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Are Men Physical Lovers?
Friday. 10.29.10 9:44 am
Or is it just me? I can't recall the last time my husband and I were ever physically engaged. When I say physically engaged, I'm talking about the simple things in life: hugs, kisses, and lying in bed embraced. Oh, and that too. Sex. It must be wishful thinking, but I thought that all men, no matter what age, fantasize 24/7 about women. What man, in his right mind, would turn down sex? Especially if you could have the loving every night? It's not like I don't want it, sometimes, I even beg for it. Of course I get some, but I just want more of it. Why not?

I get it, long days at work, annoying toddler sleeping in the middle, but hey, who says you can't do it on the floor? Or in the bathroom? On the stairwell? There are plenty of other spaces in the house. And mind you, it's our house! In the private sanctions of your own home, I have the right to have sexual relations where ever, however, and as often as I please.

Then why don't we? I've had my fair shair of denials, I admit that. But as a woman, I feed on the pleasures of romance; whether it be sexually or not, it's the pleasure of feeling wanted and needed that fulfills me. If we can't afford sex every night, can't we cuddle? And don't tell me that twitching your leg upon mines is pleasureful.

Seriously, what kind of man wouldn't want this every night?


My husband is in the army and we don't live together yet. I havn't seen him in over a month. But, I'm going up to see him tomorrow for a week :) You know what that means :D
» Midnight on 2010-10-29 01:59:44

aw, that's too bad. Have you talked about why? There must be some reason, right? I guess the toddler thing could be an issue. Maybe the toddler could get his/her own bed? And a lock installed on the door so there aren't any surprise visitors? I guess not all men are wired the same way, but if he used to want it, and doesn't anymore, then maybe it's a thing you could work out. :[
» Zanzibar on 2010-10-29 05:50:11

Don't take it personally. Different people just have different tendencies, as far as how often, when...all that. I'm no specialist, but...finding a middle ground helps.

Good luck. :3 I understand that odd feeling of loneliness.
» Unicornasaurus on 2010-10-29 06:27:37

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