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The best day of my Bali Trip - Mt Batur the Sunrise Tour :D [Disclaimer: Long post + lots pic]
Tuesday. 3.24.09 3:11 am
Dear Diary,

This gonna be long winded, if u don・t feel like reading, plz proceed to the picture, cause I wanted to write it for my own record n memories.. :D

On the Saturday (lol I lost count of my actual day at Bali) was the last day for us to do all the fun activities, and it was the best day ever in Bali, because we never gave up on our thoughts of going to hike Mt Batur at Kintamani ~ one of the famous yet active volcano in Bali.

We called Bali Sunrise Tour to arrange for the trip and they charged us 35USD with breakfast at a restaurant (bringing us from Kuta to Kintamani). To be informed that, those that plan to hike Mt Batur, you are required to go through a travel agent to arrange for you or you can go there and look for The Association of Mt Batur Trekking Guide to hire their guide to lead you up to the summit. Or you can call 0366/52362 or their email [email protected] before you make your plan or ask for the weather condition, I think they don・t check their email, lol cause when I try to email them weeks ago, there is still no reply from them, hence calling is the best choice if you don・t want to deal with the travel agent.

We started our journey at 2am in the Saturday morning, with the van with air condition sent by the Bali Sunrise Tour (the road journey to Mt Batur was not a pleasant one, as in I have dog・s nose and scent emission from the exhaust @@・・) but overall was good as the tour guide from the company was explaining to us that it will took 2 hours to reach Mt Batur so we can sleep in the car).

Upon arrival, we were stunt by the cold temperature, hontoni tsumetai desu, thank god I bring my jacket and towel with me (erm we were not told to bring jacket or wear proper attire! V okla we were abit silly)

When we step out from the van, we were amazed by the dark clear sky with beautiful stars hanging and blinking at us, as if welcoming us to Mt Batur (such an amazing views, and I don・t think ill forget about it, too bad my camera was not that capable of capturing the beautiful sky view).

While I was busy watching the sky, there come a guide, introducing himself stating he will be our guide to lead us to the summit of Mt Batur, and he keep saying this.

:You very cantik la @@・・; - Means you are very beautiful @@・・ and refused to let my hand go after a firm shake @@・・ hahaK.

While everyone (MY SIL, SIL・s Friend and SIL・s MOM) still amazed by the sky, our main guide ~ Gede (I MISS HIM!!!!!!) was saying let・s go, off me and my brother be the lead to start off our journey at 3.45 or 3.50am, we only have one thing in mindK catch the sunrise :D followed by the other 3 with another guide.

The first quarter or half route was easy as in flat form, but since the sky was dark, we hardly see, I only look at my bro・s step to hike Mt Batur. While my bro was looking at Gede・s steps with his flash light, later my brother switch places with me as ill be following Gede・s steps.

We stop at the huge tree for some rest before continue the hike as well as waiting for my SIL・s group. And thank god I still get to look into the beautiful dark sky.

Along the way, Gede was so quiet until half of the route he started talking, lol I think we were too noisy for him. We were asking this and that, and we keep asking for TAXI to fetch us up to the summit. Or helicopter 4 roda (4 wheels helicopter). We have to slow down as we have to wait for SIL・s Mom, (give her applause, she is retiree and yet she managed to do all the youngs・ stunt, even the Guides were amazed by her and say, Mama KUAT! Mama STRONG!, of course she was accompanied by 2 personal guides lol.)

Later our team was pass through by a late comer group and we said hello, and off them go and passes us. Haha I know we were the amateur, and gosh they were wearing proper attire and proper SHOES !! (remember the trip we said we wanted to go t Mt Batur but raining heavily? Yup we reach the destination and there was a guy telling my bro is ok to wear slipper as the route is easy to walk, so everyone of us wore slippers to hike the Mt Batur :P). Even Gede and another guide were laughing at us, but of course, me telling himK we r KUAT :P.

By the way, ended up my team have the most guide, although we were suppose to have 2, since we were so slow, and there was one guy joined our team, he is the water seller, age 17, High schooler, everyday he hike Mt Batur to sell water at the summit, and climb down Mt Batur with his flip-flop (just like mine) in 30minutes to go to school, and we SALUTE HIM!

As the route continue, it get tougher, and Gede was SUPER KIND enough to lend his helping hand, so he was holding my hand all the way up to the summit (half way), pity him, lol but he was super nice, and keep asking me :Mau Gedong/Gedung; V :Want me to carry?; and I told him, I am KUAT. But occasionally, im asking for taxi, which his reply was 2 kaki taxi (Means him to Gedong/Gedung me;)

By the way, the stray dogs laughed at us as we hike too slow and blocking their way up the summit @@・・.

