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100 Words
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100 Words
Day 44
4.22.07 at 10:04 am
I enjoy weekends because they’re my lazy days when it comes to my online work and website. Yet, on the other hand I hate weekends because they’re weekends.

I need to seriously consider some new glasses. I’ve had this pair for 2 years. They’re only plastic, they’re not meant to last forever. It would take one heck of a sale to be able to consider buying myself glasses.

This last part is an ode to Dora the Explorer who entertains Aubree and keeps her quiet and good. She plays with her toys nicely when Dora is in. We love you.

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Day 64
5.12.07 at 9:35 am
So it is now Saturday. When most people look forward to the weekend, I inwardly pout. I am not a big fan of the weekend. Mostly because the one channel I get on TV has absolutely nothing on worth watching.

Saturday isn’t the worst of the days, tv wise, though. Sunday is the worst. At least there are cartoons on from 10am to 1pm. I like Jane and the Dragon, and Babar.

I don’t think I mentioned the new journal I bought. The thing is huge, and has tons of pages. I think it could last me for a while.

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Day 139
7.27.07 at 11:00 am
So it is Friday! Happy Friday everyone. I will not be on during the day this weekend because my mom is home. I will probably be bored out of my mind. Going to town on the weekend really sucks because there are tons of people and cars. There’s always an extremely long line at the stop lights and it is nearly impossible to find a parking spot at walmart. That’s why I like to shop on Monday through Thursday. Fridays are almost as bad as the weekend as well. A long time ago I used to get paid on Fridays.

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Day 161
8.18.07 at 8:52 pm
So it’s Saturday, and I hate Saturday’s. I had to go grocery shopping… which sucked. Sure, I love to shop. I hate shopping on a weekend, though. And today was the exact reason why. It was extremely crowded. I walked behind every possible slow person ever. Then I got to be the person everyone hates to be in line behind because I had a stack of coupons to be used also. It got better being home, though. I was just happy to sit down once all the groceries were put away. And thankfully the pain in my arms went away.

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