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100 Words
Sorry It's Been So Long
1.14.08 at 9:35 pm
Hay, I never intended to be gone so long. I've just been so busy. Between work, and my work from home and my mom being home for a week, I didn't have time to stop by here. The photo to the left is a picture of the birthday cupcake mom bought for Aubree. It's Elmo! Aubree is pretty obsessed over elmo. So she loved her cake. Although that frosting reminded me of a liquid marker. Anything the frosting touched turned that thing red. I have a red spot on my pants, Aubree was dyed red for a day. Even I had red fingers from eating one of the cupcakes as well. It was whipped cream frosting too, delicious. The best frosting.

Beyond that, mom's car is in bad shape right now. Their's something wrong with it. At first we thought it was the thermostat. So we got it fixed. Didn't work. So their is another option, the radiator. The sensor in that could be going, which would explain the problem as well. Mom made an appointment to have it fixed on Thursday. That's not the only problem the car has, though. The head gasket seals are leaking oil into the radiator which makes the radiator fluid black. That needs fixed too. Long story short, never buy from Superior Auto.

And work, I worked on Saturday. It's not my usual day but my friend really couldn't work that day so I filled in for her. I really didn't want to, but I do like money and that's an extra 2.5 hours for my paycheck next week.

Tonight while I was working my boss let me know that he'll be slowly teaching me new things that I'll need to know so that when summer comes I will be able to help out on register among other things, and get more hours. Right now they close at 9:30, sometimes 9. Well in the summer they don't close until 11. So that will give me 1 1/2 extra hours each shift. I am flattered that they want me to learn how to use the register because the person whose job I took over, they never wanted to teach her how. I am happy to know that they trust me enough to run register and like me. It also means they do want to keep me around. That's always good too.

I have to get around some wahm and cruise news stuff to post elsewhere so I need to go. I'll come back around here the next time I have more time. Take care everyone!

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