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Miss Pandora

Age. 35
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Asian
Location Adelaide, Hong Kong
School. Other
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getting around
Friday. 1.13.06 10:01 pm
I wake up before noon, had the same chicken as yesterday night with bread and butter for bunch. We had a busy day, because we started to look for apartment. We went to city first, when were at Victoria square, Natalie said we should walk along to King William Street to city centre, there is where the Mall located. Wahahaha ¡K Yesterday, Natalie brought us to Chinatown and Central market, I thought that was the city centre, and I started to worry, since everyone said Adelaide is small, and would it be this small. Anyway, we visited the travel centre to see where we can find real estate, but they told us there were none, and we should go to the real estate located at the suburb that we want to live. So, I told them that I want to live in the city, but they kept telling me that I need to go to real estate located at that suburb. I wonder they are machine instead of real people, so they can only repeat the modal answer. Please!! Listen!!!


We went to international student centre at university to seek help of finding real estate, they refer us to go to accommodation centre. The staffs at accommodation centre gave us Yellow page to find by ourselves, I wrote down the address but not the phone no, because my experience in Sydney was go to the agency for the property list firectly. However, I found I should make call after walking the whole afternoon.

We back home for rest and then went to supermarket. I couldn¡¦t remember what we ate at night. Because this dairy is written two weeks after.

The bulidings and evironments of University are really nice!

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Heighs Chocolate is really good!
Tuesday. 1.17.06 11:06 pm
We visited Heighs Chocolate Factory today, sure they aren't looks like the one in 'Chalie and Chocolate Factory', although no little men inside, their chocolate are all hand made, and taste very good. They learnt the method from the other family of Chocolate - Lindt. Lindt is my favourite, and now Heights too. I especially like the 85% and 99% dark chocolate from Lindt, they are the real taste of chocolate.

We took bus to city and changed another bus to Adelaide Zoo, and the Zoo is just behind my university. However Adelaide city is surrounded by Parks, and large parks, therefore bus is a good idea, I guess it will take half hours by foot.

The animal are cute, we saw penguin, I love to see penguin, especially after watched movie 'The Empire's Journary'. I couldn't take pic for Tigers and Lion, it was too hot (for every ceatures), so Lion was hiding somewhere, and Tiger was having its afternoon tea, not free to walk around.

I forgot the Quanta's studnet card has discount to Adelaide Zoo, but next time I can use my University student card.

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Strawberry Farm
Wesnerday. 1.18.06 11:17 pm
It was my first time to pick fresh strawberries, [fresh] is so different to those bought from Market. Although strawberries from market are red, but not sweet as fresh. Fresh strawberries are sweet, whatever their sizes and colours ... I like strawberry!

It wasn't easy to go, it took one hour bus, and one hour back. $2 entry fee, and $6 per Kg if you want to take away strawberries (no one knows if you just take them away, though. People who drive to the fram, could took the strawberries to their car directly after they picked, and they don't need to pay.) Well, Adelaide people are honest.

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Hello Kitty
Monday. 2.13.06 5:26 am
I find "Target" suddenly got a lot of Hello Kitty electric equairments, dvd player, radio, head diseman, 'piano' CD player, 'handbag' radio, mini radio, clock, and mouse pad. I wish I have all of them, but I bought Hello Kitty radio yesterday, and I dvd player today.

And I went to Coles Supermarket this afternoon, after I played around with my hello kitty dvd player. I bought some rice, bread, corns and chcoclate, it was funny that they run out of plactic bags, so they gave me a big paper bag. Natalie said I should go down and buy again, so I can have another paper bag, but I have nothing to buy, and the paper bag aren't that good to use. I took picture with the paper bag, because I don't think I'll have another one, and this is my first time to see supermarket run out of bags.

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Think! Think! and Think!
Tuesday. 2.14.06 4:00 am
Someone asked me why I don't take Voice major in University this afternoon. I tried to explain for myself, media is a good choice, and music industry is too complex. And in case I want to change job, a B.music cert wouldn't allow me to do so.

However, I just couldn't help to think tonight. I like singing very much, I like performance on the stage, I like everyone look at me, I like to call attention from people, and I specially like to touch people by singing. I could still remember at the beginning I had been criticised that I was sang without feeling, and later people come to me and said they were moved by listening my singing.

And I just couldn't go back, as I've had explorer the other world already, there was no reture. Two years diploma of communication course had opened up my eyes, I find my world was too small, all I know was singing and some high school science. It is always happened like, the more you know, the more you find you can explorer; but if you are self-centre, you'll remain unchange and though you know everything. I am not saying people the other people are all self-centre, and try to praise myself, I am just saying my case is like this, and this is because I have too many interests in life.

I have not decide what I want to work in the media industry, because there is something I'd like to work on, but I definitely don't want to work on the same area of job for my whole life. Perhaps I haven't meet my favourite yet. If someone told me that singing'd be the career for my rest of life, two years ago, I'd be very happy! I was planned to go performance school instead of university two years ago. And now, I am more than sure I still like performance, but there are much more in life. I may feel lost when I know people chose voice, or performance as major, because this reflected I don't like singing as I love my life. (life is to explorer and adventure)

And I know I am not talent enoguh. I always think, a talent'd be famous since they are little, and don't even need to get into univeristy. Since I don't like to teach for the rest of life (sounds terrible for me), there is no reasons for me to choose music or performance in university (in fact, you have not much choices).

I have made a more than right choice, I don't feel sad, but a bit lost.

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Automatic writing
Thursday. 9.13.07 12:02 am
My last psychic class tonight, and we did automatic writing to get message from our higher self.

This is what my higher self said to me:

"You are loved.
Your job to send love around, to everyone you know, go to enlarge your social circle, be open to the world.

"Go to do some 'silly things', don't need to care what people think of you, or say on you, becasue they can't hurt you.

"You need more exercise, you need more movement, you are an active soul, and you are limited yourself if you keep yourself alone, or staying in one place.

"Don't worry your finances, everything will be fine, and there is nothing for you to worry. Every soul are provided what they need for their mission, and worry will cling you remain unchange, remain the current state, resist your progress.

"Trust your feeling, always trust your feeling. Don't just trust what you like to listen or what you think right to listen, but all of your feelings, because they are the feelings of you."

I had some time left during the session, so I also did a channelling to Archangel Michael and Gabriel, and my Guardian angels.

"Love is all around.

"To feel love, you'll first need to connect to the environment, to what you called natural. Don't stay on the top of tower but say you want love, it is you don't give chance to yourself to taste love.

"Don't Complain!!!

"I am Archangel Michael."


"The most effective way to communicate to yourself is to love yourself, both your good and not-so-good side. To know what you need, but not what you desire.

"I amd Archangel Gabriel."


"I am your guardian angel, call upon me when you need my support. I am always be with you, don't worry if you don't feel my present. Worry is your ego-self trying to cut off the connection between you and me. However, there is no real-existance can cut off the connection between you and me."

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