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I'm So Grey
Friday, May 8, 2009
watching: A video from Travis's site singing Karma
listening to: Karma (Travis's version)
mood: happy, sad, retarded? I'm not sure

I'd like to open a post all of a sudden, without any reasons.
It's been days, and still, I can't exactly express a word how I feel.
Perhaps I can describe it in this way.
It's a fine day, no raining for some days.
Below the sky is a large, wide paddy field, surrrounded by green forest and cottages beside the field.
There's a far, long, yellow wooden bridge with all autumn leaves on it, sunset shows in the evening.
I'm sitting up the high hill,
watching the sunset falling,
feeling the breeze on my face.
The sky slowly changes from red to blue and the wind blows harder;
the weather turns stronger from the soft paddy and it's going to rain.
Everything's become so grey.
It's difficult for me to grope for a thing when I found myself in the grey.
Really difficult.
This is my current feeling? I'm not sure...

Did some nonsense quizzes today, guess how boring I was.

How Long Could You Survive Trapped In Your Own Home?

1,797,600How Many Germs Live On Your Keyboard?

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

24% Geek

But the results were pretty cool.
Anyway, doing the quizzes were just to pass the time of day.
Nothing much.
I really don't understand myself.
I'll be having my mid-term exam next week and still,
I haven't been doing any revisions yet.
Mid-term exam! It's the one which will be added in all the Form 4 syllibus.
I'm not really sure what I'm doing at the moment.
Why am I still sitting here when such an important exam's coming to me?
Haha! What a stupid question!
And so yes, I'm ready for all the papers to get a borderline.
I'll have to burn the midnight oil, perhaps.

I still have a moral project to be done.
It's almost done but I'm just too lazy to bother the rest.
I hope to get an A, of course.
However, my handwriting is suck, like the chicken claws.
My teacher says it's too small and he wants me to write it bigger.
I've tried but my friends says it does't look as tidy as the smaller one.
What can I do? It's still small on my project.

Additional Mathematics are driving me crazy, I must say.
The syllibus become harder and harder and I always get stuck on them.
God... I'm not sure if I can pass this paper.
Do you have a magic iodine or sort of magic spell to make my brain becomes more intelligent and let it think quikly?
I can no longer staying alive with add maths running in my brain,
as you can see, there are several nails slowly shoot in my brain and at last I die because too many rusty nails are shot into my brain.

Pimples has been becoming a serious issue on me recently.
Since the middle of March, it began to appear bunchly on my face.
At first, I thought it was just an as normal pimple as the others, which will dissapear after a few days.
Though, it wasn't and it keep popping out without any reasons.
Oh yes... I've eaten some bars of chocolates and some greasy foods.
But that doesn't make it keep poping out a lot, right? Only some bars I've taken.
My mum bought a packet of soap from the internet, about RM 80 something.
The website stated it's truly effective and many previous buyers wrote their testimonials there saying it's a good product, too.
So my mum said she wanted to give it a try and so I'm using it now as well.
Let me tell you, the effect after using it is astonishing.
The pores of my face contracted and the pimples are getting lesser.
I need a pimple cream now and
I'll probably go and buy it from the pharmacy in these few days, not sure.

I'm watching American Idol and fastly it come Top 3 now.
Danny Gokey, Kris Allen and Adam...
Can't remember his full name...
Personally I like Danny more than the other two because his vocal is incredible and his singing touches my heart.
Perhaps you'd prefer Adam because he's much more incredible when he's doing his performance on the stage.
Even the judges admitted so.
But his strange vocal just doesn't agree with me... :D
Really hope Danny can win this competition.

Alright, I'm about to finish now.
It took me a lot revision trying to say everything I wanted to say.
Really tired.
I'm so grey and exam's coming next week,
I'm not expecting to get a good progress,
but just don't make it fail.

As always, time to bed.


2:19 PM

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April Fool
Wednesday. 4.1.09 6:55 am
Oh... It was the first day of April today.
Did you notice what day is it today?
I actually forgot it was April fools' day.
Unexpectedly... I was cheated!


Guess what???

"Hey Kev... Your bag is unzip." Said a bad egg.

"You didn't zip up your pants." Whispered another bad egg.

Naturally, as a human I would certainly take a look to see if it was true.
They laughed at me.
It was so bad but I felt better after I did the same thing at my friends XD

"Hao, Mr. Azhar call you, you'd better go and see him right now."

Haha! They believed!
How funny!
Do you know why?
Because I've never cheated any body,
I'm an honest person, hehe!

Happy April Fools' Day!!!

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Touch or Die
Monday, May 18, 2009
Spent six hours purposelessly in school today.

We were sitting beside the hall suddenly two Malay guys came, one of the guy spoke to my friend. I wasn't sure what he was going to do at first. Some minutes later, I found out there was a quarrel behind me, almost got into a fight.

I didn't know what was the reason for them to start the quarrel but luckily my friend was rational enough, he didn't want to get into any trouble and so he endured them and the quarrel was settled. It was the Malay guys who wanted to begin the quarrel, not my friend.

