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what does THIS do?!
nekkkkkkkid rats!
156th day of 2004
I GOT MY NEKKKKKKKKKKID RATS!!! *DOES HAPPY DANCE* LEMME INTRODUCE THEM TO YOU GUYS! ^^ this is Wonton [and me] ^^ this is ET ^^ wonton again!! <3 ^^both of them playing on my neck haha, i'm taking ET to get fixed on Wednesday, the 16th. [[he's toooooooooooo agressive with Wonton]] either that, or Wonton's just a biotch...but he's soooooo sweet... so yeah, i'm making ET have his stuff snipped. yes yes, both of them are hairless..hehe...!!

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lemme marinate ^_^
138th day of 2004
today was charismatically boring. is that possible

no, but wait...i DID start workin [again] on an unfinished mixxxxx....
I've decided that i've put it off long enough. *GRINS*
soOOoo wonderful to be playin with music again
Dj BuNNi'z UNDERgrOund is baaaaaaack!!

that's my header on my xanga
doesnt that sound...interesting? yeah, exactly.

i shouldnt drink mountain dew..it makes me....act strange.

um...i have nothing witty to say right now...so yeah, i'll be back in another entry lata! [[you're thrilled, i know]]


ps: someone tell me WHERE//HOW the heck i add music to this 'TANG! [[plz]]

pss: on my xanga..you'll hear a song playing called Never Let Go.
It's one of many songs Jon has written for me. *grins*
..and yeah...the female in the beginning is ME!

my xanga CLICK HERE

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SORRY JON!!!!! =[
133th day of 2004
I feel horrible. First of all, JON#2 i...i....guess i didnt...idk why.. figure you'd be interested in meeting me in person....=[ otherwise..i'd have told you and we could have hung out discussing our complicated capricornic eyez. [[forgive me?]] PLEASE. my weekend was great..i'll be writing about it soon and posting pics... [[dont be TOO thrilled]]

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126th day of 2004
tomorrow makes day 14 of my workout. i've worked out for 14 straight days!! AND...today i actually worked out twice. only because i freakin ate a terrible breakfast. sooooooooooooooooo, i went and did a 20min cardio workout...[[after my initial 45min workout]] and felt better. anyways...my flight leaves FRIDAY MORNING at like 6:45AM...i'm SO excited!! i'll be posting [[i think]] my numbers//differences tomorrow after i'm done. but tomorrow is gonna be a BUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSY day...i'll get by here eventually. i cant WAIT to see my JoLLyRaNcHeR!

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125th day of 2004
OK...lemme see...just a quick note to say... 1. i'm missin Jon; aka: JoLLyRaNcHeR anyhow...i just got done working out....and before too long, i'll be starving. LOL...anyways.....THURSDAY..i'm REWEIGHING and REMEASURING... and i'm HELLA EXCITED!! i've got a FUCKING WASIT!!!!! i have fucking CURVES! -sorry, i got excited there. LMFAO. ...did i mention that my skool girl uniform came in yesterday? yeah..ok, i'm a freak. but if it makes Jon happy....it's the least i can do. *laughing*

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day #10 of workout.
122th day of 2004
mood: oOOooOooo, i dont KNOW.... **EXCITED?!** today was a long day at the gym....i was there for just about a hour and a half. i'm REALLY enjoying this whole 'Curves' thing.... [[yes, on myself...but the gym, i meant]] i've been on this chinese food diet ok ok, really just seasame chicken..and these cream cheese wonton thingies... RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWR. thank you everyone...who left me a warm welcome to NuTANG!!! i'm thinkin i'll be diggin this place... i'll be updating a lot more frequent...and with other things besides my workout regimen i've got goin on.... i'm just overly excited that for the first time in 24 years... i'm not freakin ANTI-EXERCISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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