say that" that's because you were brainwashed to be like the 'others.' When someone with a total different characteristic and personality not found in your database, you label it as 'not found' which can be translated to weird in normal human dictionary. Have you ever been told that you don't deserve to have she/he as your partner because she/he is not pretty handsome? That's the feeling I'm trying to explain. The anguishness.

The friend who told me to be myself, Hipopo, also told me that having good friends that would be there for you no matter what is much more important than the goal of being rich and success on the fast track. That's because friends often benefit friends. If they have anything good... they will also share with their friends. This makes sense because if not .. how do politicians have cronies?!!

I did a lot of thinking and observation and I'm so glad to be back to myself!

From having meals with these friends... they shared exciting news and I think I could be part of them if I just ask my friends! And for the first time I feel "Hey I'm closer to my dreams!" When I look at my wishlist for 2008 on the left bar... I feel I'm going to cross them all faster than I anticipated!!

Like what Nichiren Daishonin said "Like a fly sticking to the horse's tail, it will take you much farther than the fly can fly." I guess that's what Hipopo was talking about.

So here I am taking the opportunity to say THANK YOU to all my friends. THANK YOU FOR BEING MY FRIEND!


I want to eat something which doesn't have chili or sambal or anything of that sort....

good to know that you are not closer to your dream that you thought you would.
» Nuttz on 2008-07-05 03:11:06

Not to dissapoint but I think...
Orochimaru wont be accomplished in this lifetime... Muahahahha..

So, after having said that, aam I one of the friends who condemns you? XP (And I hope it's not my ass you wanna kick)

» Xboyz on 2008-07-05 05:40:23

At the risk of sounding VERY odd... lolita outfit? I so wanna see pictures...
» Traumer on 2008-07-05 02:23:29

I'm too simple-minded, I'm blur @[email protected] But is saying "Enjoy your life is the best" correct? haha.. Eh? Yea, I din notice til Traumer mentioned, you've worn lolita before?? o.O Wanna see hehe...
» Serene ( on 2008-07-06 12:08:03

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