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A ball of jumbled thoughts.
Tuesday. 9.15.09 10:46 am
Hopefully I'm going to come back here and blog a lot more from now on. I miss Nutang, and blogging in general.
I DON'T miss Xanga, though. People always found my site, and it takes too much time to private each entry or to add friends to the protected list.

I'm in school right now on my teacher's computer. Probably not a good idea, seeing as I don't exactly have permission to be on her computer. Yet, I continue.

I can't wait to live the college life. No matter where I go. A part of me wants to go to the west coast, furthest away from the east coast as I can get, for now. I went to my boyfriend's college this past weekend, and I loved it there. Everything about it. Absolutely incredible.

Speaking of which, did I mention I've been in a relationship for almost seven months? SEVEN. Or, it'll be seven on the 20th of September. My longest relationship ever, never thought I could do it until it happened. A few bumps along the way, yet it remains a strong, healthy relationship.

I've never been able to actually talk to someone before. I've also never fully trusted anyone I've been in a relationship before, either. It's a nice change.

Something was pointed out to me the other day in the middle of a conversation. In today's society a lot of sentences and thoughts when speaking in a conversation commonly end in, "Yeah" or "or whatever" or "and stuff like that." No one elaborates anymore on what the "or whatever" or "and stuff like that" actually mean. Ever since I noticed how much I actually say these phrases, and try to elaborate more.

I also tried meditating for the first time this weekend. SO much more difficult than you'd think. Concentration is key, then focusing on your third eye, then each chakra? Gah!

I plan on watching the History channel more, from now on. I watched a segment on these men re-creating the dust bowl the other day, I was in a freaking trance.

Okay, done with my jumbled thoughts. Good day to all!


If you think History Channel puts you in a trance, you should check out freaking NatGeo (National Geographic). I sat there for two hours finding out that we all probably originate from Africa. That's right! We're all little Uh-oh Oreos! And a lot of black people have mostly EUROPEAN DESCENT (after the African thing). That would put some real perspective into our school system!
» Unicornasaurus on 2009-09-15 08:41:28

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