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100 Words
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100 Words
Day 195
9.22.07 at 9:30 pm
Today has kind of felt long. Mom bought that treadmill from that yard sale I mentioned before. Not the greatest thing, but it works. The problem we are having is keeping Aubree off it. She seems to think it is something to swing on.

As I messed around with the thing, I figured out that the treadmill will tell you how many miles you have gone. I think I’m going to make a goal of a mile a night and work up from there, see how it goes. Unfortunately mom still doesn’t know how to work it, only I do.

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Day 196
9.23.07 at 9:20 pm
Does anyone reading this like pickles? I’m not a huge pickle eater, but I do enjoy eating them. Although I’m a fan of large whole dill pickles, I’ve recently fallen in love with small whole sweet pickles. They are just so darn delicious. Another favorite of mine would be bread and butter pickles. I don’t put pickles on sandwiches or anything, I like to eat them plain. The strange thing about it all, though, is that I do not like relish.

p.s. I only made it a half mile before I quit. So my goal per night has been adjusted.

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Day 106
6.24.07 at 8:37 pm
Know what I’d like to do? I would like to join the YMCA gym in Angola. They’ve got all the exercise stuff as well as indoor pools and such. Jacuzzi. That sounds especially cool. The only problem is that the year membership is a lot more money than I have. So I probably won’t ever join, but I would absolutely love to. Someday I’ll get my chance, I swear. I’ll ride the exercise bike, work on my arms and all that stuff that I’d like to do. I would like to be more active and lose weight in the process.

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Day 112
6.30.07 at 9:56 pm
Today was a great day! My mom loaned me some money and I went to our local goodwill to see if they had any clothes in my size. Unfortunately they only had one shirt that fit me, but I did find 2 nice pairs of shoes in my size [for only $2.50 each]. The shoes are in pretty decent condition and look nice. The shirt I got is really nice too. Mom bought me a pilates 2 DVD set that includes the band for exercises at biglots. I can’t wait to start doing that, too. Has anyone here tried pilates?

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Day 190
9.17.07 at 8:33 pm
Tomorrow is the dentist. I’m not looking forward to it. I’m getting more and more nervous about it. Where’s a Harry Potter type person that could wave a wand and get rid of all my cavities for me, pain free?

I’ve been doing my nightly exercises. I enjoy it. Last night I listened to my CD player while doing the air walk thingy. It reminds me of skiing. It’s something like an no impact walking thingy. All I can say that after a while the muscles in my legs ache and if I do a fast walk I sweat good.

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Day 193
9.20.07 at 8:55 pm
I found an ad in the Wednesday paper for a yard sale with a treadmill for sale. Mom is pretty excited about that because she really wants a treadmill. It would not hurt if I used it either. Do 20 minutes of jogging or something to try to get fit. At least that wouldn’t make squeaky noises like the air walker thingy.

While I am on the topic of exercise, I’m feeling proud of myself because I have stuck with it. Every night during the news I do the air walking machine for around 20-25 minutes. Then around 120-130 crunches.

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