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100 Words
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100 Words
Day 48
4.26.07 at 9:27 am
All day yesterday and today, so far, it’s raining. Though rain is good for the grass and my growing plants, it doesn’t make it any less blah. I’d rather be taking Aubree outside to play. Their’s nothing like playing outside to help her get rid of all her extra energy. Expecially if I have her outside for an hour or so… she’ll come in tired and ready for a nap.

I’ve been in a bit of a rut these past 2 days. Not to mention I accidentally knocked my cellphone into a pan full of water yesterday. Now it’s dead.

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Day 15
3.24.07 at 10:18 pm
Know those days that it’s so rainy out that you could just climb in bed and sleep for the whole day? I am having one of those days. The thought of wrapping myself in some nice, warm blankets and cuddling into my bed makes me want to do it. If it wasn’t for the fact I have a toddler, I would probably consider it. The thought is awfully nice.

Maybe I can grab a nap with her when she lays down. If she does. She didn’t get up unusually early today. She slept until a normal time. Which is rare.

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Day 103
6.21.07 at 12:35 pm
My boyfriend and I just broke up and I’m really torn up about it. I wanted to fix things and he really just wanted to end it and be friends. I am so hurt.

Since no one really wants to hear about stuff like that, lets talk about flowers, fuzzy bunnies and rainbows. My yard has flowers, I saw a bunny eating grass yesterday and I haven’t seen a rainbow in ages. The last rainbow I saw was a double rainbow. It was very pretty. I even got a picture of it. If I had it online I’d show you.

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Day 148
8.5.07 at 11:26 am
Their was one heck of a storm early this morning. I could hear it while I was sleeping. It really cooled things off here which is nice. Especially after a string of hot days. It also means I don’t have to water my garden. Speaking of which, I need to go check it again when I get a chance to see how it is doing.

Yesterday I wrote about a plus size dating site, so I thought I’d go join as well and check it out. Turns out the closest person under 30 is over 50 miles away. That sucks.

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Day 199
9.26.07 at 7:08 pm
Last night I went online to see how much a new treadmill would cost and I found something for $129. It’s a manual one. Well we went to Meijer to see if we could find it in store, so I wouldn’t have to order it off the internet. While in the store I found a stair stepper machine on sale from $230 to $80.50. Mom loaned me the money for it, I’ll pay her off next month.

It’s nifty. It’ll tell you a variety of things like your heart rate, speed, distance and calories burned. I got a good deal.

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Day 200
9.27.07 at 8:36 pm
I spent today getting the parts I needed and fixing my elliptical or as I like to call it, stepper exercise thingy. I could not find just rollerblade wheels, so I bought a pair of rollerblades. A part of what makes the pedals move are the wheels on the guide. One of the wheels when I bought it was busted and chipping off the main piece. In the end, I still saved over ½ of what it used to cost. It has cost me $100 total [it approximately cost me $20 to fix it] and the original price was $230.

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