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Age. 32
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. japanese&filipino
Location ,
School. UC, San Diego
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bakk! here new one

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<333333333333 brb.

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gwaaaaarg!!! i HATEEEE IT! =P!

-> im dissapointed. ahh watever. (its self explanatory) i
ts been a while since ive been over @ the dentists!!!
and just to let u kno..i get reaaal nervous when
i visit the doctors+dentists etc. so i really dislike em',
i hate shots, i hate the process of numbing,
DAAAAAAAAM! but a/eway, today i went to the dentists again!
and i like em already cuz there the first to have ever
been so welcoming and caring! =D! heh. sooo i got a filling or
w/ever. man all my fault for filling myself
with all those sweetss!!! but who could resist yummi
choco or the cake that yer mama made ya? lmao! yepp
and i have 4 cavities,etc. so much pain im going to
have to go through..jee..and then im going to
have to get braces..ah! whoever invented invisilign is
a genious. but too bad, im not gettin those. sooo!!!
yah im going bak on may. =_____=;;
->today was raining!!!!!!!!!! which is weird cuz it should be getting hott...iono..but it was cold!! good thing i packed my black jacket!
ehh..and school has been okeii! been off the hook
this whole week since ive been spending so much
time in each class finishing up every hw i had/have.
which is a biiig relief off my chest!!!
n...havent had 'stuff' on my mind lately which is good
news for me i guess! yaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! yesterday i had fun!
welll it kinda got ruined but it was funni! ehh! me n pha
didnt really get to 'girl talk' but she did my nails! weeeeeeee!
soo cuute! she spelled out Y-U-N-I! lol! since she calls
me that name now! hehehe! n hearts n stuff! its cuuute!!!
ooo! n im doing a landscape in art! heh! hope mine turns
out well..its suppose to be sorta a sad,snowy type of
theme for me. yepp! and boo boo rex mostly helped me.=)

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i just commented a nutanger friend, VON
n i came across her entry about seals!!
ahh..today called up ma chan n went scoping for food!
->>WAKAKKA~ n i went crazy over the soups,etc.
hmm..then went to the mall cuz she wanted to get
her nails done!! but it was practially 30+!!! soo we
were like hhhhhel noooo! n i just got a few sunupi stuff
&&&& bought me and her body spray from bath&body
works!!! mmmm!!! it was only FIVE BUCKS!
yeep! they were on sale! wooo i was luckkki today!!
kekek! they were only three cherry blossom sprays! n i got
myself one, n ma got..ehh..i forgot! but it is almost

mothers day!!!

hmm..thinkin of wat to give to my HAHA. =p!
aaaaah! i cant wait til me & my best budz go to six flags
together! hahaha! and the best part will be the drive goin

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Tuesday. 4.12.05

WAAAAAAAAAAA~!!!! its my 'onisan's' tanjobi TOMORRRRRRRROW!
raaaaaaaawr!!! i need to make his giftbag and wrap up his gift!!!
omyyyyyyyyyy fuwaaa i ALMOST forgot about his gift!
hahahha u kno..i was about to buy his fave..either unagi or
futomaki..and put candles on em =DDDDDDD!
iono! haha just a idea i thot of for his bday!
MAAAAAN! jeebus. french is getting more stressing.
im just dumb when it comes to languages..hahahha!
but yah..since i did a make up for french
i feel like i got SOMEthin off my chest..
next up is the oral..YEEEKS.
IS what is on most of peoples minds @ school. =_=;;

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ill miss ya lah!

im very glad that today is friday!
finally, got thru everything this week,
my cheek has been so much better too! n many
of my friends has been supportive of me!
ah the thing i dreaded today was my french test
(as usual) aaaaawa! i failed. i dont get jack. NADA.
soo..i tried..i know very little about the stuff that mme. was explaining T_T;;
n this coming week, we have a 1-on-1 test with her which is nerve
wrecking cuz you sit on a chair n shes just staring at u with a glare!
ooo~~~ -_________-;; wahaha! fell asleep today with my heating pad on my cheek
while finally watching the day after tomorrow jee. n we have
SAT'S comin up! woo hoo. =_=!!! OMY FUUWAAAA!
almost forgot to mention, lah is leavin for paris, europe! cuz my cousin who
lives in venice is leavin soon..so lah wants to visit!! aaaaargh!
n shes leaving tomorrow! T_T i miss her soo much! we finally talked today! but
her hubbbi dubbi =D came by soo she had to get off. maaaan! hope she
gets me my yummi white chocooo!!! hahaha she sed she'll bring a guy
back home. lmao! silly girl! but not for her! =D!!

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