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Miss Pandora

Age. 35
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Asian
Location Adelaide, Hong Kong
School. Other
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Tuesday. 8.10.04 3:01 am
moving house tonight

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who is that poor girl?
Tuesday. 7.20.04 11:26 pm
I really have no money!!!

See what I've got:

- $94.50 3G mobile
- $40.04 Gas Bill (after shared with my flatmate)
- $42.00 Home Phone Bill

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Miss Violet
Monday. 6.21.04 9:06 pm
Violet, a friend known from Oxford study tour in one summer.

And we spent an afternoon with each other.

We met at TST MTR station at 1:30pm, but I was 15mins late, sorry for waiting. Violet suggested to go Itlian Tomato for lunch. Although it is called Itlian Tomato, it is a Western resterant in Japanese style, it was originally a cake shop, and I used to buy lots of cake from them when middle school.

We went to Hung-hom to get the international warantly for my laptop, and it was so hot in Hung-hom, since the new apartments builded, they stopped the wind come from the harbour. And lots of mainland chinese there.

We went back to TST east for some window shopping, it is a hot and stuffy day in TST.

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My last three days
Sunday. 3.13.05 10:33 pm

Suppostingly, all group members met at 10am (Ok! I was 15 mins late). I only saw Lisa and Steve when I arrived, so I went up to computer lab to print the meeting report and assessment result for wed class with Lisa. When we came down, we find everyone in the classroom. I didn't know why, as our group suppose to meet Deborah at 11am.

When Lisa and me went in to the classroom, Deborah was talking about the role setting. She came to talk to our group after that, because she think our group is the only group know what we need to do.

We set the roles and hand in to Deborah, then she asked us to go out to find interview talent. She said facing to computer cannot get us anything, so we left.

We want to go Castlerengh street at first, but when we were close to QVB, we thought to do a interview at QVB, because it is much more closer (and we were tired). There was actually some arguement happened after interview, but lets forget it.

in the afternoon class, Iku, Chiarra and me were working on the company backgroup, history and detail, and then I made the sample of business card.


Donna was still sick, so Julie come to our class, hand in content of the website.


Did nothing, stayed at home, got headache.

I find I got headache evch saturday.
I think I am trying to use headache as an excuse to escape something, perhaps I don't want to get up early, don't want to do homework, then headache would be my best excuse to stay longer on bed.

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a casual day with friends
Monday. 6.20.05 10:22 pm
I went to yum cha with Steve, Leo, Ikuko and Pru, originally we'd have Lisa and Julie, but Lisa was sick, and Julie, the organiser didn't come at last. None of us believed Lisa was sick, and think she oversleep.

I set alarm at 9:10 am, so I'd have time for shower and make up, but I was too tired as I slept at 2:30 am. I finally get up at 10:30 am and left home at 11:15am, and 30 mins late.

We went to IDP after lunch and Room 357 to collect our journal for last semester, but the room was locked. We met Donna at Prince Centre and she said we can collect the journal at Wednesday 11am. Would it be a little bit early, Donna? We are in holiday.

We went to IDP again, to wait Iku, and the Macquite offer, as it supposed to arrive today. I wonder I should change subject, agian, as I don't really like media and cultural studies. However, I don't know what is my favourite and strong area either, perhaps it is multimedia or creative arts, but I don't know.

Then we met Julie and Anwi at the Marketcity foodcourt, and find they were having lunch. We had a little chat until they finished lunch, then Steve and Lea went home, Julie and Anwi came to newtown for shopping. I had a cup of tea at Newtown and then go to dance.

It was a small class, only 8 people, I guess the other people didn't come for University exams. I did well tonight, if compared to last Wednesday and Saturday. Olivia put me in the front roll when doing centre work, I was a little scared, because I hardly remember the combination, and people followed you when you stand in the front.

I bought myself a cup of ice-crema on the way home, why there is Gelato everywhere but not normal ice-cream shops? Seriously!! i like gelato, but I want to have normal ice-cream too. Give me back ice-cream.

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Thursday. 4.22.04 10:22 pm
Not sleep well last night!

Excursion today!

I was worried I couldn't wake up and arrived on time, becasue I can't be late. However, I find most people didn't sleep well, because of assignment(s).

I wake up at 8:30am, and julie called me that her trains had been cancelled and she wondered what she could do. So I suggested her to ask her family to take her to another station or to the city.

I arrived station at 9:54am, and thought I'd be late, because I need to walk for a few minutes to school. I arrived school at 10am, but the others were late. LOL

We went to Fairfax, the biggest publisher, print Sydney Morning Herold, Financial Review, etc. it located at Bankstown, and we took 20 to 30 mins.

We couldn't bring in any bads, but can bring pen and paper, I don't even know why. It is interesting, it is so different to my impression of publisher, and there were only one or two techniqians take care of the mechine, all controlled by computer. We all had a paper bad included Today's Sydney Morning Herald, and a Special Version Sydney Morning Herald.

Julie, Jane, Teri, Lena, Barndon, and I went for lunch, we had Bejing food (I guess!!). I don't have money to pay, but julie lead me. I spend $3.5 because I share a large dish with Lena, and was very full.

We talked about activities for ANZAC Day, they suggested to have Japanese meal for lunch, but I said I need to do Melgue's assignment. Jane remind me that could be hand it on friday, but I think better start now, because I want to ask Lena to proofread. Hope I can write some good english, but my grammar is too bad.

I got a parcel from my sister, actually postman came yesterday, but we were not home, so he left a card for me to pick up in post office. She said it cost $200 for postage, but when I count the stamp on parcel, it was $181 ONLY. She sent me many different newspaper of HK: South China Morning Post; The Standard; Wen Wei Po; Ming Pao; Oriental Daily News; Hong Kong Economic Journal. This is for my presentation on media analyse, I am going to compare the newspaper between HK and Australia, and analysis the layout and edition of HK newspaper. Don't realised there are so many newspaper in HK, these are only part on the market. However, I hope there are more newspapers on market, some small papers are hardly exist now, and the market are controlled by large companies.

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