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100 Words
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100 Words
12.23.07 at 11:39 pm
To amuse myself I decided to take a peek at the most popular members page and the most active nutangers collage. I was a bit surprised that I made the top 25 most popular at number 19. That was pretty nifty. And it turns out I'm not far off from most active since my icon is in 17th place there.

Something not so exciting happened to me today. My dear little daughter smacked me in the face which sent my glasses flying from my face. In short, the arm of my glasses broke right off, and I don't have insurance. Which means I'm going to have to pay an arm and an leg to get a new pair. Why? Because I'm basically blind without my glasses! I'm still very mad, and even threatened to repo the christmas presents I got her to go towards a new pair of glasses. But of course I won't. I'm just very, very pissed.

Tomorrow I get my first paycheck, and I'm going to take that and see if I can buy a new pair of frames that are the same as these, and just have the lenses put in the new frames. If that's not possible, I'm picking up the prescription for my lenses and going to walmart for cheapo glasses.

This leaves me with an old pair of glasses that I can wear, but they give me a migraine because the prescription is weaker than what I'm used to. I do think that if I have to buy a whole new pair of glasses, lenses and all, I'll buy super glue and try to super glue the arm to my glasses. Oh wait, mom has that cement like glue I can try out tonight.

Anyway, on to better news. I ordered an MP3 player off overstock.com a week ago and it should be showing up tomorrow. I can't wait to get it. I wouldn't have bought it if I knew I'd need a new pair of glasses, though. But anyway, mp3/mp4 player. Yay. I paid $40 for it, and got free shipping. If you want to see it, go here. It's the white one. When I bought it, the black wasn't in stock. Otherwise I would have gotten that one.

Have a great night everyone. I'll see you around when I have time!

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