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100 Words
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100 Words
Day 226
10.23.07 at 9:16 pm
I am watching the biggest loser right now, it is pretty good. As always, it is very motivating.

I finished a scarf that I plan to sell at my estore tonight. It came out well. It’s very pink and very fuzzy. It feels good. I want to wrap it around me. Since that one is done, I’ve started on a new scarf. I’m using a fun purple yarn with a little random color in it. I’ll share a photo here when I get my new digicam. I just love this yarn. I might keep this scarf, it’s my favorite color.

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Day 10
3.19.07 at 10:16 am
My money finally deposited into my bank account, which means I get to go to town tonight. I get to buy the sandals I need. I get to buy diapers for Aubree. Then I get to be broke again.

Or do I get to go to town? It rained freezing rain last night. The roads are icy. I will not take moms’ car anywhere when the roads are icy, because I would be darn scared of crashing her car. Not to mention the butt kicking she would give me if I did hurt her car. Let’s just hope it melts.

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Day 38
4.16.07 at 8:29 am
It has been another 2 weeks. Know what that means? I get to go to town today. I have gotten my money, which gives me the opportunity to go to the store. Today I need to get diapers for Aubree, and some juice for her too. I need cough drops. Then I’m seriously considering taking us to that Chinese buffet again. It costs $20 for me, the boyfriend and Aubree to go. If he’s not home, though, then I might just take me and Aubree by ourselves. We’ll see. I want it so bad I can almost taste it. Mmmm.

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Day 56
5.4.07 at 9:39 am
All my money was deposited into my bank account. I am excited. That means I get to go to the store tonight! Which means I get to get out of the house for a bit and buy stuff. I am truly a girl. It doesn’t really matter to me what I’m buying, it’s the fact that I get to buy stuff, lol.

I am getting Aubree some diapers and fruit. I’ve got a couple other grocery items on my list as well. Then, I’m going to go to big lots and see if they still have the $30 mp3 player.

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Day 218
10.15.07 at 6:56 pm
Yay for Monday. I can get my weekly dose of Chuck, for instant. Also Monday is the day that we all get to go discount shopping at Goodwill. Mom likes to go on Mondays because they have the new discount price tag color up.

I’m also working on building an estore to sell the stuff I make. Like my knitted projects, hemp jewelry, etc. Once I get it all set up and such, I’ll definitely let everyone know. I still have to work on making items to sell, lol. I do have some jewelry and such that are already made.

Plugs: LostSoul13, ikimashokie

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Day 219
10.16.07 at 8:06 pm
I have been working on setting up what I am going to call Angel’s Crafted Creations and I found that I was going to be unable to manage a store on my domain. The free software for an estore that I found was hard to understand and one of them had an error when all I did was install it! I found ecrater.com, though. They are a free estore service where you can list your items for sale and it’s 100% free. It probably won’t be started until next month, but I am looking forward to opening my own estore.

Plugs: LostSoul13, ikimashokie

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