Served them right because as soon as they wanted to go, a school-prefect came, together with our discipline teachers and they were brought to a room, the door was locked and the windows were closed. I was guessing were the teachers giving them a lesson or just acting in front of us? Only four of them were in the room and we didn't know what exactly they were doing inside it.

I've no idea how could I help to resolve their quarrel. I am not a person who knows fighting very well, I never get into a fighting. Basically, I'm full of fearful when somebody is fighting around me, just like the quarrel. I'm a timid boy so it's impossible for me to brawl with anyone, I'm telling the truth, no lie!

If they touch me, I die.

Haha! It sounds funny, but it's 100% true. I was wondering why do they like fighting? For fun? The point is, they don't come alone, but a bunch of five, ten, fifteen, and may be over fifteen, this is what the most terrifying thing. And they're just like the fearless wolves when doing it.

If I get into any fightings next day, could I manage to save my life?

I myself don't have a muscular build, so I'm not likely to win. I'm not tall, average, about 5'5", if my enemies was taller they can easily punch me. If I don't have my fellows with me, more than two of them can fight me onto the ground. May be I can phone someone to help me? Like not so possible, wolves are always wolves, what if they rob my phone, no one can save me from the fighting then. Oh man! Surely die!

I don't want to die at this age! Who can help me to figure this out? How to keep a person safe from a fight? I'm willing to pay 25 pps for each person who get me the idea. Thanks!

9:49 PM

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Oral English Script For The Final Year
Friday. 3.27.09 6:22 pm
I am having oral English for the final year next week, not sure it is on Mon OR Tues though.
I and my 3 friends - Hao, Li and Seng are going to present a story in group infront of my teacher.
Yesterday, I had no idea what story to present, so I wrote it myself.
I have posted it on the reading - My Dad Is Kind Of Superstitious
Yes, it was about Superstitions.
I'm worrying our presentation next week, because we have less practices.

... Wish us luck!

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Economics The Paper
Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Arggghhh! Crazyyy! WHAT'S happening to my internet? It took me about an hour to access my NuTang homepage. My friend said my site was down and I was wondering if NuTang went down again OR my internet dragged down the page. Come on! I'm boring facing this stupid problem.

Well, I had my first paper done --- Economics. In fact, only the paper one, paper two... hm... next week? Lol. Don't blame on me because I don't know when I'll be taking the paper two. I still haven't got my own photocopy of time schedule of my exam. Anyway... it was bad I couldn't do it well this time. Though it was an antipation. Who has ever achieve well progress by holding the text book just one day before the exam? Yes, there might have some ones, and those ones are certainly GENIUS, you know GENIUS! I'm not those one.

Holding the books of Economics in the morning, reading them, explaining them to my friends, I was kind of tired actually. Both mouth and body. I went to bed at about one yesterday, and I was getting up late to catch my friend's car heading to school. Started revising on what I read yesterday and trying to scan them all in my mind. Well, you know I couldn't. It was tiring while watching the time ticking until eleven, when it was the paper started.

Paper one provided forty subjective questions that I'd to completed them in one hour and fifteen minutes. I did thirty-three questions in the first thirty minutes, seven unsure answers to go in the second round. In the second round, I did another five, so two left now. These two questions were confusing and I wasn't sure if I was doing the correct answer. Many rounds I'd check and had changed several answers, but still, I wasn't sure whether I got the correct answer or not. Basically, it wasn't difficult but confusing. You need to read also remember a lot on the text book and go many rounds on the question. Once you got the wrong key words, you'd got the wrong answer.

This week, will be having only two papers, one is the Economics --- completed, another one is Physical Education --- what an extra, stupid paper. Had better don't write so much about it right now, will be continued on this Friday.


10:58 PM

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Friday, May 29, 2009
Finally I got my last paper done today - it was Additional Maths and it was terrible, I must say! You'd never know how extremely boring I was in the examination hall because I didn't how to solve any of the solutions.

Looking at the dizzy questions really tore my head off, seriously. I'd no idea what I was doing and from the second I got the question paper I knew I was going to fail the subject. What could you do if you brought no brain to school and you'd to do an exam just when the assembly over in the morning? Honestly, I couldn't do anything at that moment, I'd only do as much as I knew although I knew nothing about that.

Anyway, I'd my butt stuck on that hard magenta chair for nearly three weeks and here are some of my thoughts:

Don't I afraid of the results? Honestly, no.
How do I think of the exam? Well, it's an ordinary one, like what I did in the last four years.
Any regrets? Why? It's a no. I get what I deserve.
How are you feeling? No nervous, no panic, no unhappy.
What adjectives will I say of the exam? Boring and tired.
Any extraordinary incidents happen when the exam is going well? Yes, people around me cheated in the exam.
Did I follow them? No. I would rather fail than cheat in the exam.
Do I like them? Well, it's very nomal that people cheated in the exam. It's OK with me as long as I'm not affected. But one thing I feel annoying is the person who sits behind me. My friends know about that.
What's your final words when you the exam is over? I feel really tired and I just want to finish it as fast as possible. Now, I'm glad it's all over! I don't mind if my grades go down, I'll be back with a whole new spirit.

It's a two weeks holidays from now, I love it...

6:07 PM

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