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I find myself thinking about things I can't change.
Saturday. 7.10.10 8:55 pm
Sometimes, I sit and think to myself so much about things that I have no control over. Things I'll never know the answers to. Things NO ONE will probably know the answers to.

What I'm talking about here is death, and what comes after it.

I don't want to get into a big religion discussion. I believe in God, I believe in Jesus. I believe in other things too. I don't necessarily follow other religions, but I'm not very active in Christianity, either. I don't know what I am. But I know that I find myself always praying to God and Jesus when I need comfort.

Ultimately, though, I can't wrap my brain around some place you go after you die. "Heaven." I can't trust that this place is real. I can't trust that God is real, or Jesus. I've never seen Heaven, and I've never met God or Jesus. And that's where the faith part comes in. But again, I don't want to believe in Heaven JUST BECAUSE I am afraid there is nothing else. I don't want to believe in these people in fear of going to some "Hell" if I don't.

I mean, who wants to think about their body just lying soul-less six feet under?

Another thing. I had a conversation about the universe last night with one of my friends. I just wonder if there really is an end to it. You can't just say it's on going just because you haven't met the potential end of it. I'd love to actually explore the universe someday, but I doubt that will happen.

ONE MORE THING. Have you ever wondered if your life isn't real? That you're just a Sim that someone is playing on their computer? That they're controlling you reading this blog, and then all of a sudden command you to go to the bathroom?

I've wondered about it.

I think everyone are more or less think too much about things that are out of our control, just maybe not those that you are thinking. I try not to think about life after death cause my life itself is full of things that are quite out of my control. For me, right now, is to wonder why is it that life keeps on making me undo any resolutions that I have about forgetting someone.

Yes, sometimes I do wonder if it is really me that is living my life but I guess I will have full control of my life soon.
» Nuttz on 2010-07-11 03:52:09

I think a lot of people join a faith or religion in fear of what will happen to their body when they die if they choose to believe in nothing. To me, a true christian is someone who goes to church and/or follows God out of love and love alone. He doesn't want you to follow him out of fear.
You have to believe that if something doesn't work out right now its because there is a lesson to learn or a greater plan for you.
I can't say that I believe in heaven. I tend to wonder where we end up after we die but I think that where ever we may end up, that God will be there.

That's just me.

I'd hate to think all this talk about free will was a lie and that we were actually being controlled by something or someone else!

» SporadicFunk on 2010-07-12 09:46:28

I feel ya
I don't necessarily follow a set religion. I believe it's about your personal relationship with god. He's not up theyre marking tally's for every Sunday you go to church, ya know? It's about faith.
» Midnight on 2010-07-29 08:51:52

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