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A lil' sumn sumn about me...

Age. 32
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. white
Location Gillett, PA
School. Other
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April 2020

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Woot woot!
Thursday. 2.22.07 2:50 am
I got my new car! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ittttttt!!! It's 1995 Chevy Beretta! & It's beautiful! I'm gonna add some pictures of it in my gallery tommorow! So be sure to check it!

anyone who has myspace add me www.myspace.com/oxjackielynnxo... let me know when you're gonna add me though b/c my account is privateeeee!

Much Loveee!

xoxoxo- Jackie Lynn

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Hello Everyone...
Saturday. 2.17.07 10:06 am
I just made a picture gallery.. feel free to check out my pictures... leave me comments! I love them! :) tehe!

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Making a come back....
Saturday. 2.17.07 12:21 am
Hey everyone! It's been like over a year since I've wrote or done anything with my nutang. But that's all about to change. I've decided that I need to make a come back with my nutang. It helps me out a lot when I just jot stuff down and let my feelings all out. Anyways. Ricky and I are still together. One year plus and still going strong. Although I can honestly say it wasn't an easy one. We've been through a lot. But like I always say god won't put you through anything you can't handle and just because things get tough doesn't mean you run away from it! I can say this I LOVE RICKY EUGENE BARTLOW JR WITH ALL MY HEART AND ALL MY SOUL FOR LIKE EVER AND EVER! Ricky and I plan on getting married in the near near future! I can't wait to spend forever by his side! I no longer live at home now; I live with Ricky and his parents! But I still love my parents! Right now I'm looking for yet another vehicle... I needed a change! I'm looking for a truck or something that has 4 wheel drive! I haven't really look at much yet though! That's enough blogging for right now. I shall write some more tommorow. Much love!

xoxoxo- Jackie Lynn

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Monday. 2.20.06 10:39 am
I'm very extremely nervous. I have an appointment with EBI (Elmira Business Institute) to actually enroll in their fall of 2006 sessions. I have no idea what to wear or anything. urgh! I mean I've had big moments in my life but nothing this big. I just hope I don't under dress or over dress or anything. I'm sure I'll be just fine. But I still have them butterflies. What else is new. I always have damn butterflies! I have constant butterflies b/c of Ricky. But hey butterflies are a good thing if you ask me!

I had an awesome weekend I can say that for sure! I spent all weekend with Ricky pretty much. Plus Deidre got to spend 2 nights at my house which was nice.. b/c I haven't had a girls night out in like forever! Yesterday, I babysat Jeanie, Ricky's niece all day! She's sucha cutie! Ricky, Jeanie, and I had a lot of fun together that's for sure! We watched movies, and Jeanie and I colored together and I played Barbies with her. We even had smores in the middle of winter how crazy is that! lol. I can tell Ricky's gonna be a good daddy some day! It's amazing how well I get along with his whole family.. I've never had that before in a relationship. Usually I just stay away from them b/c I don't know what to do or say but with his family I just can't get enough of them! Jeanie asked Ricky the cutest thing ever when I went to the bathroom. She asked Ricky if I loved her and he said of course she does! And then she asked if I was her aunt and Ricky said some day I hope she will be. Aww.. now how fricken adorable is that! Cindy asked me to babysit Jeanie again on this comming Saturday. I'm so excited! I get to spend the night Friday night and all! :) And the awesomest thing ever is Ricky gets to spend the night too! woo hoo! lol. It'll be the first time we've ever got to sleep next to each other. I'm very excited! Of course my parents don't know but hey what they don't know won't hurt them! That's the way I look at things anyways!

Well everyone I best start getting around now! Have a good day!

I love Ricky Bartlow! :-*

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Saturday. 2.18.06 7:46 pm
hahaha made you look. But I do have something important to say I LOVE MY BEAUTIFUL BOYFRIEND VERY VERY MUCHLY! He's so incredibly amazing and I'm glad we're all better now! tehe. anyways I've had a wonderful weekend.. my best friend Deidre spent the night last night and she's spending the night again tonight. and we went to see the boys last night and we saw them today for a bit.. pretty interesting stuff there. lol. I got to see him Amy today. I miss her bunches it was nice to see her again! anyways... uhh im having a brain freeze from my ice cream. so i don't know what else to say. plus d wants me to help her set up a nutang account. so im out ppls.

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Wednesday. 2.15.06 8:23 pm
Well I do have my new car now. And I'm still adjusting to it. It's nicer then my old one in ways but I still miss my old one lots and lots! My dad told me the wrong color of my car thou.. he said it was silver but it's actually gold. Im not too thrilled about the color but hey atleast I got a car now, ya know what I mean? Anyways, did ever one have a good valentine's day? I had an absolutely wonderful perfect one! My boyfriend was very sweet to me and all! he got me a dozen red roses, a balloon, a gorrilla that's holding a heart that says kiss me, a box of reese minature cups (my fave's), and a card. :-) Plus I got to spend the evening with him; which is always nice! I got him stuff too. I got him a card, a dog that has a lacey heart comming out of it's mouth that said Kiss me on it, and a box of chocolates. That's all for my updating for now.

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