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A rude awakening.
Tuesday. 11.1.11 12:00 pm
It being November and all (aka the month where it is officially ok to start playing Christmas music), I started thinking about Thanksgiving. And Christmas. Especially Christmas.

The past few years I've fallen more and more in love with these holidays because the amount of people I've celebrated it with has grown. It would be me, my dad, my grandma, my uncle, my "step-mom" and all four of my "step-siblings" (I put quotations around them because my dad and "step-mom" aren't actually married, but they've been dating for what, seven years now? AND they've been my neighbors since I was two years old.)

Earlier this year my uncle passed away from colon cancer, which got me thinking: Will I always be in love with these holidays? I don't want to think about my grandma dying anytime soon, nor my dad or step-mom, but eventually that's going to happen. All of my siblings will branch off into their own private celebrations, as will I (hopefully). But is that going to affect my outlook on Thanksgiving and Christmas? Will I always have this warm feeling when the calendar strikes November 1st?

I sure hope so.

I think we make more family for ourselves, though. Along come a spouse, kids, and then those kids' kids, and soon enough you're the grandparent. You'll probably have around the same amount of people with whom to celebrate, as long as people are dying and others are coming into the world at the same rate.
» Unicornasaurus on 2011-11-01 04:16:29

I agree with Uni. You will always love the holidays because you will always have people to love and enjoy them with :)
» The-Muffin-Man on 2011-11-02 04:40:23

re: YOU DO?!
» Unicornasaurus on 2011-11-02 07:07:17

» Unicornasaurus on 2011-11-02 07:10:35

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