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my waxed recovery
Friday. 5.18.07 11:24 pm
recently i got my eyebrows waxed. it was necessary since having a unibrow ain't so cute. okay it wasn't that bad, but it had to happen. so my skin has been quite dry lately because of my acne medication. so the lights at the place where i got my eyebrows waxed was kinda decieving. it's the same lights they use at hollister where you look amazing no matter how horrible you look when you step outside. anyways, after i got my eyebrows waxed, my face started stinging. so i said something. and the lady gave me something to make it feel better. yea right! it made it worse. i had no clue what was happening. it all came togather whem i got to the car. part of my skin got waxed off. it looked crazy! i looked like a burn victim. i freaked out!! i went straight home and didn't leave all weekend. fortunally, my make up is amazing! it covered everything. and now i'm all better. so just another not so fun rand0m thing that happened to me recently.

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feeling blah
Tuesday. 11.28.06 11:12 pm
today everyone kept asking me if i was okay. i guess i looked pretty sad, but the tuth is that i didn't really feel anything at all. i wasn't sad, but i wasn't happy. i just felt drained. i'm feeling very antisocial right now. i don't want to really see people. i'm not mad at anyone. i just want to be alone for a while.

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just a note: some people are
Sunday. 10.29.06 8:54 pm
BITCHES!! they dont care about how you really feel they just want to prove you wrong.

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Prison Break
Friday. 10.6.06 1:35 am
okay so last week, the guys from fox river almost got away from the house with the money until Sucre had everyone at gun point telling everyone that he wanted ALL the money. then the preview for next week's show had Scofield and Sucre in the same place before, I assume, they leave the country.

prediction: the hold up in the house was a plan. i think scofield told sucre to take
all the money so it would have to be split up between less people.
but, this is just my guess. we'll see what actually happens.

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rand0m hugs
Monday. 10.2.06 11:34 pm
i was hanging out with two of my friends today. and they both belong to this one club in school. and so eveyone was at lunch, but at different tables. when people were leaving they came to our table and gave everyone a hug. the thing is they gave me a hug too and i didn't even know them. so i got a bunch of random hugs today. it was kinda funny and wierd.

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fire alarm
Saturday. 9.30.06 2:38 am
today, well yesterday, i had my second anatomy exam. so my sleep was a little compromised. i went to three classes and to the research lab. i only stayed for two hours. as soon as i got back to my apartment i went to sleep. i slept from 7pm-12am. it was a sweeeet nap! after a couple of minutes the fire alarm went off. it was the loudest thing i have ever heard. i think someone from another apartmenrt in our builiding set it off. twas crazy! i couldn't even think straight. i was trying to evacuate, get my purse and put on some decent clothes. it took me a while to do so because i was so distracted by the noise. that's what it was really loud noise. but thankfully it is over.

now i am fully awake.

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