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Saturday, April 5, 2008
I came back home whining at my mum about how young girls nowadays dressed. GOD... the way they dressed is so hideous that my heart is screaming CRISIS silently. Those young girls were trying to imitate the Japanese fashion but they failed miserably in making themselves look GREAT and COOL in those fashion apparels. I cringed at the sight of them and even more at the retail shops. Those outfits were not even like or even similar to the Japanese style. And unfortunately these are the fashion that many people think it's YOUNG. People who dressed like me - Smart , Elegant, Presentable [because I'm working] - is considered as old and outdated. So girls wearing those skimpy clothes or some of us called them the 'la la mui' [don't know how to interpret but it refers to girls that like matching clothes oddly and I called FASHION CRISIS] are considered YOUNG and REFRESHING? Unfortunately yes. Many guys have even asked me to change my outfits.

I really need to WASH MY EYES. I came back flipping through my Lolita fashion handbook and realised the ones in the book are AWEFULLY much better. And I don't think myself as ABNORMAL but higher and better taste in fashion.

Yea yea... go ahead and bash me up. I don't mind that. And don't puke over the word ELEGANT. Wearing conservatively or nice covering up risque doesn't mean OLD or OUTDATED. Don't be a jerk, people.

And one more thing to the guys. If you think your girl n friends dressed so OLD and OUTDATED, have you thought of your own dressing? Are your dressing COOL and WOW? You think so? I don't. If you want to bash your girlfriends dressing, then you guys should stop wearing T-shirts with jeans. Dress something more COOL and HANDSOME. Be more stylish. And don't give me the damn that it's not the in guy's blood to dress that way. If so, who the hell say girls have to be that way too? Stop discriminating girls by their dressing. Guys should also admit that some of you have FASHION CRISIS. Are you aware that passer-by criticize couple's dressing too? If the girl dress so beautiful and the guy dress so UGLY in jeans, t-shirt and sandals, passer-by will also whisper to each other about the dressing?

People, use your brain to think for awhile. Do you actually even get my point? My point is RESPECT INDIVIDUALITY. You cannot have someone to dress or be like you or even ask the person to dress to what you like. Worse of all, your girlfriends are not your special girlfriends, what right you have to tell them what to wear? What right you have to impose a dress code on them? Do you like them because the way they dress or because of who they are? As long the person dresses appropriately for the event, it's OK. It's not like I'm wearing red for a funeral. You can tell the girls and guys to dress better but not degrading them from their current fashion status. And one more thing to ask yourself especially guys ... IS MY FASHION TASTE MUCH BETTER THAN HER/HIM? Even if you think yes, pass the message tactfully like 'Oh I think if you dress in this and this would look good on you' not "God, you are so UGLY." Because for a girl [no matter how pretty and ugly she is], fashion and appearance is highly important to her. Just imagine a girl telling a guy 'You got erectile dysfunction.' What is your response?

I need CPR. No really, I got a CPR training in 7 hours.

All comments, bashing, hate mails and such are welcome.


OMG I SO AGREE WITH YOU!!!!! Btw, if you are refering to my brother calling you old, it's because he hangs out with a lot of those wopanese and ah lians. It's very hard for me to find decent clothings nowadays because there are so many ridiculous clothing floating around and I'm often driven to buy more expensive, branded clothes because they are more to my taste and preferance. I don't know how people can think that mismatched clothing or clothing with awefully a lot of pockets or strips of cloth with no other intention than to get hooked by something else are nice? This is even worst being coupled with the skimpy clothes girls wear!

Man.. even the songs nowadays are hardly nice to my ears.
» Nuttz on 2008-04-05 11:42:36

HaHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Guys in shiny, eye hurting, striking colored clothes and pants and flip-flops! Totally puke inducing! and Pink doesn't look good on all guys!
» Nuttz on 2008-04-05 12:27:34

I agree! Even at my school it's like that..some girls' wardrobe choices are just unbelievable.
» Mockiller on 2008-04-06 12:27:24

OMG LMQ... super agreed with u... worse some guys dare to comment on girls not putting up makeup... and saying the girls ugly n etc.... they should have just take a mirror and look into their face b4 commenting.....

bergaya? of course the japanese fashion not the lala + ah lian here.... puke... and guys... yes i totally agreed with u how they dress... disaster.. so they should not comment... unless they dress like Gackt ... lol then.... im fine with them...

hahaah guys plz wake up....!!!!!!!!
» jolenesiah on 2008-04-06 04:30:11

here's my perception towards fashion especially when u refer to female dressing. I say anyone can wear what ever they want as long they are happy BUT do hv some sense to dress appropriate on the right occasion.

Rite in renaye case I dont really know how u dress but I assume as u stated "working" kind of dressing meaning a simple ladies shirt and long pants as in the "elegant working lady" where u can see during working hour. That kind of dressing I say it is very appropriate in any situation.

Though sometimes some people see it abit boring.

If I had a girlfren, I dont care what ever she wears as long like I said appropriate to the situation and not too revealing and making people around stick their eyes on her. :P
» aizat1900 on 2008-04-06 06:33:40

Most of us guys seriously hate those la la muis. They look hilarious, stupid and f*cking ridiculous. And I've seen primary school aged girls dressing up like that, gosh.
» zh ( on 2008-04-19 08:34:29

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