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1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Saturday, July 23, 2011

So what do you think of this pv? I thought they are some kind of gender gangsters that wanna negotiate over some space! HAHA.

Anyways, I'm loving this song: Believe by Kato Miliyah x Shota Shimizu. I just love the beats. It doesn't use many instruments or effects, but still it has a melody that is refreshing and interesting. In short, it's soothing to me and doesn't bore me after listening a few times. In fact, I fall in love with this song upon listening to it for the first time. I think what makes me really like this song is that both voices synchronised pretty well! And also the song's simplicity, because I sometimes over-thought that many instruments/effects are needed to make a bombastic song. I like the chorus part the most. It's catchy, and you can catch me singing along with it.

To be frank, this is my first time listening to Kato Miliyah songs, and I love most of Shota's songs. I will look out for more Kato's songs in near future.

Believe / Miliyah Kato x Shota Shimizu

But I'm no fan of their covers. Pity.

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Winter Sleep - Olivia Lufkin
Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It keeps coming back to me
I remember this pain
Ir spreads across my eyes
Everything is dull

Everyone's smiling, they're smiling
It pushes me far far away
I can't understand
Everything is blue

Can you hear me out there?

Will you hold me now...? Hold me now, My frozen heart
I'm gazing from the distance and
I feel everything pass through me
I can't be alone right now
Will you hold me now...? Hold me now, My frozen heart
I'm lost in a deep winter sleep
I can't seem to find my way out alone
Can you wake me?

I know when I let it in
It hides love from this moment
So I guard it close
I watch the move it makes

But ir gets me, but it gets me
I wish I could understand how I
Could make it disappear, make it disappear

Anyone out there hear me now?

Will you hold me now...? Hold me now, My frozen heart
Kiss my lips and maybe you can take to your world for now
I can't be alone right now
Will you hold me now...? Hold me now, My frozen heart
Please make it all go away
Am I ever gonna feel myself again?
I hope I will

Will you hold me now...? Hold me now, My frozen heart
I'm gazing from the distance and
I feel everything pass through me
I can't be alone right now
Will you hold me now...? Hold me now, My frozen heart
I'm lost in a deep winter sleep
I can't seem to find my way out alone
Can you wake me?

I'm never a fan of Olivia Lufkin despite liking a whispery, light soprano voice, which enhances any haunting songs, but this is exceptional simply because two things of this song attracted me. First is its beginning: an echo rippling tune accompany by piano makes me curious to know more of this song. Second is its lyrics. The lyrics are heartbroken and I find it simple to grasp and empathy.

To be frank, this is the slowest tempo music I have ever heard Olivia singing, as she often sings rock music. The other slow music she sang was A Little Pain, a soundtrack to the same anime of this soundtrack: Nana, which is also one my favourites. Even though this song is slow and somehow soothing, which is really my cup of tea, I find this song is not sang hauntingly enough. Imagine this song is sang with the same technique as My Immortal by Evanescence... would you think this song would have more sadness impact on the listeners? Please read this with an open mind that I'm not criticizing Olvia's singing whatsoever. I can feel her emotions in the song and I know this song is not easy to sing, because it needs a lot of emotions. I love this song as it is, but I was talking on improvement, or alternative way of singing it.

By listening to this song, I felt myself come to a standstill and just got attracted to this dreamily yet mild haunting soft voice.

Overall, this song is suitable to listen at all time, whether or not you are in a happy or emo mood. Why not? It is such a great music. Nana anime has such great soundtracks after Full Moon wo Sagashite.

[Sorry for double posting the lyrics because I thought you would be able to read the lyrics along with my comments without glueing your eyes only to the youtube video. Just making your multitasking more effcient. :)]

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WaT - Toki wo Koete
Monday, April 21, 2008

Wow. This is soo exciting. WaT duo (Eiji Wentz & Teppei Koike) is going to release their new release, Toki wo Koete, on 23rd May 2008, which is this coming Wednesday. After listening to their past singles like Boku no Kimochi (My Feelings), Hava Rava, Yume no Tochuu (In the Middle of the Dream) and the addictive cute 70s song, Tokimeki DooBeeDoo, I'm very looking forward to this new release of theirs. You know after listening to Tokimeki DooBeeDoo, I feel like dancing all day long even when I'm at home. Even though their ballads s quite similar but surprisingly you won't feel tired of listening to them because they are catchy. If you like ballads, you would surely like their songs. I remember listening to their songs all day long in the office and also before going to sleep. Their songs ARE addictive. Not only their songs but also their looks. *grin*

And you know what? I have already placed my order for their limited edition before blogging. Have you placed yours? You can always just click on the links below the album image.