The view half way through was magnificent, over seeing Mt Agung and the Batur lake and I was telling Gede I just stay here and look at the sunrise instead of going up, but he was such a good motivator, ended up I managed to go up to the summit (although it was like 5min away to summit). The 1st word I say when I reached the summit was :I SURVIVED W MY FLIP FLOP; and everyone looked at me.. .LOL . I was having so much funK. !!! super much of funK.

We bought water from the 17 year old as he helped us too during the hike, (I think we have 4 guides in our team) V 2 volunteers~~~

Up to the summit, we were the noisiest and most active person busy snapping pictures and posing for the camera, right since we survived our slippers hiking Mt Batur, is something we proud off, later tourist too were busy snapping photos of themselves instead of scenery (I think).

Picture taken by Gede V 1st pic at the summit V Title: I Survived w my Flip-Flop :P

The Sunrise :D

The clouds ~


The monkeys became the center of attraction @@・・

One of the dog that laugh at us @@・・

Other Tourists :D

The guy ( black hair ) started the tales of :Sayang; V he keep telling his teams (all white girls) smile for the photos, and :Sayang Sayang Sayang; I went @@・・ and laugh my lung out saying they don・t understand what is Sayang V Darling in malay. Ended up, they (the hikers) started calling me Sayang, because I was teaching them saying Sayang x12 times in different tone.

As for the man next to himK. @@;・ he says he isKK.. private msg me and I・ll tell you what he told me @@;・

Busy posing for the camera ~ we r the Kungfu Fighter lol

Me and Gede (lol my personal guide) if someone happens to know, please tell him I miss himK and if possible if I can get his contactK. [silly me for not asking for his contact to keep in touch ]

After the summit, we continues our journey to the steam, which we need to hike down through another route, I was making noise and refused to goK lol and later I went tooK. No regret of going down thereK we try to feel the steam, Gede was telling me, it is very hot, so I put my hand there and say is not hotK he @@・・ and we wash our hands too with the Holy Water :D .

Gede was shouting at the Mt and echoes :D ,so me too followed shouting SUGOIK. SugoiKsugoiK.
Later we were posing for camera again. :D

The steam

Gede joined the fun K (SIL・s Mom did not come down because it was very low and hard to jump, and Gede gedong me downK haha)

Another guide V going to marry next year @@・・ and honeymoon at KLK lol V SIL・s Mom Personal Guide

Me and Gede posing again K haha

Kekek his t-shirtK he was telling me they have 3 color, orange, black, white :D or purple forgotten la

Final few pictures b4 going down :(, look at the black spot behind me, is the after volcano eruption effect, very good for agriculture :D

Going down Mt Batur was horrible @@;・ and now we can see the road and it scare me out of itK but again Gede was super nice offering his whole hand for me to holdK. Pity him but he was so kind. I wet his sleeve because of my sweatK lol

Look at the beautiful Mt Batur~~ taken by Gede.

Some funny moments:
- My flip flop stuck at the rock twiceK. And they keep laughing at meK I mean my SILK. And Gede @@・・

-I nearly falls and Gede safe me @@・・, and he was saying don・t pull the GRASS K LOL

-And he say Xie xie when he nearly falls and I grab his handK. Haha (idk true or not la)

-And he speaks 4 languages with me @@・・ V Bahasa Melayu or indo / mandarin (xie xie and xiao xing )/ Japanese (atsui ne, tired?) and English :D

-Gede say bye bye and run off to the front when I busy snapping photos: D

-we discuss about singer from Indonesia, and I told him I only know PeterPan lol

-Gede was saying to snap picture of my flip flop at put at the office K. NO SLIPPERS lol

-One guy from Poland passes us, and we said hello, he asked me, how・s your guide? I say I LOVE MY GUIDE, and I asked him how・s urs? he said: NoK. my guide smokeK @@;・. Me and Gede were laughing our lung out.

-aww my SIL hurt her toe and bleed :(

Worth climbing?

-Hell Yes! But please, go up the hill for sunriseK you won・t regret. We met another couple that started climbing at 8am @@・・ and the girl was complaining :is so freaking hot;. Lol

Trust meK it worth every single penny and ur energy :D + lack of sleepK :D

-Remember, please remember~!! To wear hiking shoes lolK

When we reach the starting point, everyone was there, and even they started calling me Sayang @@・・

This was the best day and craziest day in Bali :D

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
Sunrise (poem)
Sunday. 4.19.09 10:48 pm
Dear Diary,
Saw beautiful orangy sky today during sunrise~

Billion years of smile,
Shining through your face,
Billion years of heat,
Slowly patting on my skin.

Slowly alarming me;
You are awake;
For the routine,
You served billion years.

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
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