Have fun listening~

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Tanaka Roma Forever Love feat Aoyama Thelma
Wednesday, June 11, 2008
Forever Love feat.Teruma Aoyama / Roma Tanaka


Forever Love feat Aoyama Thelma


Forever Love (Instrumental)

Free (Instrumental)

I'm kinda a fan Aoyama Thelma after listening to her One Way singles and I really love her Soba ni Iru ne feat Soulja. It was whispery beautiful and when I saw her name on Roma Tanaka's Forever Love I just had to listen to it.

So here is my review.

Listening to Forever Love reminds me a lot of her previous single Soba ni Iru ne. Tanaka started the song with some gentle whispering with Aoyama's voice softer than his and this actually lasted throughout the whole song. The song turned out to be a slow flowing pace song and you could hear Aoyama's and Tanaka's voice compliment with each other making this song very soothing to listen to. You will definitely catch "Our love will never fade away". So if you want to sing your love to your partner, get this song. *grin*

This song, Free, in every way reminds me of Ken Hirai pop songs. I guess the tune and his deep voice is kinda alike to him. No offence to Ken Hirai fans. The song started with a steady beat and this actually lasted until the end. I guess this is a happy fun loving song because Tanaka sounded very "free" and enjoying himself when he was singing "I'm feeling so free".

Planning to purchase? Please click on the picture.

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WaT - 36 Degrees
Sunday. 11.2.08 8:24 am
36 do / WaT

Artist: WaT
Album/Single: 36 Degrees
Released date: 29 October 2008

1. 36 Degrees

The first track started off with Teppei's singing and the song later slides into a slow tempo tune. Frankly, I find Teppei's voice to be whiny at the beginning and I really dislike it. This is unusual since Teppei always starts off first but this time I really cannot absorb his voice. To decrease the pain in my ears, I ended up listening to their live on youtube. And thankfully as the song goes on, Teppei's voice no longer hurts me. But still the song is still slow and I soon get bored with it. I'm actually very disappointed with its first track as I�m hoping for a more lively song.

2. Seishun no Kagayaki

They started off by singing in unison in a song which is more upbeat than the first track. In other words, it has typical pop sound to it. The chorus is lively too but I just feel they are just singing a little too loud. And too much of chorus repetition: boring.

3. 36 Degrees (Instrumental)

4. Seishun no Kagayaki (Instrumental)

5. Shiosai no Gogo

This song has more electric guitar and bass accompaniment and I quite like the beginning. Teppei's voice surprisingly is tame, no high notes no whining. Phew~ And the unison singing or rather the chorus is very catchy and a very typical pop ballad. Alas~ There's at least a song in this single that is pleasant to my ears.


Even though I dislike 36 Degrees, I like their PV because there's some nature sound which is absent in the single. Tell me what you think of the pv.

Favourite track:
Shiosai no Gogo

Rating: 3/5

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Koike Teppei - Jack in the Box
Sunday. 9.20.09 5:39 am

Koike Teppei is back with an album. Never been a fan of Teppei, I bet this album has not much difference from his previous single �Kimi ni Okuru Uta� or �Brand New Way�. His style never runs, so simply I wasn�t expecting any new from him.

The title of the album amuses me: Jack in the Box. It reminded me a lot of a bozo springing out of a box when you open it. So is this album supposed to make me scream in horror or in delight when I start playing the songs?

The album opens with Aishitemo. Surprisingly, it�s refreshing new because the song background has other string instruments other than his boring acoustic guitar. His singing on the hand is lively, thus making the song overall listenable but forgettable. But this marks some huge improvement in his songs. Another song that marked this is AIR STYLE; it has backup singers. Oooh�

Scrolling down the list, the songs pace are getting slower with Teppei strumming his acoustic guitar returning to his old and original style.

I cannot help agreeing to myself that the song list somehow retains the listeners� interest by placing an upbeat song at the beginning and then followed by slower pace songs, and before listeners got bored we get to hear another upbeat tune and then back to slower pace.

Overall, I would say this album is an innovation effort put up by Teppei. But, there�s still so much more Teppei could have done to improve on his music pieces. The team behind him should help him to create more songs like Asihitemo and Smile to suit his age of 23. They should also do something to plain unattractive cover.

Worthy tracks: Aishitemo & Smile

Rating: 1/5

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